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Is AV product testing corrupt?


never had a provable virus, but...

I ran AV programs and multiple anti-spyware programs (on Windows XP). Never had a virus, but had a piece of spyware indistinguishable from one (pop-up, after pop-up, after pop-up -- I had to reboot to Safe Mode to get rid of it).

No one has the resources to check everything. Any advertising--supported media has a disinclination to negatively review their advertisers.

I once subscribed to 4 Macintosh magazines. The one I believed had on ads (but cost 5-10 times as much).

You get what you pay for (sometimes).

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?


uk is good to me

Whether "uk" or "com", as long as the vulture flies high I don't care where my news is coming from...

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