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Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

Ian Cooper

Re: Is this the vid?

If that's really the vid then it's got one hell of an interesting engine. cos it's still accelerating very fast between 110 and 140 "mph" (why do i get the feeling the mph and kph have been reversed...).


Acquittal of US man who viewed abuse images overturned

Ian Cooper


The ISPs in the UK (and probably further afield) were rather worried about this sort of thing when the government was looking at legislation in the late 90s (though at the time it was primarily related to copyright). I'm pretty sure that it was acknowledged that the content of user-driven caches could not be controlled by the ISPs. In the US such devices would almost certainly come under "carrier status" regulations.

Google probably have more concerns (though again as it's all automated).


Orange simplifies data by capping at 30MB

Ian Cooper

Confused website

Their customer service website is a little confused at the moment as shown below. Good to see that if I don't use World Access I don't get charged for it...

Orange World Access

Mbs per month | cost per month

none | £0.00

OW Daily Capped Usage | £0.00

Unlimited Evening & Weekend Browsing | £5.00

30 | £8.00

80 | £41.13

...and while in the store at the weekend the technical guy on the end of the phone was suggesting that the 30MB inclusive price was for just the Orange World portal, and that anything on the general Internet would cost £3/mb with no cap.

From the sound of things their billing system and advertising is entirely confused. There's a £2/day maximum pay as you go service available (free evenings and weekends though...)

The guys at Orange I've spoken with have said things are a complete and utter mess at the moment and to wait a while for them to fix their systems.



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