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Intel launches ARM battery life Windows 8 Atom chip


Re: "Intel Graphics Core"

If I may elaborate on Intel graphics core ...

Intel HD graphics are pretty good. Those that they package into the Atom chips, the mobile ones in particular, are garbage. They may look good in demos and on paper but Intel perpetually fails to provide drivers needed to support HW acceleration in a Windows environment. There is ALWAYS something that either doesn't work or works only with outdated APIs.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Windows 7 tablet


Pressure sensitivity

...is advertised as 256 levels. In reality there are about 6 due to the (poor) design of the mechanical pressure sensor in the N-trig Digital Pencil.

Intel does fondleslabs with Atom 'Oak Trail'

Thumb Up

I agree

Until Intel and AMD produce a real SoC, they will not compete in the tablet space.

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