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Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth



It is a radar image of the object so why does it look like it is eclipsed? Furthermore, as far away as it is right now what shadow could be overlaying it?

Got a buck to send M Night Shyamalan to film school?



I saw Devil, most recent Shymalan foray, a few weeks ago and while I will not claim it was an excellent film I did enjoy it. I was pretty standard supernatural horror and having the protagonist all trapped in an elevator served to heighten the tension for me. I also thought the decision to film the entire opening credit sequence upside down served to unbalance the viewer from the beginning.

SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket - WORLD'S BIGGEST

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This article is about current rockets

Status Retired

Launch sites Baikonur

Total launches 2

Successes 1

Partial failures 1

Maiden flight 15 May 1987

Last flight 15 November 1988

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