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Free Wi-Fi for the NHS, promises health secretary Jeremy Hunt

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Yes, how dare people who are ill and stuck in hospital request anything like a choice in entertainment or methods for staying in touch with friends and relatives.

McAfee Security Manager lets anybody bypass managers' security


Regardless of the version

Generally I find if it says McAfee somewhere in the product you can count on it being a pile of shit.

Intel Security sunsets SaaS email security products


"McAfee's wares either aren't particularly fit for the future"

Or for right now.

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits


Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell would make a good dr I reckon... Not that he'd do it.

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing


You pay for what?

Loosely translated as "let's get the stupid f**king English to pay for this too"

What?! You lot pay for everything?! This is an outrage! Here I've been paying tax and NI like a chump to Her Majesty's Government!! For years at that!!

A fifth of Europeans can't work out how much a TV costs



Why would that be embarrassing? Generally stock is "beeped" through, or scanned, not only calculate the total but as part of stock control as well. I can honestly say that if I worked in a shop and had to serve you I'd be fairly unmoved by your amazing maths skills.

It might also be worthwhile remembering that the next time you tell your excellent teller story that nobody cares, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Oh and that it's not excellent.

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