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Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs


Second this

On both fronts! Sure ASM can be a PITA at times but when you need it, you need it.

CIA infosec guru: US govt must buy all zero-days and set them free


I like the way this guy thinks and agree with many of his points but find the proposed solutions unlikely to ever be implemented, at least without being modified severely enough that they would be useless.

When it comes to buying-up all vulnerabilities, wouldn't this just cause a bidding war and drive up the price of vulnerabilities? It would be nice to think that the government of a major world power could consistently outbid any crime syndicate but I find that hard to believe given how much money/power/etc. is involved in exploitation of certain vulnerabilities and the limitations imposed by government budgeting.

USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013



Euro police smash online paedophile ring



What scares me is that if there are 50kP(the infamous kilopaedo) or more going to this single site, how many more are there out there who are either smart enough not to go to such an obvious place or simply go to another site? I guess I just find this number shocking and alarming. I'm glad they caught 260 of them so far but to me the 50kP number really makes this seem rather insignificant...

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