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Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM's wasted R&D billions

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infrastructure projects != mobile phones

I guess Nokia has also another "proble" they are active in infrastructure development which is costly and not as rewarding as sexy Jobs' projects.

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future


no danger no lives lost all is well

I had impression that the register is a source of reasonable factual if not always balanced information yet t he article and discussion force me to state that the ignorant bunch here is just unbearable. I am still ready to read the posts of ignorants with patience if at least one of the 'hurra nuclear is safe' camp volunteers to clean up the shit in Fukushima. I donot even care what you are going to do but show us how safe that really is by own example. Let us judge on results.

OTOH no not really the nonsense about 15 (or less) dead children in Chernobyl did it for me.

By by register.

Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA


the atmospheric pressure in reactors

is because they bore holes in reactors' containment vessels so as long as things do not get exploded the pressure would be as it is outside. The reason why they bore hole in the units is that otherwise they could not pump (sea!) water into the units so they can stay cooled and avoid air contact.

BTW: the units that get sea water pumped into are pretty much out of service forever even if they did not have holes in containment vessels.

As for spent fuel rods. They may be spent fuel but they produce heat and according to IAEA one of the pools had water at 82C (for you Anglo-Saxon crowd that is almost boiling) and that was point of concern as water at this temperature evaporates fast hence all the choppers dropping loads of water etc.

As for robots investigating things in nuclear plants - these work well as long as spent fuel does not lie around in chunks as Russians found out in Chernobyl. Yes even the heavy duty Russian HW could not cope with radiation and they had to send troops in improvised protection suits - each man for 90second shift. That is what happens when things turn really bad.

This whole discussion convinces me also that all the proponents of the good nuclear energy should volunteer to serve in emergency recovery units at the nearest nuclear plant or be forced to shut up. In fact why all the 'hurray-how-safe-fukushima-is-people' should go and help deliver food, water and fuel to all the people trapped just outside the zone around the plant. After that is done they could help in decontamination efforts, removing debries from power plant (chunks of concrete roof that landed in spent fuel rods pool haveto be removed too). Yes - the media exaggerates slightly and some morons in Europe even buy iodine and Geiger units - yet to say nuclear energy is safe is just a sign of brainlessness. We may need it anyway but at least we should be aware of consequences - ignoring those is silly.


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