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OCZ conquers Everest, flashes 3-bit NAND at world

Dead Short

Right direction(s)!

There's room for improvement along many axes. I'd _love_ to replace the 1TB ($100, AnteDiluvian) data disk in my laptop with a $500 SSD if all I got was 50% of the seek time improvements of current high-end MLCs. I don't need _fast_ or extreme reliability for what I do, just (!) <0.1ms and >250MB/s reads, and bulk, bulk, bulk. [Once you SSD you never go back!]

So pushing for cheapest-possible, 3+-year lifetime SSDs is fine by me, and I'm happy that OCZ, etc. have the prospect of Big Profits from replacing more consumer HDs, as well as from tweaking bulletproof N*100k IOPS/s "Enterprise" database index drives, and from satisfying run-of-the-mill speed freaks (my boot disk is a fast SSD, and longterm reliability is frankly not an issue there either -- do any decently paid and supported data geeks keep their primary computer for more than 3 years?)

[ Beer because Tuesday is far away from Friday. And because $500/TB SSDs are a few generations away. Both make me sad, so I drink. ]


UK's oldest working telly up for sale

Dead Short

Gerry Wells, that console, and other marvelous contraptions.

I recently re-watched the utterly charming Secret Life of Machines, and the episode on Television Sets has a section with Gerry Wells and one of the devices in question. Dunno how internationally accessible this direct video link is:


so perhaps Hunkin's series page at http://www.TimHunkin.com/41_slom1.htm is better. 40-50% of the way through the TV episode, though I can't imagine not wanting to watch the whole thing.

As fine as geek art gets.



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