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Neo-Nazi man jailed for anti-Semitic Twitter campaign against MP

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: As I live in Yeovil...

If you look, Big John, I do say that I have seen many examples of his behaviour in the local press. A quick look on Somerset Live website (you really need an ad-blocker or you will get really angry) and search for his name you will find a few.

His ilk is anyone who shares his views and actions, and these are plain and clear from the public record. Simple really.

Timmy B Silver badge

As I live in Yeovil...

The antics of this prat are quite well known to me (local papers regularly feature him), and all at home had a bit of a chuckle that he's going to be in prison for a while.The town is well off without him for a bit. It's still a dump but just a little bit better. He won't learn though as he approaches his racism with a religious fervour that is only reinforced by him, how his mind will surely twist it, being imprisoned for his worthy fight.

Really we should find a deserted island for him and his ilk.

Privacy is theft! Dave Eggers' big-screen takedown of Google and Facebook emerges

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Re: Cuddly?

"I don't think I can recall Hanks in a "nasty" role before, so I think that's what Andrew means."

Road to Perdition?

Anything based on a Dan Brown book surely qualifies as nasty too... And "Mazes and Monsters" certainly is nasty.

Take that, creationists: Boffins witness birth of new species in the lab

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Re: Other examples...

And, according to the news this morning, people....

We are, through having women with narrow birth canals giving birth by cesarean section stopping so many women dying in child birth, causing an overall narrowing in average birth canal sizes across human kind. (I paraphrase but I hope you get the idea).


Timmy B Silver badge

"...larger segment of society has not been taught or has objected to the concept of "critical thinking"..."

Interestingly it was the exact opposite for me. When I was studying for ministry I was actually encouraged to think critically and to question. I suppose when you are meant to have confidence and faith then questioning holds no fear. Though it was the critical thinking that led me to leave....

Timmy B Silver badge

Playing devil's advocate here as I don't buy into their sky daddy any more...

But loads of creationists won't actually see this as an issue as they will just say that it's not a new type that has been created and that this kind of change has been observed before. Also they will say that there was a whole load of intelligent interference (they will read design) in the process. What they will want to see is a frog becoming a giraffe before they are convinced.....

Hackers waste Xbox One, PS4, MacBook, Pixel, with USB zapper

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Re: Ridiculous

"1) Those other interfaces are not used for massively common and cheap devices, that people routinely plug into their systems when they find them lying around."

Headphones? VGA (perhaps not lying around for that one)?

Timmy B Silver badge

In other news....

Setting fire to things destroys them.....

If someone wants to destroy a device then there will always be a way to do it.

Windows 10 market share growth just barely has a pulse

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Re: Windows 11

"I, for one, would be very interested in a "Windows 11" that combined the speed and usability features of Windows 10 with the Windows 7 user interface. Yes, I'd pay for that."

You can pretty much make that with stardock stuff now.

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*

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Tree Huggers and Veggies

I'm a tree hugger (well - I know about trees and stuffs and love the outdoors) and really couldn't be much further from being a veggie.... Just saying...

UK.gov was warned of smart meter debacle by Cabinet Office in 2012

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Re: Pull the plug then

UPS are for amateurs. I know at least a dozen ways of making natural lamps and light sources. From tallow lamps to bark torches. You can tell where the true experts are because they will just make lights when they need them ;)

Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: I wonder.....

Already vote Lib-Dem - I live in Yeovil and until loads of people went mental and voted in the pathologically silent and useless Fysh it was the only way.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Here's the full list...

Food Standards Agency!

wt absolute f!

Now I'll calm down in case the Scottish Ambulance Service Board takes me away....

Timmy B Silver badge

I wonder.....

... if enough people run a script on boot pings a load of "select" sites and then a whole load of random ip addresses that this'll just make the law pointless? Just a thought....

HTC and OnePlus spruce up flagships for Santa's sack

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: OnePlus pricing

I agree - I paid £309 for my oneplus 3. What you get for the extra £90 seems a bit pricey. I figure the OP3T is now a high-mid range phone now - certainly not budget even at the £309 I paid.

Three CEO confirms hack, 133,827 customers were exposed

Timmy B Silver badge

I agree with Asylum_visitor. I queried three to find out if I am on the list but they wouldn't tell me as I am not one of the few that have been involved in the actual upgrade interception. They seem to think that having my information including name, address, telephone number, date of birth and "other non-financial" information leaked like this has no effect on me, I understand stuff like this will always happen whilst people have access to useful information at any level and am not going to make a big issue. What I don't understand is the uppity attitude of the person on the phone....... sigh..... minor rant over.

WileyFox Swift 2: A new champ of the 'for around £150' market

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Re: It's all in the details

This or a G4? Neither. Get a oneplus 3T when they are out in a little bit. I like my oneplus 3 loads. A little bit more money but well worth it. If the extra money is the issue - one of these. I never was happy with my LG.

Panicked WH Smith kills website to stop sales of how-to terrorism manuals

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They had one job....

I still found "A guide to improvised weaponry" on the site. And "An introduction to the technology of explosives". Sure that some "use" could be made of those.

Toblerone's Brexit trim should be applied to bloatware

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Windows

Outlook attachment dropdown..... I never noticed that - how handy!. Have a virtual one on me.

Fleeing Aussie burglar shot in arse with bow and arrow

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Bloke was lucky

You only really suffer eye injuries from the nock end when retrieving arrows from a target. As he didn't get to retrieve his arrow he was quite safe....

LASER RAT FENCE wins €1.7m European Commission funds

Timmy B Silver badge

Roads and cars....

What happens when this shines across a field at a pigeon, misses and blinds the driver of a car and causes an accident? In fact the more I think about it the more stupid this is. Can anyone think of an actual good reason for having one other than fewer pesticides? We don't need to use pesticides - what we need is promotion of predators. More raptors means less rats - buzzards love them.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Those of us old enough to remember . . .

Going to have to be a very clever laser that distinguishes rats and pests from protected species that it is illegal to interfere with. In fact that reason will likely make this illegal to use in the UK. Shine this at a natterjack toad or a barn owl and cause them to do something that injures them and you'll be heading for a fine or even prison sentence..

Soylent bars farting recall

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no... no... no... no...

I'll eat proper food, thanks. This is just a horrible idea and if you're eating them it's no wonder your insides are rebelling.

PC sales sinking almost as fast as Donald Trump's poll numbers

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Re: I've had the same broom for years!

I've been on holiday - for me it's Monday morning....... should avoid posting anything anywhere until fully awake I suppose.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: I've had the same broom for years!

"but it's the same PC I've had for at least 10 years :)"

I say that's a Theseus' paradox and just because the case is the same it's not really the same PC. You have had some bits for 10 years but could equally say it's only as old as the newest component.

Timmy B Silver badge

Very sensible Flippo. That seems to be exactly what I see and I spend most of my time dealing with everyday folks and their PC usage. I also think you missed one thing. As net connections get faster the need for processing at the client end lessens. Why bother buying a really powerful PC if everything you want can be provided "in the cloud" on a 5 year old budget PC.

Perhaps cheap 4K screens on laptops will get a few sales?

Four reasons Pixel turns flagship Android mobe makers into roadkill

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Re: Planned to buy...but didn't.

"I'm now looking at a Oneplus 3, albeit without an SD card slot, but it doesn't run Android N yet which would be a bit of a downgrade for many to go back to Marshmallow. Once it starts shipping with Nougat I feel Oneplus will have an order book that HTC can only dream of."

I have a OP3 and I think it's possibly my favourite android phone yet. And I've not come close to filling the 64 gig it ships with.

Timmy B Silver badge

Except OnePlus are being all a bit daft with firmware updates. Not that they are poor - I'm running the community preview on my OP3 and it's a fine version of android. But it's that - a version of android - that limits the speed of updates.

Timmy B Silver badge

I'd really like to see WP 10 resurrect as an alternative. A few changes - a bit more transparency on data use - a few tweaks here and there - some enterprise level security and they could actually make it work.

'What this video game needs is actual footage of real gruesome deaths'

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: There Is More To Add

Had me at foxes --- lost me at badgers.

Ice to see you! Windows 10 fix for freezing PCs finally flung at folks

Timmy B Silver badge

"React OS is actually now more stable and reliable than Windows 10" - Seriously??? I have tried it in various guises and all of them die after 5 minutes of use. What are you running it on as I'd like an install I can use to evaluate properly.

Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Pacman & cancer

>Updates, including requirements to reboot.


>Anti-virus grinding away your response times.

I only update at the end of the day when I shut down.

I've never had Windows malware.

I don't notice any AV issues.

Never had experience of the last two.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Pacman & cancer

"@TimmyB - broadly speaking wrong on all three counts"

Are you saying the most commonly used application software works as well on Linux as it does on Windows? Are you saying that most commonly purchased hardware suppliers create Linux drivers? Seriously? And yes - the Windows experience is better. Give me an example of day to day usage where it isn't.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Pacman & cancer

"Unpinning does not..."

I didn't have to un-install and most people won't for those if they have never installed them. I just had to unpin. I simply said what I had to do.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Pacman & cancer


oh I dunno - perhaps any version of desktop Linux you care to mention. Good things:

1. Hardware compatibility.

2. Software compatibility / availability,

3. Established support that goes beyond "don't you know this, noob?".

ta - as they say - da...

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Windows 10 a hopeless muddle

Skype isn't windows. The point was made about windows.Any more?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Windows 10 a hopeless muddle

"gratuitous Ads"... I keep hearing this but on 6 PCs at home and several here at the office on 10 I barely see any ads beyond the suggested app in the start menu. That's hardly gratuitous now and two clicks and that's are gone forever. Got any example of these "gratuitous Ads"?

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Pacman & cancer

"Here we have a PROFESSIONAL OS with Candy Crush and X-Box on the start menu. These cannot be easily removed and keep on coming back like a cancer."

Erm... I right clicked on them and selected unpin and they went and never came back. Easily removed and didn't come back. Come on now.... did you actually have this problem or are you simply regurgitating something you read elsewhere?.. be honest now...

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Hmm

"The statistics are absolutely clear that countries with few guns have a much lower rate of gun deaths (duh!)"

Nope. Honduras is highest in deaths and way down the list in ownership. Switzerland is the opposite. The statistics are not clear at all and gun deaths are more to do with the overall socioeconomic situation in countries.

Microsoft axes 2,850 more Windows Phone, sales staff – a week after Justin Timberlake sang on stage for them

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Also a name change-

"I've just spent what seemed the best part of a life-time setting up a Windows laptop for my granddaughter. What a pain."

I set up a Win 10 PC for my partners mother a few days ago. I basically turned it on, ran through the setup screens and let it do all the updates for me. Took longer than that to install the specialist stroke recovery software. No desktop mess here. Though the amount of stuff that was a pest to get working the last time I did a Linux install made me remember why I think it'll never be used by more than a few hobbyists. Though that's the issue with anecdotes, each person will have different stories.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Also a name change-

"So its a lot more than 2% in reality, just the stats cannot log them...."

That's why I said desktop. I think that the 2% figure for general use would be about right. It certainly tallies with what I've seen in the "real world".

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Also a name change-

Puzzled. We have a 3% marked share by end users in Windows phone as a failure. But a 2% market share on the desktop for Linux is a success.....? (Roll on the downvotes because of the Linux fans on the reg)

White House to bung electric car industry $4.5bn in loans

Timmy B Silver badge

We charge overnight. We can pick the time that the char starts drawing power too. Also there is no mention - I suspect people don't know about it - of the new technology where EVs will pump back unused cheap electricity during the day and reclaim the higher tariff, and then recharge at night when it's cheaper and less used.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Charger hogs

We have been blocked in both Weymouth, Exeter and services on the M5 by PHEVs. The Exeter one was parked all day in the P&R whilst they went shopping. The obvious answer is to have more than 2 charging stations.

All this is moot, though, since Electric Highway have imposed the crazy pricing scheme.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Electric car grants

I'd like to see where you get the statistics for each electric car using the same power as a house. You are also ignoring that the vast majority of EVs will charge over night when far fewer people are draining the grid.

Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter – and is wiped out by dying phone sales

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: The writing should be on the wall

"The have all but pulled the plug already"

I upvoted that but it's a sad thing. I don't want to see a market where there is just Android and Apple. Liked my Windows phone but just can't feel I can stick with a dying platform.

Rogue Somerset vulture lands at Royal Navy airbase

Timmy B Silver badge

All fun for me.....

Yeovilton is just across a couple of fields from me and my home office points that way - been looking out for it all day. No sign.

Forget high-powered PCs, mobile is the future of VR, says Google

Timmy B Silver badge

Good Freekin Lord!

Ok - so fighting dragons not so much - but all of the stuff in that video can (for most people) actually be done the for realz outdoors! We are turning into the people in Wall-e. <sigh>

Ok - rant over - I'll immerse myself in the calming sound of birdsong - where are my headphones?

Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell on the future of C#

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Functions returning multiple values.

"Functions returning multiple values ?!? Can somebody just kill me now?.... "

Indeed. Why not have the function return a struct or class instance. I don't get why you would want two variables out like this. I suppose if you really wanted to push it you could argue a very minor memory benefit and speed difference. But if you're going that route lets forget OOP entirely.

GM crops are good for you and the planet, reckon boffins

Timmy B Silver badge

Did anybody read the full paper?

I simply don't have time at the moment but would be interested in doing so if it covered things such as cross-pollination, affect on local food chain, affects on pollinators.I don't care if they are just safe for people I want to know if it addressed (local would be most interesting) ecology as a whole. If it does then I'll try and make the effort to read it all.



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