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Nokia's debuts new 'Fastlane' UI in $99 flagship Asha 501


Re: Good Stuff

Archos Carbon 35

3.5" IPS Fully Black display



Dual Sim

1Ghz Processor

512Mb RAM

4GB up to 32GB via SD Card

Ice Cream Sandwich

Front facing Camera


Unlocked $99 / 69.99 GBP in UK

"I am still repulsed by the idea of a mobile OS that is so inefficient that it needs a high-end device to produce a pleasant experience."

Yeah I Know :( I was sure this Asha would have run WP8...........after all we are constantly told how efficient it is ?

Prepare to see Nokia's bottom end shrink further if this dinosaur is all they have to offer.


Landfill Android ??????

Android is encroaching this segment fast……..Nokia will NEVER be able to compete with the Chinese giants, pumping out ever cheaper Phones

Example of as you put it "Landfill Android"

Archos Carbon 35 – $99 (confirmed 69.99 GBP in UK)

3.5" Full Black Display, 1Ghz Processor, Dual SIM, Ice Cream Sandwich, 512Mb, 4GB up to 32Gb with SD Card Slot, fully unlocked……pretty decent specs


This Asha phone is just a toy, and will never be able to compete with The google play store and thats what will kill it.

Nokia has well and truly fallen between the stools with Asha and Lumia…….Elop is just too slow to keep up with the pace in the mobile sector, I'm sorry but it is this antiquated, dead-end Asha that will be appearing at a Landfill near you.

I hate having to say this (again), but should Nokia have went Android

Nokia shareholder tells CEO Elop he's going to hell


Re: Two years too late

"no, it wouldn't, it would be just another android in a sea of similar devices."

yeah, much better to be another wp in a small puddle of similar devices (/s)


Re: Oh Dear

"Nokia took the wrong turning sometime in 2002"

Yeah I agree, but what I can't understand is why Shareholders allowed Elop to Gamble Nokia, and that is exactly what he has done, he put all Nokia's eggs in one basket and gambled the company on an untested OS.

It makes sense if ultimately there was a MS agenda at play, any sensible CEO would not have released the "Burning Platform" memo...nor would they have put all their eggs in one basket.

If Nokia continues on its present course with WP, Elop may well soon finding himself having to write another "Burning Platform" memos.......................


Re: Nokia N900

Yeah I had an n900, got one of the first batches in the UK (cost 500 quid if I remember rightly), amazing hardware, but the OS was full of bugs, and It took Nokia AGEs to release PR1.2, and when It arrived it was a let down.

Funny because of the way Nokia end-of-lifed it after just a few months, it was my last Nokia too, I owned mostly Nokia over the last 14 years, including most of the communicators (the first ones were massive and heavy, but amazing for the time)


Re: I hope it works out for Nokia

"I dont have all the answers but I dont think Nokia should release an Android handset."

You don't have to buy one but why deny others who would buy it ?

Secondly Nokia could have differentiated with Android, with WP it's stuck with what MS says, and it looks 100% like every other WP........................

And you got fed up with "poor quality apps" on Android ? so you prefer no apps now ? Sure only today Facebook ordered MS to take down dozens of fake/amateurish Facebook apps......then there is the instagraph app that uploads your pictures to other peoples account.....last week unofficial BBC app was polled for infringement.................yeah great apps.

I always thought Samsung would step into the WP arena and take it over,flooding it with cheap handsets, killing off Nokia, simply to kill off WP once Tizen was ready, who knows it might still happen.


Re: We have moved on

"Last 4 work mobiles, Nokia, last couple, Symbian"

Did you not get the burning platform email ??? you were supposed to leave Symbian for WP not Android !

Tsk tsk, Elop will be very cross :p


Re: Oh Dear

I had an n900 too, nice kit, but if i remember rightly it ran maemo while the N9 ran meego

How was Elop acting in Nokias and its shareholders interests with this ?


Sorry the Guy was sent into Nokia to kill anything that was not WP


Re: Nokia cannot hide from their failure

"There is no shadow of a doubt that Nokia continues to produce attractive handsets that many consumers would love to get their hands on IF they didn't come with WinPho. I have posted many times before about this."

Absolutely spot on and I concur, one only needs to peruse the internet boards to see there is demand for an Android Phone from Nokia

I remember before Christmas there was talk of getting a shareholder petition to get rid of Elop. I don't know what they are waiting for...................

The sad thing is Nokia have just been used by Microsoft who simply can't lose, Nokia Lumia takes off = MS Wins, Nokia can't make competitor devices = MS Win, Nokia goes Bankrupt = Patents for MS = Win.

This who Elop thing smelt fishy from the beginning since he publicly executed Symbian......REFUSED to Sell the N9 Meego in the UK etc ...............He always acted in Microsofts Interests NOT to Nokia and their shareholders..............


Re: Too late to switch again

"In short, Nokia may or may not survive with Windows Phone. It will certainly not survive by switching horses again."

Yes but thats the point..............THEY DON'T HAVE TO SWITCH !!!!!!!

Why can't they release even ONE Android Handset ????? - Just plain Vanilla Android - No fancy skins and a decent design with a good camera, swappable battery, and SD Card.

I guarantee it would outsell WP Lumias in under a year.

They seem to be releasing a new Lumia every month this year, so clearly it's not a resource issue.

I fear it's in the MS agreement that forbids any such thing.


Re: Oh Dear

"Windows Phone 8 is a much better platform than IOS or Android"

Thats a pretty sweeping statement, tell me what metrics are you basing this on ?

Quality / Quantity of Apps ?, Features ?, marketshare ?, *rumours* Apple are copying them ?

Nah, your just talking bulldust i'm afraid.....it's a failure

I'm sure with Nokia's Patents they could have got a deal with Microsoft with very little money changing hands.


Re: Oh Dear

Its clear Microsofts orders were to kill off any OS that could compete with WP

Meego looked awesome but they refused to sell it in the UK also presumably as part of this agreement

Found this, and it is SCARY !!!! - soon there will be a 2nd Nokia Entry when they are bankrupt


The shareholders need to show Elop the door NOW


Oh Dear

Why Why Why Didn't Nokia release even ONE Android Handset..............based on a compatible chipset to reduce delivery times/dev cost.

Oh I know, it has to be clear to everyone the Elop is a Trojan.............Obvious is obvious........

Or insane................It's funny, but whenever he made his famous "burning platform" speech this came into my head


Review: Nokia Lumia 520


Re: Nice Phone

" If it was running Android the battery life would be awful"

Its running WP and the battery life is awful..........

read engadgets review, they really slate the crummy battery life...........

The gloves are on: Nokia emits super-sensitive £99 Windows Phone


Ah noooooooooo

I wish Nokia would end this fragmentation

I was about to buy this phone but noticed it only has 512Mb RAM so it wont run temple run lol

so thats a deal breaker for me

I went onto Nokia's website to see their latest phones, and liked the Lumia 510, but then I saw it runs WP 7.8, which does not support WP8 apps

In the end I gave up and went to the less fragmented Android and got a beautiful LG Nexus for, and at 239 quid, what a bargain !!!!!!!!

Now I have a butter smooth phone and don't have to worry about missing apps :)

Nokia shutters Shanghai store as Chinese stay away in their billions


ahh but

"Samsun is doing a great job without having Samsung stores..."

Ah but Samsung actually make half decent phones............


Oh Dear................


"Nokia sold over 2 million of the most expensive 920 Lumia's in 2 months. Let alone the cheaper handsets more suited to the Chinese market that havn't even completed launching yet...."

OMG That "story" was based on an internal celebration where a Lumia was pictured with a tile saying "2M", it is now known that this 2M DOES NOT MEAN 2 Million............

Nokia themselves have said so themselves

But dont allow copious amounts of BS get in the way of a good story heh ?

Let me ask you this, if it is selling as well as you say why are they closing their biggest store ??? ho hum



Nokia is the lame duck of the mobile world...........................

They should have went Android, and to all the naysayers, they could have release BOTH WP and Android like most mobile phone manufacturers.

This is a public embarassment for Nokia, shutting their flagship store, not long till the end now I suspect.

Nokia lets Lumia 820 owners 3D print their own case


Re: Nokia - another Microsoft victim

"Nokia has 70% of the Windows Phone market. How are they failing to compete?"

WHAT !!!!!!!!!!

70% of 2.6% = 1.82% market share

Get the f**k outta here..............you serious man ????

Bada has kicked WP to the kerb.


Re: I suppose

"Even our most strident FOSS advocates at work, who all own Android and swear by it, don't care at all about the fact that it's open"

contradict much ?????????????

Anyways WP sucks balls..........thats all I have to say.

Windows Phone 8: What Nokia and Microsoft must do


Re: market support for multiple platforms

"So why is there any compelling reason to think that the phone market will be comfortable with three? "

Totally agree, visit any of the WinPhan sites and they will cite how good it is for the consumer to have a "third ecosystem", and how much we need it.

But there is always a deathly silence when I point out the desktop OS situation....seems fine to have effectively one player there.

Personally Apple and Google are driving innovation just fine, no need for Microsoft's 3rd rate software here.

When MS *did* have a market share with WM, just look at the rubbish they churned out, they actually treated customers with contempt, who wants to go back to that.

Nokia CEO: No shift from Windows Phone

Thumb Down

Re: What more ?

"a WP vs an Android phone with similar specs will mean the WP being faster. It already runs amazingly fast on a single core CPU"

Its fast if all you do is scroll up and down menus, app loading times are slooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Plus it is also only fast because it doesn't multitask.

Oops: Nokia reinstates 'terminated' star app developer


Re: It's just sensible...

does that include windows phone ?

Nokia flogged 4m Lumias, still bled €826m this quarter


Re: it pains me but I will say it again

that is a very poor response..........

"Firstly, you assume that people would buy their phones if they ran Android. This is not the case. I would not buy one"

Read the forums, *ALOT* of people say they would buy a lumia if it ran android, just because *YOU* wouldn't means diddly squat.

"Secondly, the bit you seem to be struggling to grasp is that Nokia cannot compete with the Asian manufacturers on a cost of design/cost of production basis"

You are showing your ignorance once again, firstly Nokia are moving their operations to that region for that reason, and secondly, a quality handset can command a higher price/margin.

And finally your most stupid comment of all............

"Finally, Nokia would have no influence over Android, they would just be another me too generic OEM. With MS they can influence the OS to a much higher level and thus differentiate themselves."

I had to read that TWICE.

Hell Nokia could do a fork of Android if they so wished, and because it is Open Source they can modify it as much as they want. WP7 on the other hand was literally IDENTICAL on EVERY handset because MS had the UI locked down 100%. heck they even lost the little bit they had, afaik their maps are now going to be used on ALL WP devices.

"And the whole ‘MS is screwing over customers with no upgrade to WinPhone8’ remarks make me chuckle. I wonder how many are being typed on 1 or 2 year old hardware running Gingerbread…….."

That made me chuckle, the difference is the Lumia 900 is the FLAGSHIP product, secondly alot of 1-2 year old Android phones can be upgraded to ICS, thirdly Gingerbread is way more functional than WP7, for example look at the joke that is Skype on WP7.......................

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Re: It would be nice to have...

To my knowledge you *can* store all your contacts on the device/SIM without having to sync at all.

But yes a good point to all those who sync.................including me :D

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Re: everything on the shelves is obsolete

"This ends my brief career as an MS evangelist."

hahah been there done that !!!

I give advice, but the best advice I give is to tell people to take a phone and try it out and see if they like it

(In the UK at least contract phones can be returned/exchanged)

But yeah I got egg on my face recommending an ENTIRE office switched to Nokia N900's (a VERY expensive phone which they announced a few months after launch that the OS - maemo was being discontinued - and dozens of bugs were never fixed.) - at that point I swore never to buy another Nokia. - I posted on the Nokia forums they burnt their most important customer - the early adopter, and they have done it again with WP/Lumia.

I still cringe going into that office 2 years later :D

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it pains me but I will say it again

obvious is obvious

They should have went android 2 years ago, and differentiated with hardware. I never understood Elop when he said they went Nokia to differentiate, ok, but your handsets look identical, literally to every other WP7 handset as MS has the UI set in stone.

Give me 1 months loss ($200 million) and I would have a successful port of Android on the Lumia 900 hardware in a very short time frame.

Sorry, there is no other excuse in not adopting android than the details of the MS pact.

its like saying Dell are going to ship *ALL* their pc's and laptops with ubuntu so they can differentiate from the MS herd, I say give the people what they want ie ANDROID.

They could have went android to shore up the company and stop the bleeding, and once the ship was stabilised then look at high risk-high gain phones such as WP. (I cant see WP8 doing much better now as the smartphone market is fast becoming entrenched)

best scenario is a consortium of google, sammmy and all main android manufacturers buying Nokia for the patents and locking MS out of the market.

Ps I use ubuntu on my Lenovo netbook and mint on my PC so I aint knocking Linux :)

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia


Re: But will Windows Phone 8 owners be left out in the cold when Windows Phone 9 ships.

Ahh this old chestnut again, when a WinFan can't win an argument, just bash the competition.

There *IS* a distinction, the Lumia is the top of the range windows phone, its like going into a store today and buying a top of the range computer, and when you get it home, you find out it won't run windows 8 when it is released shortly.

All top of the range Androids will get updates, along with alot of the cheaper ones. And the bigger problem is even the cheapest Android phone is more functional, heck the joke that is Skype on WP is pathetic for example.

So you see your comparison is bollocks my friend.

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s


I was thinking the same

I feel bad for the sys admin who had to lock all his co-workers out of the servers :/

Nokia is finished, *TWO* years ago they could have brought at least ONE android handset to the market in a short time frame, they had a chance.

Best scenario now is a consortium of google and android handset manufacturers to buy the patents to assure patent protection for android.

Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

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The real question I have is why they did not even release ONE Android handset., like almost every other handset manufacturer.

The answer lies buried somewhere in their agreement with Microsoft.

With android they would have been to market sooner, and given the people what they want.

I have no sympathy for them whatsoever, let them fall.

Best scenario would be an android consortium of google and handset manufacturers to buy the patents to further protect Androids growth.

Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst


Re: @garcyc2011

I'm sorry but you are totally wrong

"My Omnia collects mail for 4 accounts every hour"......err thats is not multitasking.

Background Agents and scheduled tasks are NOT Multitasking, plus App developers can only use a small set of API's with these two methods.

"Another app. keeps track of the stock market; during the times the market is open (local time) it updates every xx minutes (customizable)."

Again you seem confused to what multi-tasking really is.

Tell me can you open 5 games at the same time , and will they all carry on regardless if they are in focus or not ??? the answer is of course no.

That is why skype beta for wp7 doesn't work UNLESS it is in focus, it won't multitask in the background polling for incoming calls.

WP7 technically does not multitask, and that's the facts i'm afraid.


Re: Utter bollocks.

"This bull of measuring their success based on months is stupid. Everyone know Microsoft plays the long game. Was the original Xbox succeeding 18 months in - I don't think so"

Yes but how many people hold an xbox to their ear ?????

I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with a Windows Phone :/


Re: Utter bollocks.

" I mean, it's obvious that WP7 still doesn't things like copy & paste, or multi-tasking"

I know WP7 never did and prob never will multi-task (it just has a crappy task switcher), but didn't it get copy and paste in the nodo update, anyways I agree with your point that WP7 hasn't changed much and is still missing LOADS of apps and features to be really usable.

After nodo the next update should be dodo :D


The Burning platform

Mr Elop said Nokia was on a burning platform so what was his reaction, yes I remember now................ he threw Symbian over the edge to drown.

What he forgot was Mr Symbian was holding the Nokia fire extinguisher !!!!!!!!!!

Nokia is now still a burning platform but the flames have engulfed them.

But don't worry Mr Elop the flames will soon be out because Nokia is about to go crashing beneath the waves as the burning shell that is now all that remains of Nokia collapses.

I find it funny a former Nokia ceo said if Nokia went android it would be like peeing in ones pants to keep warm.

What I cant get is why they went WP7.........................thats akin to defecating in ones pants to keep warm.

Smoked by Android: Microsoft coughs up free laptop


Re: BenThePCGuy

pretty fair my foot.......every one of these competitions are stacked in WP favour

He's far from alone, read about the blackberry owner, his challenge was to send a email to 5 people, the MS guy had a 5 contact group already set up in his phone so only had to pick one "contact" while BB owner had to pick 5.....

Thy *really* are desperate and their market share has been #smokedbybada

Ben might be looking for a new job soon.......

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus



I cant see this patent standing up

A touchscreen device called neonode was doing this before apple = prior art....

Google it, or theres a video on youtube.

My garden gate has "slide to unlock" since wayyyy back also :D


"While Samsung sells products copying features that make the iPhone distinct, Samsung has simultaneously embarked on an advertising campaign designed to tarnish Apple and mock its consumers for considering Apple's products distinctive and, for that reason, valuable,""

This is beyond insane............................................

This crap has made me swear that my (now out of contract) 3gs will be my last apple product......

The thing that really gets me is jobs said he would spend Apples $40Bn cash to "right this wrong" is the same guy who also said "Apple has always been shameless about stealing the best ideas out there" and good artists copy, great artists steal.

Then there was that time when Bill gates said he broke into Xerox's house to steal their TV to find apple had already been in and stolen it.

BT Vision throws Microsoft Mediaroom under a bus for Linux



BT Promised me 275 "near live" footy games, got the email, told on phone....when the product arrived they were no longer showing premiership games............and they told me I WASN'T missold it as I took out the Fim package :S

Spent £600+ over 18 months, watched it about mabe 30 hours max...........biggest pile of crap...and had to pay a SKY sub at the same time.

Only I was so busy as i'm self employed I would have taken them to small claims.

Anyways Bt Vision is a rubbish product and the box may improve with Linux but the content won't.

I will be checking the BBC observe any GPL licences, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO


the masses have spoken

Do YOU believe it is healthy to effectively only have one desktop choice ??

Due to Microsofts strong-arm tactics with PC Manufacturers I must pay a windows "Tax" on any computer/laptop I buy even though I run Linux Mint on it, I cant buy a "bare" Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo etc etc thanks to Microsoft's strong arm licencing tactics.

Phone manufacturers and carriers are not stupid they saw what Microsoft done to the PC Manufacturers and no wonder they don't want to climb into bed with them.

So yes I DO believe that just having Android and Apple is healthy, heck the competition between Android manufacturers alone is enough to drive healthy competition and innovation in the Mobile sector.

Also think of this, when Microsoft DID have a market share with WinMo, why did they churn out subpar drivel, taking consumers for granted, and frankly treating them with contempt ??? I still have painful memories of my Xda Exec.....Don't want to go there again.

Thumb Up

mee too

I have not seen ONE WP phone and I work in IT

Your story is so similar to mine, I was one of the first to buy the n500 in the UK, £500 sim free it cost me............

I also swore that was me and Nokia finished, and i remember posting on the maemo board along with others that Nokia was arrogantly tossing these vital first adopters aside like trash.

They dropped maemo like a brick, and left it full of bugs, so I dont feel one bit sorry for them. The Chickens have came home to roost.


Lets all Flop with Elop

Nokia was on a burning platform and instead of doing the logical thing and bring quality android handsets to the market in a short time frame, they enlisted Microsoft's help, who quickly arrived on the scene and doused the burning platform in petrol.

Plus publicly executing Symbian, at the behest of Microsoft was a pretty dumb thing to do Mr Elop.

Nokia should have went Android and Kept Meego or Symbian as a fallback.

Android started with NOTHING, in 2008 Microsoft had 160 Carriers in 55 countries with MinMo, what is your excuse for that Elop ??

Rip Nokia, Rip WP7


Small pile of cash, dying platform: 2011 is bad news for Nokia


Lets all Flop with Elop

Nokia was on a burning platform and instead of doing the logical thing and bring quality android handsets to the market in a short time frame, they enlisted Microsoft's help, who quickly arrived on the scene and doused the burning platform in petrol.


US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux



Stuxnet...........it spread on windows machines and affected PLC's, whats stuxnet got to do wil linux ??

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats



Have been following this closely and using betas on spare HDD, for me the jury is out, have been using ubuntu exclusively since 6.10, this is quite possibly their "Vista".

I am evaluating Mint on another 160Gb Raptor drive and am VERY impressed, so possibly I will format my main 1.5Tb Drive and put mint on it. (I have checked and Ubuntu one will run fine - so all my docs/music are fine), i remember trying mint about 2 years ago and it was a big no no for me, for me it is now ahead of ubuntu, it is just very intuitive to use.

But I will wait till the final release before I ultimately decide, nd i will really give unity a fair crack of the whip, But I have found the last few releases to be buggy and uninspiring tbh. Also KDE is really not my cup of tea either.

Just my 0.02$


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