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Microsoft milks Casio for using Linux

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Note who they WON'T sue

They don't go after anyone that they think will challenge them: not Red Hat, not IBM, not Google, etc... all with far more widespread use of Linux. And more $$ if Microsoft wins.

But they know that when someone takes them to court rather than knuckling under, then they'll have to disclose their patents, and that's the first step to either invalidating them or working around them. Then they lose their FUD which is far more valuable to them than the patents.


SpaceX goes to court as US rocket wars begin

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Ghandi's wisdom proven yet again

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


Popular open source DHCP program open to hack attacks

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Probably not many

Very few routers use ISC DHCP. Almost all of them use a smaller, more feature-ful open source utility (dnsmasq) which does not only DHCP but also proxy DNS. Mmm. Good stuff.



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