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We know you all want to shove AI where the sun doesn't shine. And that's exactly where it's going – detecting prostate cancer

Evil Scot

Re: Rectum?

Ball to that.

Centrica: Server fault on Wednesday caused Hive to crash on the Tuesday. Yes, yes, that's what we said

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Re: Caused the previous days problem

Leaving me as one with the wind and snow.

What today links Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – apart from being run by monopolistic personal data harvesters?

Evil Scot

That will be Facebook's customers.

Who they will sell ad space to his opposition.

Buffer overflow flaw in British Airways in-flight entertainment systems will affect other airlines, but why try it in the air?

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Re: Entertainment system pen testing

And then use a public APN as a IP backhaul.


Civil liberties groups take another swing at Brit snooping regime in Euro human rights court

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Re: Well ...

Nah... Web browser flags it as fake news.

FTC gets back to work: Now, where were we? Break up Facebook and fine it $2bn, you say?

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Big Brother

Re: He Speaks!

"Underlying a lot of the criticisms of Facebook's business model is the assumption that advertising is inherently exploitative.

...I don't share that view. There is such a thing as responsible advertising."

There is such a thing as CONSENT!!!!

Did I ask for my details to be used for Political marketing. NO. Neither Britain whatever or Facebook have permission for that.

Did I ask Phillips to sell me medical equipment that I get on the NHS. No. I was looking online for a mask and hose sanitiser but at £200 not on your life.

Did I tell face book not to use cookies et al track me. Yes.

Ding dong merrily on high. In Berkeley, the bots are singeing: Self-driving college cooler droid goes up in flames

Evil Scot

Re: R2-D2 it is not!

Woyld you like a waffle?

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

Evil Scot

Re: Interrupt service routines.


Black fedora.

...Which might make the linux bods happy too.

'The inmates have taken over the asylum': DNS godfather blasts DNS over HTTPS adoption

Evil Scot

Cant trust my UK ISP

This reminds me of my ISP poisoning the IP address of my ITSP.

FreeNas Running PI-hole and DHCP. Disable DHCP on cable modem/router.

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

Evil Scot

Get of my PC PHB

Reminds of my 3.1 days. Didn't have any screen locks then. But if one were to grab a soda over lunch one might not be able to use machine as PHB would use it for a hand of solitaire.

Hide icons [x]

Set solitaire as wallpaper [x]

Grab Irn Bru [x]

Return to PC dig out progman and launch solitaire for real

FCC boss slams new Californian net neutrality law, brands it illegal

Evil Scot

A / B comparison model

As far as I am concerned we should put it to the A/B testing model.

Set up your businesses outside of the US where Net Neutrality still stands and avoid paying the state and Federal taxes.

Fast food, slow user – techie tears hair out over crashed drive-thru till

Evil Scot

Re: Sad times

Which reminds me...

How do you tell the clan of a Scotsman?

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.

Evil Scot

Re: EU Standard plug


Mechanically same as Scart... Electrically not.

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere

Evil Scot

Here is an Idea

What if we combined one of those hi capacity backup batteries that are indispensable for mobiles that do any work with a screen and keyboard in one device?

Microsoft says Windows 10 April update is fit for business rollout

Evil Scot

This is a triumph.

I'm making an entry, huge success.

Ex-staffer of UK.gov dept bags payout after boss blabbed medical info to colleagues

Evil Scot

DWP treats disabled with lack of decency,

Is that actually news?

Don't they have targets for disability deaths to hit?

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'

Evil Scot

Re: Orange Safety Gear.

Don’t forget the orange body paint. That would be <wretch> ... enough to <wretch>... startle any one. Especially if a lot were <wretch >... needed.

Church of England will commune with God for you via Amazon's Echo

Evil Scot

Re: 42

Okay, who though that...

There's always one isn't there.

Slurp up patient data for algos that will detect cancer early, says UK PM

Evil Scot

Re: "Late diagnosis of..treatable illnesses is one of the biggest causes of avoidable deaths,"

We still have to get my imaging data onto the system. Meaning I have to make an appointment to arrange an imaging appointment. Can you fix that before deskilling oncology.

Capita cost-cutting on NHS England contract 'put patients at risk' – spending watchdog

Evil Scot

Has Nae.

UK age-checking smut overlord won't be able to handle the pressure – critics

Evil Scot

All you need is 6 inches...

of Cat-5 cable.

No more jaw-jaw, as PRS sues SoundCloud over music streaming

Evil Scot

Ahh. The Guild of Musicians

Are you sure you are not Elfish?

BOFH: Don't go changing on Friday evenings, I don't wanna work that hard

Evil Scot

+1 for Thief of time Ref

iPlayer founder launches next big TV thing-Zeebox

Evil Scot
Big Brother

Ermm TIVO ?

Tivo does recommendations. Heck it even records them for you. If it were to follow twitter It'd record Simon Cowell's X-Files.

BlackBerry BBM, email downed in epic FAIL

Evil Scot

Its not Just BBM and email.

I route my twitter client over RIM's network. No wonder I haven't heard anything.

BOFH: Drunken Time Lord

Evil Scot


Were on a single (ground) floor.

Mobile operators ditch Tube plans

Evil Scot

One thing wrong

This article appears to be well written / researched.

I think that gave the game away.

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