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Acer Iconia Tab A500 10in Android tablet

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A500 too heavy for my liking

I bought an A500 back in mid-April while visiting Singapore and have to say it is a beautiful looking piece of kit, but boy is it heavy to use for extended use.

Try holding it in one hand for any length of time while using it and you will see what I mean.

I just wish Acer had used some lighter materials, it would have been a real winner then.

Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever


KDE 3.x to KDE 4.x

'Ubuntu's drive to bring something radical and new may end up creating another KDE 4 situation - the initial release was clearly not ready for prime time, but now that KDE has matured few would opt to go back to KDE 3.x.'


I would!

KDE 3.x was bliss to use, easy interface, almost perfect.

KDE users departed KDE 4.x after KDE 3.x was dropped in large numbers and still show little signs of having returned.

More seriously, I dropped Mandrake over their 2 disc installation problems around 2003 sometime, switched to Suse then had to drop Suse sometime around 10.0 because of the inability to do something simple like install software - another case of changing something that worked perfectly well and replacing it with something 'new'. Finally I switched to Ubuntu in 2008 after sticking with an older version of Suse for as long as possible. Now it sounds like Ubuntu have dropped the ball like Mandrake and then Suse.

Having finally got used to Gnome, now it is being dropped by Ubuntu.

Still I least I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed which is good for 3 years of support I believe, which puts off the decision for 2 more years...

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