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IT bloke: Crooks stole my bikes after cycling app blabbed my address

Fat Bob

Re: Sorry but this chap FAILs

From memory Strava doesn't actually show an actual bubble on the map, the displayed routes just stop at the border of the privacy zone. You also don't have to centre the privacy bubble on your house, you just have to make sure your house is covered.

Get your special 'sound-optimising' storage here, hipsters

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Re: Science diluted to 1 ml in 1,191,016 cubic light years

"What we have hear is digital homoeopathy."

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner.


What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!

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Re: Devolution?

"On a purely non-scientific personal observation basis I'd say that people are getting thicker, or less likely to question and explore, or both."

Is that why they want independence?

n.b. Devolution is not the opposite of evolution.

Yet another reason to skip commercials: Microsoft ad TURNS ON your Xbox One

Fat Bob

I still can't see the advert without hearing Aaron Paul saying, "xbox on, bitch".

Gene boffins: Yes, you. Staring at the screen. You're a NEANDERTHAL

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"The boffins also found that some genetic changes that affect the risk for diseases like lupus, diabetes and Crohn's Disease likely originate from Neanderthals."

It's never Lupus!

US town mulls bounty on spy drones, English-speaking gunman only

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Re: T.F.M. Reader Not to worry about the falling bits

".....Gravity is not "small" by any definition"

Yes it is. It's bloody miniscule compared to the other forces. I can raise this beer to my mouth despite the mass of an entire planet trying to stop me.

Prankster 'Superhero' takes on robot traffic warden AND WINS

Fat Bob

I think you'll also find...

That one doesn't purchase tickets to park in Yate shopping centre.

Unbelievably vast quasar cluster forces universe-sized rethink

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Re: Buses, huh?

...that would mean they'd all turn up at once.

NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

Fat Bob

Just invent the infinite improbability drive. It avoids all this tedious mucking around in hyperspace and just needs a really hot cup of tea to power it.

DARPA builds faster-than-Usain-Bolt Cheetah robot

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Re: Is it just me...

It does indeed look like the robot is running backwards however I have no idea in which direction you are running,

You're crap and paid too much for the little work you actually do

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Re: The problem _is_ management

"However, there's only a limited amount of smut available..."

Hi Pete 2, let me introduce you to this thing we like to call the internet. And later, we can talk about rule 34...

Future wars will be over water not fuel, warns Intel sage

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Desalination plants have a access to a virtually unlimited supply of water, Seems to me the power to run them would be more of an issue.

Samsung shows screen that folds seamlessly

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I don't see a reason it cant be...

...seeing as each half is rigid as indicated by the protective glass.

Interwebs stunned by musical atrocity

Fat Bob

Did I start off good?

No, but I made very sure I was at least capable before I inflicted my own form of audio misery on the planet.

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