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Tech giants' offshore cash-stashing is only ever a delaying tactic

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I spot a flaw in your basic premise: "the whole point of being a company is to send money to your shareholders".

Some might argue that large corporates appear to have been hijacked by the managerial class to the detriment of other stakeholders (cf board-level remuneration rising far faster than other measures of company performance)

While your "delayed" tax remains within the balance sheet it inflates the apparent worth of the company - and gives management a larger argument for "look how well we are doing (aka: we deserve even more money)"

(Or untaxed cash on a Caribbean island may tempt a CEO to invest in a superyacht^H^H^H^H team-bonding venue. Since that cash would never be paid as dividends, there'd be no tax-take back home either)

Vintage alien tech crash-lands in field

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Staffordshire ??? Shurely, shome mishtake?

That's right next to Little Moreton Hall (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/little-moreton-hall/) which is in (south-east) Cheshire. Staffordshire is somewhat saaaff from there

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

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Why ever not?

Calls are no longer routed by mechanical Strowger step-by-step gear, but by computer. Computers should be able to count the number of digits "dialled".

Any fewer than 9? digits cannot possibly include a UK area code

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

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Good News but still not Great News?

As they say in the aviation industry...

A GOOD landing is one you can walk away from,

but a GREAT landing is one where they can use the plane again

Should my brakes fail while descending a long and steep hill, I might be grateful to the designers of the car's airbags and crumple zones - but I'd still be mad as h*ll at whoever under-specified that braking system.

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