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Apple embraces 'n' extends messaging



Meanwhile, here in the real world outside Andrew Orlowski's fantasy land, real architects like me are still successfully producing large-scale solutions using protocols like SIP, XMPP, RTP, G.711, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, DNS, TLS, XML, LDAP and another hundred open standards..

Why should Apple's closed-system messaging automatically be assumed a success? Facetime is a failure. Not everything the Church of Steve produces turns to gold.

There appears to be conflicting information about whether or not iMessage will be XMPP based, but Apple have rocks in the head if it isn't.

Red Hat's Oracle shot: The Unbreakable Database?

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A smart play.

I'm an infrastructure architect and I am waiting for a good alternative to Oracle & SQL Server to recommend as an enterprise standard.

I personally adore PostgreSQL and would love to be able to recommend EnterpriseDB. The only reason I cannot, right now, is because over my head are CIOs and they've never heard of EnterpriseDB. They have, however, heard of Red Hat.

Honestly, in a bigco the decision tree often is that boneheaded.

Acquisition would be a very smart move, if RedHat can learn from their post-M&A integration mistakes with JBoss.

RIM PlayBook strikes back at Jobsian internet dream

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flash? TBL?

Flash is the opposite of the Web. TBL, rolling in his grave.

At least you found out why flash is terrible on tablets for yourself.


toy computer name

If they wanted to market it as a professional tablet, they need a less Fisher-Price name.

Can't believe they missed the opportunity to call it the BlackBook. Chumps.

Microsoft shareholder calls for Ballmer's head


good products

MS only have two good products: Excel, and Active Directory.

The rest is hogwash.

Not buying MS shares

Journo was arrested, says Qld cop

Big Brother

QLD police

Are they really that stupid? Arresting a journalist is basically painting a huge "I'M A FASCIST" target on yourselves.

TMS flash array blows Big Blue away



the news flash is that it is cheaper.

Would Microsoft's Skype buy strengthen Lync or push it off a cliff?

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Videoconferencing: the next killer app, since 1985.

Skype's closed, distributed architecture has no place in the enterprise, so you can forget it as a replacement for Lync.

I'm hoping Microsoft will stuff it up as they usually do, because any mass centralized directory model is about as trustworthy as Facebook.

Their best play is to fold Skype into Xbox Live, but that isn't worth eight billion dollars.

Apple squashes location tracking 'bugs' with iOS update

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nope ..

What Apple *said* was necessary is not necessarily what was implemented.

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Hanlon's razor

"Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence" - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Facebook's data center play sidelines Google, Apple



How to overgrow a crappy php and mysql website?


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