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Talk down to Siri like it's a mere servant – your safety demands it


Reg does clickbait

What does this "story" have to do with Siri, exactly? Did the grandson use Siri? Did El Reg find out that Apple actually does have access to non-anonymised user data, and (more to the point) voice data? Does this woman even exist?

Lester Haines: RIP


This is such sad news. My deepest condolences to his family, and his to workmates at the Reg. This publication will be less fun without his words.

iiNet to Senate committee: metadata retention an expensive joke


$60M for a 20TB data centre?

That's awfully expensive.

Experience overcomes Microsoft's broken promises


How to convert?

Would the Google Maps API be helpful for that?

Burned by a MacBook



Hi, I'm a freelance writer who bought a faulty computer - probably a first-generation model with problems that have already been fixed in production models. How much will you pay me to whinge about my experiences to your readers? I don't mind sounding like a complete muppet, and because this is an "opinion" piece, I won't have to be fair and balanced, and provide equal coverage to the other side of the story. Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?


It's part of who you are.

The thing that differentiates El Reg from the rest of the bunch is that instead of being modelled on "The New York Times" or "Wired" (the old-skool mag), you seem to be modelled on a classic London tabloid; it's the tone you use. That's what keeps me coming back. I know I will get the news, but I'll get it delivered in a similar way to how a mate would tell me in a pub, with a nod and a wink.

Additionally, your audience is predominantly a tech-savvy one. We know the difference between .co.uk and .com. In general, we're not marketing dweebs (no offence to any Reg Marketing Dweebs reading this...) er.... my point is, we know what a .co.uk means, and we remember that. It helps your image as being distinct from the ZDNets of the world.

So all that being said, put me down as a .co.uk supporter. It's part of who you are. Like a pom who refuses to relinquish their accent after spending decades overseas, it becomes a charming aspect of your personality. You're doing great, just keep going.

Nintendo Wii


It's won me over.

"Maybe it won't win over folk who dislike console gaming, at least not straight away, but it does present an opportunity to offer something for everyone."

I'm fairly geeky, and have been for quite some time (I remember going to friends' houses and playing with their Atari 2600 systems when I was a kid). So I should fall squarely into the "hardcore gamer" demograhic. Truth is, up until now, I've found it all quite boring.

The Wii is the first game console I've ever even considered buying. Nothing else has interested me as much, nothing else seems as *fun*.

Subversion on Demand


This is nothing new.

Read the article again, substituting "Apache" for "Subversion", and "web hosting" for "Subversion on demand". The only difference here is that Apache org isn't doing web hosting. By this argument, there's even less "traditional" support for the web server people use most.

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