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Stardust comet hunter drifts off into space

Rusty Ron

Sorry but wont fit in the green bin

It has been recently noticed by recycling plant 'ever-green recycling - for all your outta atmosphere recycling needs' that they are having a problem with keeping track of all the space debri now littering the solar system. A spokeman for the company was herd to express his concern that the amount of 'Cr*p' out there has the got so bad, that we can no longer monitor it all from earth due to the density of the debris not allowing us to see what's there any more. It has been decided that they will instead monitor the debri from a new sattilite due to be launched early in 2013 that will keep an eye on all the flotsum that is now floating around the planet and deep into space. With a life expectancy of 5 years the satalite will be used to count any man-made matter greater in size than an office bin. It will also take itself into account and add one to the number it comes to in five years time when its batteries run out and its left to journey around the planet indefinitly.

Another study has shown that with all of the rubbish that is now out there we are in fact heading towards the probability of creating another moon. The original moon, just about visable on a clear night, was created when two planets hit each other and the resulting debris of the planets reformed over billions of years when caught in the gravitaitonal pull of the each other.

Its been theorised that all the dross that is now out there will eventially also be pulled together to create a metalic moon. A ever-green recycling expert was herd to say that they are awaiting for this to happen prior to going up and clearing away all the detritous humans have put into space over the last 50 years as it would be a bonaza prize to save for a rainy day and apart from that we may have to wait 5 million years to see if we are right in this assumption.

Alien becouse: They must have a wicked nav system to get through the junk circling the earth

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