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Angry Birds to hit shop shelves this month


This is rather interesting

As I've already seen Angry Birds available for purchase at stores here in Germany. This makes it seem that those are actually bootlegs?


Apple store kneecaps rival browser


He should take Apple to Court for unfair trade practices

Here in Germany I'm sure he would get plenty of support.


Men at Work lose Down Under plagiarism appeal


Don't know what they were thinking honestly,

EMI says that the flute riff could only be recognized by a highly educated musical ear. Well I guess that means that my music teacher in elementary school was really top notch, because she introduced me to the Kookaburra song well before Men at Work came out with their song in 1983.

When I heard their song and the flute riff, I was pretty excited because I recognized the Kookaburra song being mixed into their music.

I guess at the age of 11 years old I had a highly educated musical ear, and that in a country where we don't have Kookaburras or gum trees for that matter.



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