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Holy Zuck! Facebook fraud suspect VANISHES


An ankle monitor that could be removed without also removing his foot is a pretty poor guarantee.

Two white dwarfs and superdense star. Yup, IDEAL for gravity lab in the sky - boffins


Galileo's original experiment...

...used a witch and a duck, but was invalidated when it was discovered that they actually weigh the same.

Play Elite, Pitfall right now: Web TIME PORTAL opens to vintage games, apps


Ah, to be a kid again. I remember mapping Pitfall by storyboarding each screen on index cards (I think there were 256) and laying the whole game out on the floor. That let me play a perfect game.

I still miss the dial controller. My favorite arcade game at the time was Tempest, and ports using a mouse or joystick just don't work.

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits


Random thoughts

The new should be a contrast with the old, so I like the idea of replacing Smith with Sean Pertwee. Plus, instead of jelly babies, "Sausages!"

John Hurt is too old I think, but if they handled the regeneration by having him burst out of Smith's chest, I'd watch anyway.

They need to find another Tom Baker. Not similar to him, but different like he was different. Hire an alien to play an alien.

New NASA rover lands in frigid alien hell tomorrow


Re: Obviously

Not since Disney bought them.

Stardust comet hunter drifts off into space


No, suns don't set in space, but they do explode

And as Hollywood learned long ago, slowly walking toward a sunset pales in comparison to slowly walking away from a background explosion.

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