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Football rules punt Oz IPTV into touch


I thought this was going to be a third tier

This is where IPTV should sit. Yes the younger generation can get IPTV set up but older generations can't and most IPTV is exactly the same as pay TV (it's just using another paid service to deliver it). I think new legislation should also be put to the parliament which excludes ISP from getting exclusive rights and restricting it to only their subscribers. This is the first time I agree with Stephen Conroy (the guy is clueless so I think someone else put him up to this). Now if only we can get someone in to fix the rest of this stuff ups he has put in (the NBN and the filter) We can get this country moving again!

Australia, give up your fixed broadband!


It's a satirical piece...

Robert, you really need to read it a little closer!

Having said that now hopefully you understand YOU are on the same side as the writer of this article I need to give you a few home truths.

1) Only a few years back 2G was paid in kb! to download 10MB cost you a considerable chunk of change. With the explosion in data limits on adsl in the last year the gap has again widened. Please remember this gap will again close.

2) Have you set up a dish on the roof for the 3G connection? (My parents who can't get ADSL get great service with 3G even when their satellite TV no longer works!) and they can't download the 3GB limit so it's cheaper for them then ADSL anyway, given all the other costs involved with ADSL.

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