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Humble civil servant: Name public electric car chargers after me

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Because these electric cars won't be internet enabled

@DaL "But you would surely have a charger at home? 14 miles to the next hop doesn't seem too bad. Even the worst EVs can do 14 (0r 21) miles without needing their next top up."

Yes. But who would like to be told that they need to do a 30 or 40 mile round trip to charge? I am fortunate in that I have a drive and a charger at home. What if I lived in a flat?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Because these electric cars won't be internet enabled

"Already quite a lot: https://www.zap-map.com/live"

That''s not a lot. The closest publicly accessible one to us is 14 miles away! The closest rapid charger is 21. I can't see Londoners driving from Watford to Richmond to charge. Though it does show that you can still drive electric without public chargers.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Because these electric cars won't be internet enabled

"And Apps to do this are already available"

The cars already do it. Our Leaf has a constant net connection and we can just press a button that navigates us to the nearest charging point. It does all kinds of checking on driving, battery usage and range and if it thinks you're in danger of running out of juice will ask you if you want it to find a charger.

Still - this is of limited use here in rural Somerset. I wonder how many chargers will be seen here?

The case of the disappearing insect. Boffin tells Reg: We don't know why... but we must act

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"Not convinced the insects would thank anybody for the fish" - you've never seen maggots on an old fish? Yummy....

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: I'd like to see more

" in any case professional entymologists will have accounted for any natural cycles"

I don't see how they can be if they are just totalling biomass and not looking at species. I am also aware of cycles that may be at issue. As I said - I need to read more, But the idea of just collecting a block of insect weight doesn't make sense.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: I'd like to see more


" if the total biomass is down that means there's something that affects all insects. "

Not if a very large proportion was a particular species or type of insect. What if one year moths did great and they are on an off year and one site had 95% moths (unlikely figures I know - but you get the gist).

For example the field at the end of my garden will some wetter years have an abundance of daddy long legs to the degree that they are pretty much all you see for a period of time. They would certainly slew the results in terms of biomass.

Interesting to note that the surrounding areas farming ownership and pesticide polices don't seem to be mentioned as far as I could see.

Timmy B Silver badge

I'd like to see more

I've had a brief flick through and will read more later tonight but on first look I would like to see the same sites checked frequently and not just at the start and end of the experiment. As a amateur ecologist and keen outdoorsman I often see some years when some insect species are very thin on the ground only to come back the next year in huge numbers. We don't know, from only having two samples from 7/8 sites if one of them was a particularly good or bad year for a common species. I'd really liked to have seen a breakdown by species and not just biomass (it may be there and I've not read it yet).

Whatever, we need to take care of the insects or we're all doomed. I see light pollution, over development and intensive farming as areas we need to change for the better. Oh - and we need fewer people...

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?

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Re: Start menu

"Windows 10 + Titanic --> Win-10-nic. "

At last. But it's terrible. Ti Tan Nic =/= Win Ten Nic. Unless you think the boat is pronounced Titennic. And the flat is a design choice that's becoming standard across all UI design. From iPads to the Reg everything is losing the faux 3d look.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Start menu

"And the article had a picture of what looked like a win-phone display. I dislike the vertical-oriented displays anyway"

Bob, you maroon! That's just a clip of the Cortana window. You don't really think that's the whole desktop do you?? And please, please, please I beg of you - tell us what win-10-nic means.

Watch out for Microsoft Word DDE nasties: Now Freddie Mac menaced

Timmy B Silver badge

Just Seems Obvious...

DDE is something I can't see being used very much bu anyone. So turn it off by default and then when something wants to use it alert the user that it will need to be installed and what that may mean. I suspect, though, that somewhere internally Office is using it and that's the real reason it can't be removed.

OnePlus privacy shock: So, the cool Chinese smartphones slurp an alarming amount of data

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Re: Already turned off on my One+3

You may have said no thanks in the initial setup wizard. I did nut its on now as I am in their preview release program so help test stuff by getting firmwares early and have it all turned on so the know issues and stuff. I don't mind at all knowing that information will be sent to them to help with this. It's a choice, though, and I think that any information about you and your use of their devices should be by choice. It's like hotpoint saying they need to come look at your skimpies on the washing line without your approval so that they can see what you have been washing....

More and more websites are mining crypto-coins in your browser to pay their bills, line pockets

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Re: Advertisers won't be happy.


I don't think it's about being profitable from just mining. I think that everything adds up. If you get 5% of your funds from it then that's 5% you don't have to worry about getting from elsewhere and you don't have to put effort in. It may make the difference between breaking even and making a tiny profit. Though my sites don't have ads or any of this and won't (unless I see them making a whole load of money and not annoying anyone)

How many times can Microsoft kill Mobile?

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Re: Microsoft is trying very hard to kill itself.

And - Mr. Belf**ck-you-all-e - how about getting rid of that 2D FLATSO FLUGLY THE METRO CRAP-INTERFACE too.

You're going to be so upset soon, BOB!!!! As Linux is ALL GOING FLATSO TOO!! !!

Microsoft's foray into phones was a bumbling, half-hearted fiasco, and Nadella always knew it

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: What the market wants...

"So I went with Windows phones......."

I could have written the same post. I wanted Windows phones to work. I liked the interface, etc. But I never got OS mapping software that was any good.

I haven't got a 5 yet as my OP3 is fine.

Video games used to be an escape. Now not even they are safe from ads

Timmy B Silver badge


Got any links to with the article? And Boyd became Bod.

Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Perhaps money will talk louder:

"To the downvoters, you know you are dishonest, you know of course, else you would not be reading stuff on this site."

Any OS expected to be used by the average man in the street should not have maintenance that includes the phrase "download the source, patch it and compile". I understand it's how some things work in the Linux world but to someone that supports elderly and fairly computer illiterate people it is one reason I could never get them to use it. That's why I downvoted that post. Not because I am dishonest, blah blah blah. And have another one that you don't care about for being obnoxious.

Patch your Android, peeps, it has up to 14 nasty flaws to flog

Timmy B Silver badge

Oneplus not doing bad

I'm on 7.1.1 with 1st August 2017 security patch level on my OP3. Generally quite impressed with them. Though why change the phone app so that down picks up and up hangs up? Daft choice.....

Essentially invisible: Android big-daddy Andy Rubin's hypetastic mobe 'flops in first month'

Timmy B Silver badge

"And yes, I am one of the seemingly small population that buys an unlocked phone outright"

Me too. But oneplus for me. Quite happy with my OP3.

Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck

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No real point in the UK yet...

As we are not investing in infrastructure outside of major towns and cities EV charging and use is going to become the next high speed internet. If you go off motorways (where there is a monopoly on providing charging stations and they are more expensive than the equivalent in petrol) and outside big towns there are very few charging points. One of the main petrol stations (shell) is about to put in EV chargers but they are going to cost a lot. What we need is a public network of chargers similar to Norway before this actually makes a difference. And before people complain - I actually drive an EV.

TalkTalk plans to bail on mobile in major shake-up for beleaguered biz

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Re: Worst Coverage?

"Well, earlier this year I visited Cornwall, taking phones from both Three and EE."

Three were once terrible in Cornwall and spent some serious money there at about the time they dropped 2G.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Worst Coverage?

" don't rely on Three for mountain rescue as you're very unlikely to be able to make that call."

My experience differs. I live in rural Somerset and also spend much of my time well away from any towns or even main roads. I've also just made the mistake of moving away from 3 who I always found to be good but their prices went up a whack and EE (via BT) had a good offer. The EE coverage here is terrible particularly for data. Call quality is dire when I do get a connection and I get dropped calls - something I never had with 3. The only plus is I get the fastest data connection with EE when I get a good 4G connection.

I'll be moving back in 6 months.

What's your flava? Ooo, tell me what's your flava... of Ubuntu

Timmy B Silver badge

Well don't I feel smug...

I have been saying in threads lately that Linux would end up looking all flat and Windows / OSx / Android Material like. Then I saw the kubuntu screenshot. There it is. How long before all Linux distributions look like this and then people will be saying flat is the new bumpy or similar?

Facebook's music plans mean you'll never leave Facebook

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"I am going to start a holiday agency offering Facebook free vacations"

I'm on one next month. Facebook free. Mobile free. Internet free. Totally off grid for a week. The most technological thing I'll have is a switched off phone for emergencies and a camera. Though I doubt many would want to follow me into the woods gathering their own food and water and sorting their own fire and shelter (I'm a bushcraft instructor at weekends and do this for a week or so every year).

Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update

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Re: Ya'll missed it by a mile...

"3. They have a lust for money and power."

Sad news for you - if you work for or own a company that wants to make increasing profits. Then that's you too.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: This is a UK site

"So how about using British English - its "autumn" , not "fall"."

English before the French had their way with us was fall. Or to be more correct "the fall of the year". But then how far do you go back - I wonder what ice age man said?

Timmy B Silver badge

"Fall" is Merkan for autumn if you weren't aware

We used it here in the UK first. Until we adopted Autumn here when French became trendy (how did that happen?)

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Everything, except what we really want

(1) Complete removal of all tracking;

No, An opt in for tracking. For those that don't mind sharing a little data that may help debugging and improvement. I agree it's not what some may want to keep it but make it all opt in.

(2) A logical and proper start menu;

We have that. It works fine for me. I see people with massive over complex start menus and have since XP. Just keep it simple and tidy and it works fine. I see people complain about the start menu being unmanageable and then have 4 dozen icons on the desktop. It's simple and many people - remember most windows users are not power users - like that.

(3) The option for full Aero support;

Why? It was one of the worst parts of 7. I never wanted my desktop to be all shiny and glassy. I want it more simple. And so do others. Look at many Linux themes and OSx going away from this look now it's not trendy.

(4) Permanent banishment of the ribbon and an apology for placing it everywhere;

Most end users are either so used to the ribbon they either don't care or don't notice. It's actually a quite nice way of denoting and grouping functionality in a way that traditional toolbars don't allow.

(5) The ability to control when we install updates and which ones to install;

Agreed. Again the auto updating should have been opt-in like the telemetry.

(6) The return of a pre-boot F8 so I don't have to wait for 3 unsuccessful boots or hold down shift and restart just to get to a recovery console;

You know - I've not had to use this for so long I never noticed. But yes, if it went away they should put it back. Handy for when it's required.


erm. Settings. Type System Restore into the search box and the two entries for creating a point and restoring a point appear below. That's hardly hidden.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Promises, promises

"These ads don't show the tiled interface, the ribbon or any of the 1,000,000 and one frustrations that normal people have."

I work with "normal people" on Win 10 every day. Mostly they don't care about the ribbon. It changed so long ago they are simply all used to it. They don't even notice the start menu as they just use it to launch the programs they want. And the main frustrations are not with the OS but with things like networking and internet connections not working.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Will this turn out to be

"My brother's MSWin10 machine in The Catskills has had updates shut off since April "

Perhaps you need to share how to do that with all the folks here who complain about their Windows PCs rebooting every 10 minutes due to updates.

We're not the 'world leader' in electric cars, Nissan insists

Timmy B Silver badge

Some stats and stuff.

Have a read of : http://www.nextgreencar.com/electric-cars/statistics/

Basically Leaf an i3 are the main EV sellers not including hybrids. I do have to say I have a Leaf and think it's a great car.

So what's in the new Windows Insider build? Bug fixes, an AR goof-around, and a font

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: And when ?

I find it odd that you complain about phone elements when the icons in Mate look almost exactly like those in old iOS and those in Cinnamon look almost like those in Samsungs brand of Android. What you'll see as both MS and Apple tend towards flatter OS looks is that Linux will follow as it did with XP / OSX looks.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: And when ?


I see exactly the same. No changes and I run half a dozen W10 PCs.

Germans force Microsoft to scrap future pushy Windows 10 upgrades

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: How on earth are they discriminating

@Ken "Ok let's take 6. Disability. The list that follows is not intended to be anywhere near exhaustive."

But that's all PCs / phones / TVs regardless of operating system. Unless they are specifically made restricted/limited for those purposes. Similar to phones designed for the elderly (I have a lot of experience with those) that have far fewer functions compared to modern smart phones. You can't really single out MS when all software / hardware designers are going to be partially at fault too.

Imagine someone who writes a software solution to work perfectly for the blind. This is almost certainly going to depend on sound. Therefore meaning it won't work for the deaf. Therefore are they failing and should be prosecuted? No.

We just need common sense, thought and level heads. But I think all of those things are vanishing.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Microsoft should be prosecuted....

"Microsoft should be prosecuted under the Equality Act 2010 here in the UK. No Question."

WTF? How on earth are they discriminating on the basis of any of the following with regard to windows updates (the subject in hand)?

Chapter 1 Protected characteristics

4.The protected characteristics



7.Gender reassignment

8.Marriage and civil partnership


10.Religion or belief


12.Sexual orientation

Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars

Timmy B Silver badge


Calls for vegan cars that change those rules....

Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Nobody actually read what they said in the blog post...

@Doctor Syntax

It's not something I'd consider. After all you could say the same about any company. Ts and Cs of anyone could be drastically different if any company I deal with changes in a dramatic way. Doesn't stop me or anyone dealing with companies.

Timmy B Silver badge

Nobody actually read what they said in the blog post...

That much is clear from the vast majority of posts here. "They are going so sell mah informationz" when they specifically say they wont and never will. I don't know how much we can trust that but the "never will" part gives me hope. They seem to be being very honest and upfront and that is what people moan about companies like MS not doing. Perhaps the issue is they don't want to spend time altering their software to cater for someone who opts out of this bit and not that bit because it's just easier (I know a few ifs isn't difficult). I just find the level of paranoia on here astounding sometimes.

Daily Stormer booted off internet again, this time by Namecheap

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Re: "Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends"

You think if I actually gave two tiny hoots about counts I'd come on the reg and defend Windows and show up the faults in Linux?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: "Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends"

@AC "Oh dear, I'm guessing you don't really get to speak to real women do you?".

Plenty. I am happy to say the vast majority don't fit what I'm talking about. But then most aren't Nazis either. Some do, though. Try to actually address peoples points next time, perhaps?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: "Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends"


Some people believe they are better than others because of a quirk of birth. Some of them even believe that the others that don't match this should be killed. This matches your first point.

These same people believe that those that don't match their traits should if not killed should be controlled and forced to follow them. This matches your second.

They certainly see themselves as victims of a conspiracy and even though there are rules and provision just for them excluding the others are convinced that they still have it worse.

They don't big up weapons though and their stance on intellectual pursuits varies.

They are certainly obsessed with hierarchy, badges, crime and punishment.

They also have a cult like awe of some of their leaders.

So that's most of these points covered and therefore by your measure radical third wave feminists are Nazis aren't they?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: "Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends"


Well - I up-voted you anyway. :-P

I suppose I am thinking too highly and expecting some kind of civil debate. Perhaps I've come to the wrong place. I like your point about what were they doing a fortnight ago...

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: "Re: Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends"

I'd seriously like to know why the couple of you that downvoted this did so. I don't care about counts but I am wondering at the mind-set of people that think we don't all need to work from the same definition of Nazi. After all I have seen people called Nazi for simply disagreeing with far left politics regardless of how far right or left they are. I've seen people called Nazi for just being capitalists. Go on - defend your point of view - I'm interested.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Never give a Nazi a break.

"Re: Never give a Nazi a break." - this all depends on an accurate, consistent and agreed by all parties definition of what a Nazi is, of course. Where do you draw the line?

Google bins white supremacist site after it tries to host-hop away from GoDaddy

Timmy B Silver badge


Seriously? You no true scotsmanned this? Sorry but you have to try harder.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: If there's one thing I can't stand...


The issue is that you could replace Nazis with Communists in your post and it would be just as true. You could also put in a whole load of extreme beliefs. Put in Animal Rights Extremists and it works too. Put in extreme Christianity (westboro baptists) - works too. Any viewpoint that has an extremist ideology will work. We all have a right to say these things and to gather with likeminded loonies and share our thoughts. Until and only until we break the law. Trying to change it any other way is going to end up with thoughtcrime and the thought police.

Timmy B Silver badge

"I fail to see how Nazi'ism cannot be treated in the same way."

Because one thing is about what people do and one about what they think. Communism has arguably done far worse for society and Stalin was responsible for more deaths than Hitler. Are we going to remove that too? These things are about thoughts and we should all be free to express thoughts and ideas freely.

If our thoughts then carry on into illegal acts then the law should act. Until then. No. If I say things that sound bad to you fine I'm allowed to. If my speech goes on into acts that break the law - no - punish me. At least we have a voice an a way in democratic countries to influence the law (supposedly - sometimes I struggle to see democracy working).

Timmy B Silver badge

no no no no no

I have many people that I disagree with politically but they disagree with me too I bet. I want them to be able to say what they want and for me to be able to say what I want. Unless one of us breaks the law. That should be the governing thing - the law. If I break the law then punish me according to the law. If I dont - leave me the hell alone, and anyone else. I don't care if I hurt someones feels. I don't care one bit. One day all we'll be left with is a facebook full of pictures of meals and youtube full of kittens. I find that more disagreeable than anything.

UK.gov cloud fave Amazon comes under fire for tax bill

Timmy B Silver badge

but... but... but...

Her book is still for sale on amazon. She's obviously happy to profit from them!. Hypocrite.

Official: Windows for Workstations returns in Fall Creators Update

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: What about auto-updates?

"A workstation that hangs up and/or reboots for updates regularly is useless" Is that what you see or what you're told happens? I have half a dozen Windows 10 PCs and none - yes none - do this.

It's August 2017 and your Android gear can be pwned by, oh look, just patch the things

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: which will post their own updates in time, hopefully.

You don't need premium kit that costs a mint to get good regular updates. OnePlus are doing a sterling job with updates for my OP3. Best android phone I've had.


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