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Finally a platform for train puns: IBM Halt station derailed


Now flattened

I worked at this site for 32 years (apart from 2 x 1 year trips to North America) - there was a great atmosphere here with 5500 people on-site at its peak.The buildings are now just rubble - I pass it fairly regularly still but luckily the site is now pretty well masked from the road so I don't need to avert my eyes...

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


So if I fit this to my VW Golf I won't need the software update and it won't affect performance in any way?

UK.gov uses purple-panted-berk to get 'young men' to do census


No Census in Scotland

Apparently (and I am only going by the start screen on the game) there is no census in Scotland.

The screen says "Census in England and Wales March 27th 2011" -so living in Scotland I don't need to complete it because Census Man says I don't.....? will this stand up in court?

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