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You can survive the migration from Windows vCenter server

Paul Nothard

Greenfield vs. Brownfield is an interesting debate.

Going the upgrade route (brownfield) is fine for many and retains perf data and the like (if requested to). I've found it to be straightforward in a majority of cases.

New instance (greenfield) allows you to redesign (and rid yourself of those design decisions you [inherited|got wrong the first time]) but you loose perf data (but keep it in vROps).

Personally I prefer the latter greenfield approach as it usually gets a 'better' architected solution at the end of the process. There's *loads* of excellent (free!) resources out there to help you with both approaches.

Above all, get off windows and onto the appliance. :-)

p.s. Check your DNS (forward and reverse) is right. No, actually check it. ;-)

(Disclaimer: I work for VMW)

Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told

Paul Nothard

And I thought this site was inhabited by engineering types who relished solving complicated problems... but no, it seems that we like to bitch and moan as much as your typical Daily Hate reader.

Go stand in the corner and have a long hard think about yourselves.

Then come back and help solve these problems about power and suchlike.

Apple Music: First three months for free? We lasted less than 3 hours

Paul Nothard

Disagree with the article.

"Family Plan" with three music adoring kids.

Have done the maths and it's cheaper.

'nuff said.

Add to that I listen to what I want, the style that I want and then have some new artists thrown in occasionally too ... I'm liking it lots.

Halifax cuts investment accounts off from the web until April 2012

Paul Nothard


Bring back HOBS I say (Home Office Banking System) ... which was that there 1985 Prestel based 'teletext' screen mega cool dial-up banking !

This problem, as others have said, is for only a few types of accounts. All my BofS accounts are fine although they'll 'loose' historic statements. That's cr*p.

Bigger issue for me is how many banks do NOT allow home banking apps to access their date as they do in the US. That's just such a pain.


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