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Music-mad Brits drive up hardware sales too – claims BPI


Re: TV as background

women, jesus, my missis does the same, only with laptop, tv, freesat box on.

Philip Morris seeks pay-per-puff patent to help you STOP smoking


As M Gale and others have mentioned, you can buy ecigs with bluetooth that have an app on your phone that log data and display it in nice little graphs :)

Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma


Re: Bah, humbug

Haven't Citizen already done that with their eco kinetic thingy watches.

Trekkies detect Spock's Vulcan homeworld ORBITING PLUTO


I thought he was dead

Spock/Leonard Nimoy that is.

Dead Steve Jobs' mega yacht seized by testy Philippe Starck


nice boat

Jesus, that's one ugly boat.

Whoever designed that must be starck raving mad.

Black Eyed Peas star pitches pricey iPhone cam add-on


Re: ....

Should sell plenty then :)

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Bauernfrühstück v bacon sarnie


Re: HP Sauce...

They did touch salad cream, some years ago mind. it wasn't as nice as the original, but after so many years I've got used to it.

Bacon sarnie for me is smoked streaky, fried so crisp, that the frying pan stops sizzling and the bacon crumbles. Topped with Heinz salad cream or HP fruity sauce on nice thick fresh bread or crispy baguette.

Ten... alien invasions


You missed my favourite

Invaders, or was it "the invaders" with Roy Thinnes I think.

Loved that as a teenager.

The invaders looked human, apart from one flaw.

Was it their little or ring finger was at an angle AFAIR.

Absolute classic. mind you, I thought shoestring was classic when I was young.

ASA tuts at TalkTalk over broadband speed estimator


talktalk estimate of 40/80Mb service

In our area BT Openreach are upgrading to FTTC, you can see the chunkier street cabinets dotted around.

Did a speed check on talktalk, they said we could get 40 and 63Mb.

Tried the checker using a new postcode we will be moving to, and it said 40/79Mb.

I don't beleive that for one minute, but if so, jesus that'll be pretty quick. Maybe my missis will shut up about facebook gaming speed.

Ten... e-cars and hybrids


Re: Ampera

That's a lot of spec, but it won't make it look any better. One of the ugliest cars i've ever seen :)

El Reg in email address blunder


email list

How much could I sell this list for ?

California Mrs cuffed in drugged-hubby todger slash case


organ grinder

Maybe she wanted to see if it would blend, but only had a garbage grinder, what a cock.

David Davis: Jobless should dig trenches for fat UK pipes


web without wires

That's exactly what you can get where I live in Ripley, Derbyshire, check out W3Z, it's part of a company called Zycomm and they do wireless internet locally, based in Ripley.

I don't use them as I have 12MB wired broadband, but some villages round here do benefit from their services.

iPhone morphs into pinball machine


Not exactly pinball dreams on the amiga is it

as above

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