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Vodafone cash supply choked as Europe tightens pursestrings


Vodafone's UK strategy

I switched from Three to Vodafone in June last year due to coverage problems. Although Vodafone has got much much better coverage where I live (Dorset) their business strategy seems to be all wrong. The future is definitely data and yet I spend much of my time on GPRS and EDGE which range from acceptable for data to terrible. The 3G in Yeovil, Bridport, Weymouth and Poole is slow 0.75 Mbps max during the day. Dorchester is quicker but still only 1 Mbps. Vodafone need to be investing in their network big time! Otherwise they are going to lose customers to the better 3G networks such as Three and dare I say it... EE? I have found o2's 3G network to be even worse but this is no excuse, I surely hope Vodafone smell the coffee and start rolling out 3G900 in a big way. And try to get ahead of EE's massive head start when Vodafone finally get their 4G license this year. Data is the future....

Everything Everywhere to be Nothing Nowhere in rebrand



Has a nice ring to it

Vodafone UK web titsup blamed on 'holiday maintenance'


I preferred Three's billing system

Moved over from Three to Vodafone in June and overall I'm so so much happier with the service! Billing is my one and only gripe! It's like smoke and mirrors. Spend an hour going through their "website" trying to work out what the various charges were. It's slow at the best of times! Please Vodafone, you're a big modern company! You would have thought a technology company could make a decent website! Sort it out!

O2 best placed to scoop new iPhone sales dosh



This is suprising considering that o2 has the worst 3G coverage of any network, it's so spotty. I can see why this was OK when the original iPhone 2G was on their network, but why would most people stay on a network which is stuck in 1999?

Three joins pack baying for Ofcom blood



I was reading this article and thinking the whole time, what a cock up! Ofcom seems great at cocking up the frequencies and policies

Maximum fine raised to £2m for telcos that don't cough up network data



Now can't they get sodding Orange and T-Mobile to submit data on their mast locations?

Ofcom gives shonky Sitefinder Google Maps boost


Orange and T-Mobile are a pile of sh*t

I didn't go with T-Mobile because they didn't provide information.

It really pisses me off this corporate boycott. Why can't ofcom just rule that they HAVE to give data. Why must they just stand next to them stroking T-Mobile on the shoulder and maybe suggesting that they should provide data, "but only if you want to, mind"

Ofcom is the regulator and the operators should do as they are bloody told.

I live opposite a block of flats and i've watched the roof slowly fill up with transmitters. But according to Ofcom there's nothing there. My Blackberry is showing -37 dBm on Orange which is really high, I went to my parents house and full signal was -66 dBm, baring in mind that the larger the number the higher the power. My friend's house is -96 dBm which is 3 bars. Basically my house is in the fry zone and yet the map says my nearest transmitter is the Three mast 500 metres down the road.

Wouldn't it be funny if the Orange mast, were to break? He he he

Big union loving for AT&T's T-Mobile plan


Don't let it happen!

In Britain this has already happened, Orange has taken over T-Mobile UK. And guess what? It's really bad, T-Mobile has put up their previously competitive prices to be in line with Orange's. Thankfully we have 4 other operators to go to. In my area the Orange traffic is being channelled over T-Mobile infrastructure leading to a serious degradation in service. Yes, in the short term you do get a bit better coverage but it isn't worth it. Orange is a piece of sh*t network, an oversubscribed, sprawling and underinvested piece of crap. Now reread this post replacing 'Orange' with AT&T. Then you'll see that the same thing will happen in the USA.

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