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Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

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Re: Does anyone know...

"What most non-smokers don't understand is how hard giving up smoking is. Nicotine is just about the most addicitive chemical there is."

Tosh. Utter tosh. It's about being strong minded. If you are weak then it is hard. If you are not it isn't. If you offered a smoker 10 million pounds to stop there and then on the proviso that they were monitored to see if they started again they would all quit there and then (unless very rich I suppose). It is about motivation and strength of will.

I am an ex-smoker.

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Re: Why should they ban them?

You know what the 100% way of banning smoking in public places of any kind would be. Ban it. So what it goes underground and follows other illegal drugs. You know the effective way of quitting smoking is. YOU STOP! Just grow a pair and stop - use some mental strength and stop. It's what I did. I decided to stop and I stopped. I am not offended by them - I simply don't want to partake of their chemicals. How would you like it if somebody walked up to your half finished pint of beer and topped it up with orange juice - after all it's still a drink but better for you......

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Re: "Almost certainly"

The issue is that do we legislate to stop or limit something that isn't safe when we allow something more dangerous....... No - this situation doesn't apply to any other - ahem - smoking related subject.....

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So fix the London air!. Just because it's safer than something doesn't mean it's right. The preferable option is cleaner air everywhere....

Stardock’s Start10 brings the familiarity of 7 to Windows 10

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Re: Windows Explorer

Not only that but you can customise the quick access buttons and have them appear in their own toolbar and pretty much emulate old explorer versions.

I haven't personally because I like the ribbon.

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips

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Re: First hand numbers, just in case

Interesting numbers... I wonder why though a tiny amount of Linux desktops as a percentage isn't considered a fail when a similar percentage of windows mobiles in use was..... And now a torrent of downvotes......

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

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Re: I wonder....


N0 Windows is not a service and I don't have to use all the bits I'm talking about. Pretty much everything linked to onedrive / outlook / etc.

My most private thoughts and activities are very private - they simply don't go online at all. I will start to worry when they can read my mind.

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Re: I wonder....


All of those things are being done and have been done right across history without technology. These companies and corporations only have power over me if I allow them to. We're more influenced and controlled by the press and governments. If you're weak enough to have affairs, or a gambling problem or buy into homeopathy then I'd say you gave the power away long before installing Windows 10...

Oh - and lobby your government so you don't have a healthcare system that can charge you like that. (I'm in the UK).

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Re: I wonder....


Lets look at the worst cases and see if all that effort is worth it:

Store cards - Tesco tries to sell you other stuff and annoys you with adverts.

Amazon - Amazon tries to sell you stuff and annoys you with adverts - possibly one of those adverts shows a present you were buying as a surprise. More annoyance.

Ebay - It goes wrong and things you don't want in your history appear in your history. Worst case is similar to amazon. Unless you're buying illegal stuff then you go to prison and too right.

Google - Google knows where you are and pesters you with ads, etc....

So the worst here is, depending on what you do, either mild annoyance or prison.

As I'll never go to prison for buying tat on EBay then I take the risks and don't worry.

Can anybody else show me any worse results. I'm still waiting for a realistic example of a bad outcome that doesn't rely on paranoia of accepting all the defaults in Windows 10

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Re: I wonder....


Yes - I do care - but not enough to worry.

I also view it more like an economic transaction - I pay in privacy for the use of a service. Generally I think I am getting a good deal. After all I recon you could find out pretty much anything about me with little effort.

Saying that I don't have a twitter account (not that I use) as I tried it once and just don't see the point.

And in total violation of the rules of internet discussion I am going to say you seem like a sensible chap and I've enjoyed our little exchange - have a virtual beer.

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Re: I wonder....


I understand the issues surrounding privacy and value mine - heck it's why I spend so much time away from any electronics living in the woods under piles of sticks (seriously I do). But I also understand that all the trappings of modern life are linked and information is a sought after currency in this brave new world. I happily give away a little of my privacy to use things online. I allow MS, Google, Amazon etc. access to a lot of my information. But personal things I cherish I don't freely share online - I don't need to and don't want to. In all this I have the control as I let lose what I allow online.

I give information away but what I do is with my consent - but then I'm not daft enough to just click [Next], [Next], [Next] on any software installer.

There are, after all, far worse things to worry about in the world today and if people don't see that then perhaps they aught to get their news form places other than the Reg.

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Re: @TimmyB: I wonder....

mmm - Reducto ad hitlerum - fail..... No decent argument

Timmy B Silver badge

I wonder....

... how many people complaining about these privacy settings have store cards, credit/debit cards, bank accounts, or use Ebay, Paypal, Amazon, Google services, etc. Our information is all out there and none of it is really private unless you go to great lengths. And to me those lengths simply aren't worth my time or effort. I don't care if Microsoft knows where I am, what I'm searching for, etc. If the state wants to know all about me - it damn well will do and I can't do anything about it. Seriously, though, what is the big issue? What harm can be done to me with any of this data gathered about me? That's a serious question folks - somebody actually give me an example of any kind of harm.

Microsoft Edge web browser: A well-presented mea culpa

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Re: Chrome runs on all the things

Chrome on Android is not a consistent experience when compared with the full version on windows. Not at all.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond

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Ok - so reporting something by people that clearly have no clue...

“The defaults are still to point all kinds of crap at Azure/Office365. On my stuff, where I am still working old skool domains, there is now endless, pointless knobbing around and setting accounts that have zero relevance.”

ok - It took me exactly the same number of clicks on Win 7 as it did on 10 to add a new PC to a domain. which is the more obvious, though?

Control Panel -> System -> Change Settings -> Change (Button in Computer Name Panel)


Settings -> Accounts -> Work Access -> Join or leave a doman

There is less jargon and more explanation in 10. Also Join or leave a domain IS THE TOP entry in the list - making it the most default option....

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Re: Welcome to New Windows.

Reductio ad Hitlerum - automatically makes it worthless......

MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it

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Re: Decisions

I see 2 other people actually have an understanding of development.... <sigh>

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Re: @JP19 -- I have 600

I agree. As a developer I often have stupid limits like that imposed on me no matter how much I hate it. You can't simply ignore what your managers say - even if you think you know better.

Windows 10: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Microsoft's long apology for Windows 8

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Re: Just one thing left to make it good

For some people it is that hard to remember. You need to try supporting some elderly users. They just tend to save everything wherever they feel like - I found one users important home finance spreadsheet tucked all away in a windows system folder once.

We put Windows 10 on a small fondleslab: STILL not ready, 3 days to go

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Re: Interestingly

Interestingly the 10th Century saw the invention of fireworks - is Windows 10 to be off with a bang?? Sure we can find hundreds of 10s with both good and bad connotations,

Windows 10 on Mobile under the scope: Flaws, confusion, and going nowhere fast

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Re: What should Microsoft's enterprise clients do now?

XP -> 7 -> 10.

Easy peasy.

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Re: Last chance

Except for the first paragraph I could have written that word for word... Well said - let's hope MS can do something about it. I have resorted to Android because there is no good UK OS mapping app. I am hoping for something good from what I suspect to be surface phones from MS as I have heard that one of the OS map companies is planning a universal app version.

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Re: "Why remove the charm and usability from Windows, in the mad chase for apps?"

Ermmmm. Desktop windows on a tablet is done already. I have 2 (and a half - one is RT). I even have full and usable visual studio on them. One has an 8.3" screen so it seems you presume too much.

As for taking a Macbook air, etc.... That'll be a surface pro then,

UK.gov makes total pig's ear of attempt to legalise home CD ripping

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How about....

I go and buy a car and in the Top Gear style turn it into a boat and sail the seven seas. Do I have to pay compensation to the ship-building industry or to the car makers? No. That would be silly...... Though I wonder if applying logic to the law is akin to putting shoes on a snake....

Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable

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Re: Who actually wears a watch anymore? And why?

I do. Often I can be doing things (woodwork, outdoors kind of things, hunting, or anything else where I'm covered in mud or grime) where getting a phone out is inconvenient, dangerous, or simply annoying.

Windows RT on life support: Microsoft vows it won't pull the plug

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Re: Much reviled start screen... in context

I see you get it too. If only they had done that in the first place. I really like my Surface 2. It's the best made tablet I've had and I've cone through a few. Had it since a couple of months after launch and it seems almost like new. Unlike other tablets and other windows installations the major plus it has is that it has never slowed down due to the gathering of app junk or windows cruft. Shame to see them go, really.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror

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Re: Be careful of Free Windows 10

Got any solid information to back that up?

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Re: Probably best to not use on a surface pro 3

The risk of using beta software. Silly you, really.

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Re: The word is "clutter"

1. I use two clicks to start all the things I need.

2. I use Windows 8.1 and all my icons are in groups.

3. I currently have 16 windows open in 8.1 - all over the place in various states of size and position.

4. I can see all that is running. Again in 8.1.

5. A quick look at any screenshot of Edge will let you see some tabs pretty much. I wonder if you don't actually care to look.

I'm bored at this point and clearly you have no clue.....

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Re: So...

You seem to have used the word "We" a lot there when you meant to have used "I".

"I get touch even if the kit is not touch capable

I get tiles even if I don't want them in a gazillion years

I get Cortana when I say 'Cortana go nuke yourself'.

I get MS trying to be of so helpful everywhere and ending up getting in my way"

Try dealing with lots of older and infirm PC users - they don't have 30inch screens - they have normal sized ones. They actually like tiles and like the PC being a helpful thing. and there are far more of them than there are IT geeks like us.... MS has to look at more than just us when they design their OS.

Testing Windows 10 on Surface 3: Perfect combo or buggy embuggerance?

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Re: This is getting silly

Handy. I have the same tablet and was wondering about 10 too. I'll install a virtual on another PC and see what it's like via remote desktop perhaps. Thanks.

Microsoft picks up shotgun, walks 'Modern apps' behind the shed

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Re: Nothing wrong with the modern interface

Folders are there. In the mail app just above the people and flag options on the left hand side there is the word folders.Press on that and all the folders slide out. You can move items to other folders by picking the move entry in the menu.

Au-mazing! Cornwall sold GOLD to Ireland back in the Bronze Age

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Something I thought I'd never see...

The word "Chalcolithic" in a reg article.... The later stone age, copper age and early bronze age are a particular interest to me. Interesting article thanks. Also Paleo-boffin makes me think of Otzi in a lab coat....

Windows 8.1 market share grows, Windows 7 slips, Windows 10 lurks

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Perhaps people have realised...

... that Windows 8.1 isn't all that bad after all. Once you get beyond the FUD cast liberally about just because of the start screen there is a good stable operating system there. More and more PCs are hybrid/tablets nowadays and that seems to be the way things are going and for these Windows 8.1 is just brilliant. Though I doubt the Reg will ever see it that way.....

Fanbois designing Windows 10 – where's it going to end?

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Re: render unto caeser that which is his

1. There may be more system running a flavour of unix. but NOT on the desktop / laptop there isn't. If you include mobiles then you're realistically only talking about iOS and Android and to the user they aren't unix of any kind.

2. My experience differs - I get fewer calls for help with W8 a than W7. Your suspicions don't match my real world experience.

3. PCs cost very similar if you buy with windows or buy empty and have to install linux. The vast majority of users have windows pcs at home and at least have some familiarity. You are missing the cost of training in your calculations.

I really don't agree with any of your points. We all have to remember that us IT folks are the minority - nearly all users have windows PCs at home and will prefer to see that when they get to work.

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Re: Windows is UX Cubism

Wow - whoever explained / trained her in using Windows 8 was terrible. I have entirely the opposite experience having installed it for another 80+ year old. She loves Windows 8 and I get far fewer requests for help than I ever did. You just need to configure it right.Give them a big screen with a few large images and voila they know where they are going.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

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I actually think it's a shame to lose the start screen - for some people

I have an elderly friend - in her late 80s. She recently purchased a new PC with 8.1 on it and for the first time actually finds windows easy to use. 10 mins customising the start screen and everything she wants is there with big pictures. The only advice I really needed to give beyond that is "If you get stuck press the windows button" and she's back to the start. For people who aren't so tech savvy 8.1 is great.

Inside GOV.UK: 'Chaos' and 'nightmare' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites

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Yep - it's terrible

I spend most of my time writing Payroll software. The old HMRC site was brilliant. You had a big section for all the stuff you may want to know - it's like they listened and made it easy. The new site makes me think that they are deliberately trying to annoy me!! Information I used to have easily to hand is now obtainable by GUESSING and editing links to other information! Some of our support staff just gave up sating that information they need to do their jobs doesn't exist any more. I've had to make a mini HMRC page that's links to all we need to know.

Still it looks nice - oh hang on - it looks terrible - huge text, wasted space, horrible colour scheme.

Game of Moans: Sky coughs to BORKED set top box BALLS-UP

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Just had mine replaced

I had to do the whole "Put me through to cancellations" Sky dance. but They gave in in the end and for free send an engineer out, replaced the dish, the box and out multi-room box all for free. They threw in a £5 a month discount too. It's a pain to have to do the "I'll cancel then" thing but it does seem to work.

It's not easy being Green. But WHY insist we knit our own ties?

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Re: You didn't read the article

He also says that the attitude of doing so "pisses him off". He hates the idea of it. He hates it because he cannot really fathom that richness is beyond money. He seems to know that other people are going to say that richness is beyond the material but I don't think he really sees it himself. There are so many contradictions in the original article that you can't he's explicit - fucking or not...

Timmy B Silver badge

Missing the point....

This missed the point totally.... Making something may take more time, money and effort than simply buying it. But that doesn't make you poorer if you richness is measured in how you spend your time, money and effort. I spend a lot of my time hand carving wooden utensils and tools. I could go and buy them. But I would not have the "riches" of the enjoyment of mastering a craft. That mastery has taken me more time and more money and far more effort than a trip to Tesco. But I am richer in that I lead a more fulfilled life.

Powering the Internet of Stuff – by sucking electricity from TREES

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If only...

...there was another way to get light from a candle other than spending £50 for another pointless gadget. It's even more amusing that the makers market it as a green solution! Get a UCO lantern; costs half as much, will never break down and provides light for twice as long on one candle!


Tesla S P85+: Smiling all the way to the next charging point

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Re: Real world experience with a Leaf

Another Leaf Owner... In the UK here.

I don't understand the range explanation given - looking like you would never do over 40 miles - we regularly do. We can drive ours from Yeovil to Bath and back on a charge (about 75 miles round trip) and not worry if the charging points are not free at the Bath park and ride. We regularly take it to Weymouth (60 miles round trip). The daily commute that it is used for is a round trip of over 40 miles and there is no worry about that.

We had a free charging point installed and there are loads to use all over the place. We swapped the tax/insurance/fuel/servicing costs of a ICE car for the charging/funding/insurance of a brand new leaf. And we also got all the gubbins and whatnots of a top of the range car.

Agreed - in no way could it be used as a 300 miles in a day motorway cruiser. But that's never been the aim - perhaps technology will manage that one day.

We have ours on a 3 year lease option so that we can upgrade to the next version or even the cheaper tesla when it's out.

Carry On YouView Regardless, BBC Trust tells the BBC

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Re: YouView. Meh.

That Sky+ update is terrible. Have an up-vote!

PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!

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Re: @Timmy B- If it won't run

Desktop tile. Press or click it and ta-flipping-da. there it is...

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: If it won't run

It has a desktop and a proper operating system. The type keyboards can be used by people that type all day - unless you don't include writing code all day. And it will allow external screens - not sure how many for sure but I have had two on a Surface 2 pro.

Obviously won't be sold to you as you have no clue

Our Vulture strokes Dell's ROBUST 15 INCHER: Inspiron 15 Core i7

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Thumb Up

I too have exactly the same model as reviewed. Excellent lappy. I'll be putting an SSD in there in a year or so but for now it's perfect for the money - the screen in particular. No Wi-Fi issues for me at all. All the usual suspects; Visual Studio, Photoshop, etc.. run just as you would expect.

Steve JOBS finally DEFEATS the PC - from BEYOND THE GRAVE

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Re: Prognostication

Good lordy lord. Somebody got out of bed on the wrong side.

Swiss railways ticked off at iOS clock knock-off

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Re: Are they going to sue over these (real) clocks also?

nope. Look at the picture. There is a number on each face showing. The one in question and the rip off (sure Apple will argue that one - prior art not mattering of course) don't have this.

Study: The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate

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Re: Skepticism does not mean doubt

Just because you appear to think doesn't mean that you are. What you think of as existence could be a vast AI construct.

Equally you haven't seen everything and one of the things you haven't seen may provide glaring evidence of some kind of deity.

These vague and unlikely things are 0.0000000000000001% certain to me, but that means with all honesty I cannot say there is no god and that I actually exist with 100% certainty.


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