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IBM declares it's the 'backbone of the world's economy'


Re: Where will it end?

Outsourcing only really works in a "steady state" environment, which is why accountants think it's great and everyone else knows it will end in disaster. A change usually means T&M charges and extra chances to fleece the customer.

I worked on a contract at the turn of the millennium where the customer (or at least the customer's accountant) was very smug about the "nailed down" agreement... to support OS/2 and to roll out a new application (that was Windows NT based). Cue huge unplanned costs to migrate to a new operating system.

HPE 3PAR storage SNAFU takes Australian Tax Office offline


Bruce CABs

They're no less painful down here, even if they are all called Bruce. A colleague of mine had his change request rejected due to lack of a back out process, which would be fine except that the change was to reboot a server.

Disks with Ethernet ports? Throw in some flash and you've got yourself a HGST p-a-r-t-y


Is it cheaper in the long run?

It sounds great in theory, but what's the cost in terms of switch ports, IP management and cabling? One SAN/NAS can host hundreds of drives, and use only a handful of ports to provide access. There's also a bit of resilience built in, whereas an Ethernet connected drive will need to be protected by application logic.

I suppose these are aimed squarely at the bold new world of cloud ready apps, not my old-fashioned internal data centre ways.

Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED


Re: At least with a swipe pattern

Of course, my swipe pattern is usually left on the screen in a big greasy smear, so there's only two possibilities required to figure it out...

Xen hypervisor gets tech preview support for ARM processors



I guess the NSA aren't even pretending to hide any more... or is that an entirely altruistic 5% they've added?

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC


Re: Gahhhh, when will people learn kettle style IEC leads are different to others?

Or if you're from Nuu Zuuland you can call it a "jug plug" instead...


Re: It's not uncommon for large firms to get ripped off.

I used to work for a very big financial firm in England too... and we had an RFP followed by a dutch auction. It was amazing just how much further those prices dropped over an hour.

One year based on our anticipated purchases (around 25,000 units) we knocked over five MEELLION pounds on the price (from the RFP pricing, not RRP).

Dell directors foresee unremitting brutality in PC market


Re: The Tree is Dead

I actually think it's a good thing being able to buy the computer with 2GB of RAM - I'd always buy the memory aftermarket for less than half the price the manufacturers charge. Same with hard drives...

Microsoft Surface Pro will land in UK in WEEKS*


Re: MS are trying a little harder to push the Surface than the Zune

I'm not a Microsoft hater, I tend to spend much of my work day peddling their wares. However I don't think you can use their "win" at Avanade - 80% owned by Microsoft - as an example of their increased competitiveness.

Indian outsourcers Infosys outsource to WISCONSIN


Indian Density

1,400 staff in a 14,000 sq foot building... that's 10 square feet each. Wouldn't want to work in that office!

'Shame on the register to post wrong informations'


Re: Creationsists

And as someone who has lived on both sides of the world... it's a real arse having to have a separate DVD player connected to the telly, just in case you want to watch one of your "old" movies...

Facebook's open hardware: Does it compute?


What about support

Most people agree the cost of the box is tiny compared to the amount spent running the thing. If you've got your own datacentre and dedicated full time staff it's fine, but most companies can't afford to pay someone full time to monitor, manage and meddle with those boxes to keep them running.

Vendors with 4 hour SLAs make much more sense for companies that aren't all about the datacentre.

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