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SIM crypto cracked by a single text, mobes stuffed with spyware


"sending a text message that spoofs the phone's operator"

Does "operator" refer to the mobile network or the phone user?

PGP, TrueCrypt-encrypted files CRACKED by £300 tool


Go backwards with storage technology - not forwards!

If I may suggest a more sensible approach to this problem. Save all your sensitive data using old computer equipment to "vintage" media including an IBM RAMAC, 5¼" floppies (hard-sectored preferably), Syquest drives, Sony MD-DATA, Philips audio cassette, VHS video cassette, punched paper tape and the like.

Most of today's up-and-coming fresh-faced young forensic investigators don't even recognise half of these as computer media, let alone have any knowledge about how to read them, even if they have the fully operational machine right in front of them with a copy of any passwords that may have been used.

True it takes me 3 hours to access a pic from a set of microcassettes on my Epson HX-20 p0rn collection (also vintage of course). Can be frustrating at times. But whatever.

It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK


Seagate / Conner "Chinook"

I have a prototype Conner "Chinook" IDE drive that has two separate headstacks (located at opposite ends of the same disk assembly but that share the same platter stack) and a clear plastic lid. After Seagate merged with Conner it was given to me by some guys I worked with at Seagate in the mid 1990s. They were throwing it out with some other items.

Did anyone ever see a production Chinook drive? Supposed to be super-fast read/write times owing to the multiplexing of the two headstacks.

Relatively young at circa 1991 but I think my Chinook drive is more interesting than a run-of-the-mill clunky old ST-412.

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