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Microsoft promises resellers bumper 2013 with total line-up refresh


Abandon ship!

Microsoft's big relaunch seems to have been inspired by $9.3bn of out of touch research, which no one dares challenge.

The PC as a device for the consumption of media, has been destined to become more portable ever since the phone. Unfortunately for MS they released the equivalent of the first analogs, massive, impractical and expensive. Nokia were initially great, one of the first to have introduce a camera, gps maps, video calling, downloadable apps, etc. But their implementation stagnanted and Apple took the lead.

Microsoft wants to get back into this game, home pcs will be marginalized at an ever increasing rate, and so will their profits.

The problem is they are panicing, rather than innovate and take portable media to a new level, they are using their remaining assets as collateral.

I'm willing to accept a fair amount of business use is media consumption, but not all, and certainly not for the folks creating the media, or maintaining the backend systems. By forcing unproductive elements of Metro upon them, it makes it far less painful for them to switch to other platforms.

It's probably too late to make Metro disruptive enough to succeed, so the only thing the shareholders can hope for is a quick fail, and reconciliation as a smaller, business oriented, service provider.

Computer error triggers mass rocket launch


RE: Bah!

I will assume you have never stood in close proximity to a large scale show, or had to fire a show manually to rapid cues.

Just like the world of lighting, computerised firing controllers are ubiquitous. They are far safer and can give much more accurate choreography. Thousands of shows are run in the same way each year without issue.

I'm pretty sure someone just made a mistake under pressure on the busiest day of the year, and the script got messed up as a result. It will have happened to most companies one way or another. No point lying.

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good


The world is full of blind sheep, never thinking, just repeating.

What everyone seems to be missing here is the intellegence to read around a subject. News is always biased, how could it not be when written by emotional beings? The key is to read about things from a number of sources and form your own opinion.

I wouldn't normally join in the commentard parade, but wanted to say thank you to Lewis for writing these articles, even if I don't agree with everything they say. At least he, and the Reg have the courage to form an alternative opinion and perhaps put some perspective on things.

I'd much rather hear from Lewis than the stupid comments Günther Oettinger has made, overreaction by the US (Never done that before have they?!), Angela Merkel desperate to regain ground against the Greens or the French who are so quick to forget the Atol tests.

It would be nice if the mainstream news focused on the burst dam, the erupting volcano, food shortages and affect of snow, but I guess these topics don't sell.

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