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And the worst film NEVER made is...


Re: Hedgehog Crisps

They apparently were a flavor:


"In the UK in 1981, Hedgehog Foods Ltd decided, as a joke, to produce Hedgehog flavoured crisps (potato chips). To everyone's surprise, the crisps were a huge success.

Hedgehog flavoured crisps were actually flavoured with pork fat and no hedgehogs were used in the manufacturing process."

Windows 3.1 rebooted: Microsoft's DOS destroyer turns 20


Word 2 was a POS

Sure, it worked for writing short articles.

But I used it for writing my undergrad thesis. And this POS deleted text from the start of the paper while I was adding text at the end....

Atlantis crew wrap heatshield inspection


Hoping for a landing in CA

After watching them launch on July 8 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, I would love to watch them land at Edwards Air Force Base in California, just because I could drive to watch the landing.

But that'll only happen if the weather in Florida gets to bad for landing... Nothing personal to people in Florida...

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse


Better compression


Much better: Drop-Zero compression: just drop all zeros. Nobody needs them, anyway. Then just count the number of ones.

I leave the decompression algorithm as homework for the reader :-D

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future


So, the Japanese government is fearmongering now?

Level 7.

All just more fear-mongering, apparently. At least for some people who prefer to keep their heads in the sand. Or "duck and cover."

Google copyright purge leaves Android developers exposed



No app calls directly into the kernel, not even C apps.

C apps use the C runtime library. And that's licensed under the LGPL. Otherwise, each and every non-free app under Linux would violate the GPL. Linking an app with the C runtime, which them may call into the kernel, is completely fine.


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