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Basic bigot bait: Build big black broad bots – non-white, female 'droids get all the abuse

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Re: You can "dehumanize" robots?

"Which is all well and dandy if you are a white Caucasian with a native accent and name. You may "treat humans as humans", there is a small minority that don't."


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Automatically fails....

The videos are all different. The one is 1/4 of the length of one of the others. Different video content generates different responses. Imagine my shock!

2TB or not 2TB: Microsoft fiddles with OneDrive as competition offers twice the storage

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Re: So. Kicked in the crotch twice, eigh?

"correct, except that I get 5 users, which I use so I know it is 5."

Yep - this is correct. I do the same. I do even better as I share it with my Dad and his other half and they pay half the subscription - so I get 3 installations including 3TB of one drive for £4 a month. Just can't argue with that value.

I even have onedrive syncing those three accounts and data to my NAS so that I have a backup independent to MS and off of the internet.

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Re: scanning directly into OneDrive via the device’s camera

"Did anybody actually ask for this?"

I didn't - but I'll use it.

Windows 10 Insiders see double as new builds hit the deck – with promises to end Update Rage

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"What kind of shitty old computers are these lusers using?"

It's not the computers, or them being old. It's whoever set them up. I have never - not once - had a windows 10 PC reboot. without asking, to do updates. I don't understand who is having this happen and how. I have 6 at home and a quick poll of the office I'm in of another half a dozen people. None of these has had it happen.

LG G7 ThinkQ: Ropey AI, but a feast for sore eyes and ears

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"The proof is in the pudding..."

Stop it! Stop it NOW!. The proof is not in the pudding, it is in the EATING! Gah!

PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10

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Re: PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10

"my client can't afford to have it unresponsive at the whim of its update cycle" - nether can we as a development house with dozens of PCs running Win 10. Funny that it's never been a problem for us.

You're indestructible, always believe in 'cause you are Go! Microsoft reinvents netbook with US$399 ‘Surface Go’

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"I'm not sure anyone much cares about upvotes/downvotes. Nobody over 12 anyway. As the proud owner of 2600+ downvotes I can honestly say that I don't give a shit."

I've only got 2300+. I must try harder!

Leatherbound analogue password manager: For the hipster who doesn't mind losing everything

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Re: Deckeled

That's from deckle cut. It's the phrase used for uncut paper straight from the paper making frame - known as a deckle. You may get charged more because the paper was likely made by hand and not machine.

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Re: fashion victims

"Traditionally tanned buckskin was softened by Indian maidens chewing the hides to soften them, can you guarantee that is the case with your product?"

Sorry. You've listened to Hollywood and not read your history books. :) I do a variety, from bark to brain tan and various other processes that I'll not bore people with. All are hand or frame softened depending on animal and hide thickness / quality.

I was having a giggle with the price and you quote is far better but I do tend to carve patterns into mine and that will inflate the price, of course. And one done in my buckskin with actual sinew stitching is going to clear £100.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: fashion victims

"where 'more expensive = must be better'"

If that's the case I can make the best one. I actually do make things out of leather, including bags, pouches, book covers, etc. Anyone who wants one can order one from me. For really good quality leather I can do you one for £200. If you want one with traditionally tanned buckskin £350. Any takers?

Timmy B Silver badge

Who on earth is going to spend £22 on that tat? The printing, stitching and leather are junk going from the pictures. I don't even care about the security implications when I'm so shocked at the quality.

Tired sysadmin plugged cable into wrong port, unleashed a 'virus'

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Re: tech support team woes

Time-domain reflectometer - the most sci-fi sounding bit of IT kit.

Amazon tweaks its word processor for easier online Office edits

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Seems pricey....

I currently pay £7.99 for a 5 user license of 365. This includes 1TB per user syncing nicely through onedrive to my NAS for offline backups. This includes full installations of all the Office suite. Something the other half insists on as when she tried the online version she refused to use it as it didn't do half the stuff she needs. The AWS offering seems to do even less.

No thanks.

This HTC U12+ review page is left intentionally blank

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Why not review it as is and send suggestions and the review to HTC, and then review again when they make any changes?

PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage

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Re: Just let them fade into obscurity

"What's good about wasting rabbit pelts?"

I don't. I tan them. :) After I've shot them and eaten them.

Timmy B Silver badge

I'm sure you'll get what I actually mean:

PETA would you please go away.

Android users: Are you ready for the great unbundling?

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It is easily GDPR compliant if it gathers information in a way that means it cannot be related to an individual. Loads of the advertising gumpf that these apps collect doesn't have to personally identify anyone.

Uber 'does not exist any more' says Turkish president

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Re: Turkey finally steps up and does the thing right

"Police action to suppress lawful activity on the basis of a campaign speech made by a politician isn't the right thing. "

That's the way the UK works now.....

OnePlus 6: Perfect porridge? One has to make a smartphone that's juuuust right

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Re: Missing from review

If it's like the 3 and 5T then there are no apps that aren't sensible oneplus replacements (a tweaked dialler, gallery and a few very minor bits) there isn't any what I would call bloat at all.

As for OS - OP have been pretty good at acknowledging and even helping this in the past. Interesting, though that I've modded Samsung and LG phones out of desperation in the past but never with a OP device. Pop over to XDA dev - that's the place to go.

Timmy B Silver badge

"Still got a OnePlus 3 here (not the T), had it from new."

I'd still have mine but phone recycling place offered me £150 for it and oneplus offered me £50 off a 5t and some free accessories so I couldn't refuse.

Timmy B Silver badge

I am a oneplus fan. I'll put that out there first. I do, however keep a year to 18 months behind. I'll get a cheaper 6T when the 7 or 7T comes out. I got a cheaper 5T not so long ago.

Reasons for sticking with OP for the foreseeable future:

1. Monthly firmware updates. I don't see anything bar google being as good.

2. Value. Still not cheap but great value.

3. Near stock experience.

4. Headphone socket - though just moved to bose wireless so not so much a problem.

5. It's not Huawei / Honor - I will never buy anything from them again.

Things I dislike:

1. Monthly firmware updates. very occasionally they mess up - it's fixed quickly but has happened.

2. Far away support.

3. Not being able to walk into a shop and get one.

Just my thoughts.

USA needs law 'a lot like GDPR' – says Salesforce supremo Marc Benioff

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Any US company that holds any identifiable data for any European citizen has to follow GDPR anyway. That must be a whole load of them included already.

Dixons to shutter 92 UK Carphone Warehouse shops after profit warning

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Like PC World I only ever buy from CPW when the item is on offer and cheaper than anywhere else. But saying that our whole hose is now on Sim-free OnePlus phones and I think that this is the way we will go from now on. We stay a generation behind as it doesn't matter so much and good deals can be had - our 5Ts are almost brand new and my other half is amazed at the monthly updates considering her last Huawei had no updates in the whole time she owned it. If you can afford the up front cost then there is no reason to have a contract phone.

Also if you're in the UK and use BT for your phone and internet then there are some good deals to be had on sims through them (I know loads of you hate BT but they are the most reliable for me and working from home I need high uptime)

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

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Re: Windows Insiders

As one of those afore mentioned insiders I agree. I tried it once and not again. It's standard that the other halves workplace and causes no end of trouble. We have Sophos and apart from one issue is fine... but that issue is severe.. it doubled compile times.

Timmy B Silver badge

14 PCs in this office - over 50 in the building - over 60 if you include virtuals. Various specs from elderly compact dell desktops to high end ultra-books and everything has updated fine. All running Sophos. Some took a while (longest was just under an hour and a half) but mostly fine.

I also have 8 Pcs in the house and only one caused any kind of issues. This was a laptop that had some major issues and the motherboard was replaced under warranty and the hard drive was imaged swapped over with an SSD recently so there could have been some kind of serial number check that went wrong.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: PC Updated itself last night

Martin Gregorie - that's an interesting idea. May give it a go. What distro would you advise?

UK chancellor puts finger in air, promises 15 million full fibre connections by 2025

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Re: In other news...

"I wish "market conditions" meant an end to Theresa May's incompetence and this Government."

^ This merits this >

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

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Re: Business leaders

"So, guns are killing more Americans than any other high income country, and violence is disproportionately high. Well done."

But when you look at the number of guns, the number of gun owners and the populace as a whole any particular gun is far less likely to kill you in the US than in Japan - a country with perhaps the strictest regulation in the world.

I'll simplify my thinking for you. Given 100 people in the US and 100 in Japan. In the US 10 have 20 guns and in Japan 2 have 2 guns. In the US two people commit murders and in Japan one does - three people die. This means that 50% of the gun owners in Japan have killed and 50% of the guns have far worse than the percentages for the US - clearly strict gun licencing has failed. Yes - more people have died in the US but gun owners are overall acting far more responsibly even with more lax regulation.

Timmy B Silver badge

no - mooseman - try again. I specifically said people killed by cars being driven in a dangerous way - death by dangerous driving - an avoidable way. People drive drunk - drive when they are incapable - drive in a reckless way. I purposely said it that way. It isn't a pointless statistic. There is a difference between an accident and someone killing whilst committing a crime. Read what I said not what you think I said.

You are less likely to be killed by any particular gun in the US than in the UK. In that each gun held is far less likely to kill you in the US.

Timmy B Silver badge

"As expected; lots of negative agenda signalling with the thumbs-down, but still nothing more than conceited posturing and not a single attempt at suggesting a viable solution."

I'm going to court downvotes - but my suggestion is.... wait for it... do nothing. Keep the legislation as it is. There are millions of legal gun owners in the US and a teeny tiny fraction of them commit crimes.

In the UK far more people are killed by dangerous driving in cars than guns each year and even cows get pretty close - are we asking for more restrictions on car (or cow) ownership? no - because we recognise that this is a tiny minority and the rules work for the vast majority. I know it's different countries but the idea's the same.

That's my suggestion anyway.....

Timmy B Silver badge

"Big pharma ensures you never hear about the fact 98% of mass shootings are carried out by individuals prescribed or taking anti depressants"

And I wonder what presidential candidate took money from big pharma and which one didn't (hint - the one that did didn't win)….

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: The NRA are a JOKE

"limit legal arms to Hunting rifles and Handguns, except where stored secureley at a licenced gun club, that is inspected and controlled."

so - you're allowing people to keep the guns most used in crime - handguns? You also realise that in terms of capability and function dome hunting rifles are exactly the same as "assault rifles" don't you? What about shotguns?

You also ignore the statistic that though the US has high gun ownership each gun is far les likely to be used - the vast vast vast majority of gun owners are totally law abiding and fine. Why should their ownership rights change?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: A well regulated militia

What about people that don't want to be in the militia but still want to hunt, or need to control animals, or just want to become a proficient target shooter?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: A well regulated militia

"Would these uses be necessary if guns weren't readily available?"

They're supposedly not readily available to criminals. They seem to get them. Even here in the UK.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: A well regulated militia

Except, CrispyD, that the point of the militia and the second amendment is to stop government tyranny. You can hardly have the government controlling the militia that was envisioned to control them.

As an aside - nobody ever mentions the between 500 thousand and 3 million uses of a firearm in the US that save a life or prevent further violence.

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'

Timmy B Silver badge

I wonder if the same phone unlocked has the software pre-installed too? I'm suspecting that this is down to sprint rather than LG

Microsoft returns to Valley of Death? Cheap Surface threatens the hardware show

Timmy B Silver badge

I'm still using my Surface 3. That's not the pro-3. The standard 3. It does great work browsing, doing email and office type work. I find I'm grabbing it for loads of basic stuff over anything else. I just wish there were proper windows apps for several things such as iPlayer, YouTube and others. The Netflix windows 10 app is fine so why can't others do it?

Net neutrality is saved in Senate vote! No, not really, it was a giant waste of everyone's time

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Re: actual legislation, not regulatory gerrymandering

Ok - so I start the morning kind of agreeing with Bob....

Can the day only get better or only get worse. I don't know. I'm confused..... more coffee is needed!

Get over yourselves: Life in the multiverse could be commonplace

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No - study whatever they want. We should not take public money away from research into more important things. If what they are doing is so important and world changing then seek private finance which will be gladly given as the cost benefits will be obvious. None of this should be from the public purse in any way at all. If this is not publicly funded in any way I have no issues at all. I strongly suspect that some government money went to the Durham part.

I'd like to think those able to support or help in development of something that would actually make life better for others would want to rather than perform research that no more proves multiverses than some pulp sci-fi.

Timmy B Silver badge

It the real world where we have actual life people are dying of disease and starvation whilst we waste money on this. It seems to me that one day this will all look like spontaneous generation to future scientists.

Virtue singing – Spotify to pull hateful songs and artists

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Re: So, Rap music is pretty much dead then, huh?

This is the worry, Richard.

Who decides the precedence of offense?

Punks take offence at country music.

Rappers take offence at Punks.

Country music fans take offence at Rappers.

Everyone is puzzled by goths.

It's a bit tongue in cheek but you get the idea - we all take offence at something. In a free society we are all free to say things others find offensive. This is freedom and the gist of JP in the C4 interview.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Spotify isn't censoring

That's why I called it commercial censorship. If they don't promote then there will be less money going to the artists - effectively halting their careers and removing their music.

Timmy B Silver badge

Grunty - I wonder how long it'll be until they pull this like Amazon did. I was happily doing exactly that with Amazon. I have been trying with OneDrive and Groove and that seems to be doing great so far. Except I can't find a really good android player that will play off of OneDrive. I also wonder if there is an alternative that will work with Alexa too. The other half really like alexa (we did some comparisons to google) and it's all over the place here.

Timmy B Silver badge


I raise my glass to you, Sir.

Timmy B Silver badge

If we don't want to see this kind of commercial censorship then we should refuse to use services that do it. They are fully within their rights to host whatever songs they like. We should vote with our feet.

Very seriously considering leaving all these streaming services, buying CDs and creating my own personal one.

GoDaddy exiles altright.com after civil rights group complaint

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Re: A never-ending argument


In many ways I agree with you. But the issue is where the lines are drawn. How far right do you go to find the "alt.right". It's not even an easily defined definition. What if it eventually becomes anything right of Communism?

It should be that you can either not serve anyone you don't want to for any reason you feel like (preferred) or the law says you're not allowed to refuse service unless you would, by offering that service, break a law.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Human rights


"If it's that warped or perverted then it ain't Christianity.. ". Don't you no true Scotsman me!

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: MiniTrue says

"So when did the AntiFa or BLM last burn down a Christian church? Or murder someone simply due to their color?"

When did Richard Spencer?

My PC is on fire! Can you back it up really, really fast?

Timmy B Silver badge

My job used to be going round the country sorting out unhappy customers. I learned that the best thing you can do is figure the problem, let them know the solution, give them realistic deadlines, warn them if those deadlines will slip. Basically be communicative, honest and dependable.

I didn't really get rewards like in the original story, but I got a handshake and a literal pat on the back from one elderly curmudgeonly MD with a dinner wherever I wanted at the end of my last day on site.

Sometimes it's the small things...

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