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Apple's zippy silicon leaves Android rivals choking on dust

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Well I'm happy

That I spent so little comparatively on my OnePlus 3 and it's well up there with phones costing nearly 3 times as much! I wonder where the cost of the other phones is if they are pretty much identical in components and performance.

So few use Windows Phone, Microsoft can't be bothered: Security app is iOS, Android only

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Re: It still makes me giggle

If I had a plant organically growing at the less than 1% year on year that linux is then I'd worry and perhaps invest in some miracle grow.

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Re: It still makes me giggle

I think we're heading for a situation where people tend to have laptops that they replace every 5 years, tablets they replace every 3 and phones they replace every 2. I think that the laptops will stick to windows until perhaps chrome os takes off. This certainly seems to be the case with people I know and occasionally support.

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Re: It still makes me giggle

>...a 5% market share for windows phone is a total fantasy

In Europe it's something similar to that. Worldwide it's close to the Linux desktop 2% share.

Timmy B Silver badge

It still makes me giggle

That a 5% market share for windows phone is a total failure but a 2% desktop OS share for Linux is considered to be the impending year of linux on the desktop. I'd say both are either failures or niche products that won't ever become mass used due to all the current users being too stuck in their ways. Ironically stuck the opposite ways - windows desktop stuck there and android phones stuck there.

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly

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Cat meet pigeons.....

Ok - I'm going to out myself as a minority. I use Edge. It's fast, stable and does the job (well, everything I need it to do). Also it's installed with Windows 10 and doesn't require further downloads. I find that firefox just isn't that stable and crashes more than other browsers and I got fed up with chrome keeping on nagging me to enter my gmail account every time I started it. At work, though it's chrome or ie - because Windows 8. I'll try new releases of ff just because I want it to work.

Suppose it's worth mentioning that I have a Win 10 tablet and only edge really works with a touchscreen.

This story is no more

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Why is this important? What issues does it actually address and what does it do to improve the lives of actual living people here?

No, Microsoft is not 'killing Windows 10 Mobile'

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Re: Alas poor WinPho I knew him well

I agree. It is a shame. It is the place where the Metro type UI actually worked and worked really well. I wish that WP actually managed to get enough sales and was going to continue. I think a third platform that had regular updates would really show the weakness in Android and perhaps made it be better. If they bought out a new Windows Phone that had proper windows 10 on it and swapped to a proper (note - not the half way continuum thing) desktop that could run full windows apps with decent performance and battery life I'd buy one tomorrow - heck I'd Amazon Prime it right now. We'd finally have a proper PC in our pockets. I'd like that. I'd like it a lot.

Stop asking people for their passwords, rights warriors yell at US Homeland Security

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Re: Common profile...

If I ever have to give up a facebook account (only use that one) then they can have my dogs one. That will make for some interesting profiling....

An echo chamber full of fake news? Blame Google and Facebook, says Murdoch chief

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Re: Straw Man

"3 comments posted as I write this and all of them ignoring the points raised and instead promoting a straw man to distract from them."

I guess I was one of the 3. I didn't even address the article but used it as an opportunity to point out that any complaint about fake news from anyone with anything to do with news international is just plain hypocritical It's like a drunk driver that owns a pub complaining about other drunk drivers who drink in other pubs.

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That somebody linked to News International - thus the Sun - has the utter gall to complain about fake news! Search for how they treated Jörg Sprave for instance. They are just terrified that once print media finally dies then they will all be out of jobs and are currently losing money hand over fist!

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners

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Re: RE: Roadkill badgers

"My shaving brush is made from badger. I'd better hand myself in." Probably not. Most say this but are actually something like horse.

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RE: Roadkill badgers

You know that's not a bad idea. They are fatty beasts and if all the fivers use just the tallow from one cow then three or four badgers will do it - that's just a couple of hours looking in the roads near me.

The only issue is that as badgers are protected and possession of any part of them is illegal under the protection of badgers act: "A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he has in his possession or under his control any dead badger or any part of, or anything derived from, a dead badger."

So, perhaps not, shame as there would be some point to all the loss on the roads.

Dell warns PC slowdown threatens transition to infrastructure sales

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Re: Dell make reliable, cheap desktop and laptop PCs. However.

I am sure I read a couple of things saying that 2 in 1 s are starting to take a good chunk of the sales. This would seem to be shown in the PCs that friends and family are buying. Oddly this is the area where Windows 10 actually works best.

How hard will it be to measure Planet Nine?

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I still want it to be called

"Planet 9 from Outer Space!"

Unspeakable horrors from outer space......

Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)

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Re: Lots of useless new shite, but bug fixes for old stuff ?


Seriously learn to use google..... https://betanews.com/2016/05/29/long-paths-windows-10/

Disney plotting 15 more years of Star Wars

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Re: Who is Hans Solo?

"Hans Solo"

He's in the German Star Wars.

In the land of Google, Holocaust denial, death threats – all fine. LGBT? Oh, no, that's sensitive

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@AC... "Google appears to be playing by pure marketing rules"... Watch the video I linked and others from youtubers like Computing Forever and you'll see that Google is essentially censoring anything that doesn't fit in with their leftist (they did pay the Clinton campaign a whole wad of dosh) ideology.

Timmy B Silver badge

This isn't happening

"So it's OK to censor LGBT vids on YouTube, but it's not OK to automatically punish Holocaust denial sites. What a lovely place Google Land is. ®"

The LGBT vids aren't being censored. They are just being added to a list of sensitive things sensitive people may not want to see. By default these will be visible still. See Phil D : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoKqPjK75z4

Linux, not Microsoft, the real winner of Windows Server on ARM

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Re: SBSA is the real threat to Intel.

"So how do you explain the fact that consumers really relish the idea of customising their Android (based version of Linux) software on their phones?"

Dragging icons about, adding a couple of widgets and changing the wallpaper isn't really that much of a customisation. And I bet most people don't use widgets.

Germany to Facebook, Twitter: We are *this* close to fining you €50m unless you delete fake news within 24 hours

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Re: Heil Merkel.

I would say that facebook and twitter are less like TV and magazines and more like people standing on street corners with megaphones. We should use similar laws with regard to that.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Could be tricky

@AC RE:There's so many reasons to love Germany....

The irony is strong with this one... Doing half of the things they say shouldn't be done.

Microsoft nicks one more Apple idea: An ad-supported OS

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Re: Tipping Point

"The Cumulative Effect of everything slurps, is I buy nothing now. No smart TV's, no IoT, no Android Smartphones, and certainly no Win10 infested sh*t."

You're that paranoid and still go on the internet? Go figure.....

Timmy B Silver badge

I had a bit of a search...

...and it seems that this is currently only happening in the beta for the creators update. May well explain why the vast majority of sites that mention this are, like the reg, just pointing back to the same reddit article. I use Windows 10 all day every day at home and work and the only adverts I see are in browser windows and they are pretty infrequent.

I do also find it interesting that several people on here have complained about Windows and how much they hate it and then put down a long list of hoops they have to jump through to make their chosen Linux look and work just like it.

I welcome your downvotes,

Prisoners' 'innovative' anti-IMSI catcher defence was ... er, tinfoil

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Re: Screw downvotes

I don't usually complain as my views don't usually flow with the majority here but who the heck actually down-voted my points on in home care? I'd love to see your justification....

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Screw downvotes

"If your'e a carer and you're on a break then someone needs to take over the responsibliity. Being on 24*7*365 duty is unfair on everyone."

You clearly don't have any experience of being a carer in Britain today with the almost total lack of state help once caring for somebody becomes your responsibility. You are expected to be on duty 27*7*365, and the rest. Once we battled through the red tape and managed to get some minor respite care we are still needed to be available as the only staff offered by care companies are unable to handle any emergencies.

And yes, I agree, it is unfair. But what else do you do? Put them in a care home? Have you read reviews and reports of them? Unless you're offering to help some carers out by taking some of the "unfair" burden then simply don't comment on it.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Ready for the down votes, but...

"Am I the only person who has a good old fashioned powered-from-the-network plugin phone for emergencies?"

Nope. I have one in the cupboard right by the wall socket. Ready in case of power cuts / etc. We care for two elderly parents and may need medical aid at any time. It's not being a luddite - it's being sensible.

Frustrated by reboot-happy Windows 10? Creators Update hopes to take away the pain

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Re: "Windows is a service..."

"Is this a hint that's it's about to incur a yearly/monthly charge?"


Timmy B Silver badge

Re: I don't understand....

"If you don't leave them (all 5 of them) on 24/7 or if you check up on them all daily you'll never have a problem because you'll notice the prompts."

I have one on 24x7. But it does look like you've got some PCs there that should be running a server level OS. Why else would they need to be on round the clock?

Timmy B Silver badge

I don't understand....

I have 5 PCs here all on Windows 10 (home and pro) and not a single one of them has ever rebooted without me wanting it to. What have either I done right, or other people done wrong? I have no additional software installed and haven't done anything to settings. A quick poll of friends and family members using 10 seems to say that there has only been one reboot when not wanted and that was a BSOD. A big fuss over nothing I think.

Your next PC is… your 'Droid? Remix unveils Continuum-killer

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"I'll believe an Android phone can replace the desktop then it can do Crysis...3...at 60fps at full 1080p resolution or higher. THEN it'll have the oomph to replace my desktop."

I figure we're maybe 3 to 5 years off that, and that is the time it will take things like remix and continuum to really establish. I really like the idea of one device that holds everything and does everything but is all cloud backed up in case it gets lost or damaged.

Munich may dump Linux for Windows

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Re: Sales

So they are running unlicensed software and get fined for it and the expense is at the fault of Microsoft? noooo - that's not a good place to start a const analysis form. Silly.

Stick glue on a drone. Fly it into a flower. World hunger solved, bee-lieve

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Re: Good Freekin' Lord...

Symon - thanks. Some interesting reading there. Silly to comment until I've read it all. Though I will say that I am in favour of a global population cap, mainly because I prefer pretty mush every other aspect of the natural world to human beings (except spiders).

Timmy B Silver badge

Good Freekin' Lord...

Just spend the flipping time and money on figuring out what's killing the bees... We're doing it with pesticides and creating massive great mono-cultures I suspect - feel free to use that as your starting point. Though the real issue is that there are just too many people.

And it's all well and good using huge flowers - I'd like to see that work on something small like apple blossom.

I despair sometimes I really do.... sigh.....

President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers

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RE: Well, I didn't, but I do take your meaning. :) To be clear, our new Pre

I dunno - I was more put out by the bad typing, grammar and spelling.... IT'S THEY'RE!!!!

Batman v Superman leads Razzie nominations

Timmy B Silver badge

I dunno....

I kind of enjoyed BvS and Suicide Sqwaad. I just stuck the blu-ray on and put my brain in neutral. What's the point in finding plot issues in a film about billionaire vigilantes fighting super strong flying space aliens? It's not like they are meant to change the world. They are meant to be loud flashy silly rubbish. Junk food - like pretty much every super-hero film. Logan looks interesting though....

CBI: Brexit Britain needs a 'sensible and flexible' immigration programme

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: It will be horrific

"I'm not convinced they do speak English in Shepton Mallet..."

True - but then it's not quite as bad as Chard....

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: It will be horrific

Have one on me for mentioning Shepton Mallet...

Devs reverse-engineer 16,000 Android apps, find secrets and keys to AWS accounts

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"So how does a developer use API's of 3rd party systems without putting in credentials, such as Twitter or Google's Gaming system?"

You know, I had the same thought, As most of these apps require some kind of signup and login process you could download the credentials as part of that. But then that leaves the credentials available on a web-site somewhere. That's certainly no better and possibly worse.

As a win-forms c# developer how I got round this was encrypting any default keys and having my own internal calls that decrypt them before use. It's not perfect but it's the best I could come up with. At least it means that credentials aren't stored in an easily readable way.

I wonder if anyone more used to this can detail any industry standards and reading material? I'm genuinely interested.

Dodgy Dutch developer built backdoors into thousands of sites

Timmy B Silver badge

"trust worthy politicians" == oxymoron.

Top cop: Strap Wi-Fi jammers to teen web crims as punishment

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Re: Why would this happen-

"...Rowan Jelly..."

Rowan Jelly is quite bitter and is an ideal compliment for meat or game. It's excellent on roast lamb for instance. Imagine a more sour and bitter version of redcurrant jelly and you won't be far off. It's easy to make and rowan trees tend to grow in abundance in public parks, etc. where the fruit is easy to gather. Don't eat the raw fruit, though.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Why would this happen-

" lemon and lime marmalade, fluorescent lemon curd, really bitter thick-cut marmalade, rowan jelly"... I like all of these and make most of them. I'm up for this as a "punishment" for me.

Itchy-fingered OnePlus presses refresh, out pops value champ 3T

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Re: Great Phones

Spot on about the slider. I wish it just had "normal, vibrate, and silent" as the three settings.

Timmy B Silver badge

Call quality is fine. Cellular and wifi reception are good too. You can stop worrying now.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Great phone BUT......

The port is a new USB C type that will eventually be on everything. It's a standard unlike the "lightening port". An emerging standard but still a standard. As a whole load of juice is pumped down the cable they limit the ones you can use with dash charging so as not to cause Samsung style conflagrations. You can get third party ones that are cheaper and work - have a look on XDA developers forum in the oneplus 3 section and I think some are mentioned there.You can use any USB C cable and charger but it'll be slower.

Timmy B Silver badge

Really like my OP3

I bought my OP3 before they went up in price and for the money it's been the best phone I have had. They, so far, have been bang on with ROM updates too. I am running the second community beta of N and it's really good. I don't really see the reason for the update to the 3T but it's nothing that worries me at all.

Highly recommended and as long as they can keep the costs reasonable I can see me getting a OP4 when they come out.

Reschedule the holiday party, Patch Tuesday is here and it's a big one

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Re: Patch Tuesday is here and it's a big one

"Can you suggest that to the pricks at mickey$loth please?"

Better. I'd say C-

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: Patch Tuesday is here and it's a big one

"MicroCRAP"... wow - that's a very poor try. At least MicroShaft and others almost rhyme or look similar. Try harder, please, or don't bother.

Timmy B Silver badge

Re: No reschedule needed here

"such as ribbon interfaces?...."

Nope. I don't mind them and the other people I deal with don't either. They seem to be far more of an issue with IT experts than IT users.

The issues are with screens and dialogs used for controlling and administering the actual OS. You can tell that they were designed by different people with different views on how things should work. It's the reason that things like Photoshop, chrome and others annoy me - use the standard windows controls won't you? There is a perfectly good tab control - use that instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Can you tell consistent UI is part of my job?

Apple's Airpod wireless earbuds finally go on sale after six-week delay

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Re: Exchange rate? Apple don' need no stinking exchange rate.

"Might not be as bad as it looks - if the US price doesn't include sales tax they may be a bit closer in price."

And comparing to the Australian price? That still equates to about 135 pounds.


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