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This is how I set about making a fortune with my own startup

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Does this get over the basic issue of normal TRV usage which requires the boiler to be 'on' 24 hours a day ?

i.e can it switch the boiler on when ANY TRV is calling for heat and leave it off the rest of the time ?

EDIT : RTFM !: Yes it does

"That implies thermostats per heating zone, possibly even per room, controlling local TRVs to regulate temperature and able to bring on the boiler ("call for heat" or "boiler interlock" are common terms) if any zone needs heat "

Get ready: The top-bracket young coders of the 2020s will be mostly girls

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Re: Beemers are old hat

On a recent era of Audis, a year or two back, the design of the rear indicators was reduced to such a small slit to make them almost ineffective even if they were activated by the wet bag in the drivers seat (IMHO)

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Is that why the governments head of the recent 'coding' project for schools/education is a girl ?

Oh no - she hadn't a clue !


Ballmer leaves Microsoft board to spend more time with his b-balls

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" I love trying new products and sending feedback. ..... Count on me to keep ideas and inputs flowing."

Keep sending the feedback Steve - I'm sure someones filing it, probably under T for Tra....

Love the low key Win 1.0 sales pitch though !

Still 18 billion, Nice problem to have

Things are looking up in Flappy Bird sequel

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Re: The Shaft

"The Shaft is my game"

Consider yourself shafted then !

iPhone 6 flip tip slips in Aussie's clip: Apple's 'reversible USB' leaks

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Re: A new lightning cable then ?

Thunderbolt and Lightning - very very frightening !

'Aaaah FFS, 'amazeballs' has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary

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Eh ?

Head line item more of a boot note in the article ?

shome mishtake shirly !

BBC man Linwood 'was unfairly sacked' over £100 MILLION DMI omnifail

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Whats his chances of getting a job on that sort of salary outside the BBC - aka the real world !

Quicker, easier to fly to MOON than change web standards ... OR IS IT?

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Just as long as <font size = x etc > keeps working for a decade or so more

Depreciation - we've heard of it !

TV rudeboy and Outsourcery boss Linney joins Gov.UK SME panel

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The 'Peter' principle applies - Also known as "doing a Lane-Fox' "

It'll be the Lords next for him !

What's your game, Google? Giant collared by UK civil lib minister on 'right to be forgotten'

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Google clearly want this ruling overturned - So it made sense to go for those who might influence /effect that possibility first !

Facebook didn't infringe Dutch inventor's patents: Jury

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US patent court? Shabby??

Reported without a hint of irony ?

BBC hacks – tweet the crap out of the news, cries tech-dazzled Trust

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Re: This:

The old Form over Content issue !!

Plagues lots of TV and Radio output

OK Virtual Instruments, you've made a thing. Must you fill our ears with PR gobbledegook?

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Great -Thats really improved my Bullshit Bingo score for today !

Selfies are so 2013. Get ready for DRONIES – the next hipster-cam-gasm

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iDrone Add-on

What with all the recent add on lenses , 360 degree etc etc for iPhones

Waiting to see the launch of the iDrone add-on for your iPhone

Look out, bankers! It's Lily Cole and her (Brit taxpayer-funded) WISH-PRINTING ATM

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I Wish ......

She would pay the money back,or someone would have the balls to take it back off her !!

Cheeky mare !

Not just for Glasswipes: Google to drop SDK for all Android wearables

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Meaningless title !

I think DROP =/= DELIVER in this new dystopian 'Register' speak

I know language is a living thing but thats just mid west gobbledygook !

"Launching" was good enough for the Google presenter - It'll do fine for us too Thanks !

Twitter blew $36m on patents to avoid death by lethal injunction

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Thats one heck of an up sell

Need to pay for 3 but stiffed with another 997 !

Thats worse than a Sky bundle

Taiwan Mobile unveils Granny-tracker smart bracelet

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Still need to remember their NFC enabled Smart Phone though !

Plus thats now two mobile devices which need remembering to charge

But then again most elderly (Alzheimer's or not ) tend to avoid smartphones as too complex in my experience

If they remembered to take the phone - couldn't they just press an SOS button on the phone or one of its apps

Google kills copycat TfL congestion charge payment ads

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Re: A fixable problem

Some of them already do provide the links to the official service - but still go on making loads a money somehow!

Samsung flings sueball at Dyson for 'intolerable' IP copycat claim

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Surely there is some prior art regarding small hoovers like that being dragged about by their hose

There used to be an old (true) Hoover sphere shaped thing with three wheels, didn't there ? ( 50s/60s)

In fact the Henry is a close approximation - if its all about the steering mech ?

Reg reader crafts 3-axis GoPro 'Stubilizer' for skull-mounted cameras

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Cracking project - really looks the biz !

Heath Robinson would be proud of some of those Chinese efforts

BBC Trust: 'LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING' to this DMI mega-tech FAIL

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Nobody sacked ?

Not quite

Linwood was er 'let go' wasn't he ?

No bag of swag either or so I read

Volunteers slam plans to turn Bletchley Park into 'geeky Disneyland'

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Why not ....

film the existing volunteers giving their current presentation rather than actors ?

They already know all the likely questions so can cover those, have the enthusiasm for the subject etc

Unfortunately they will need to be replaced at some time ( due to the march of time..) - rather their presentation ( which I've experienced ) than some bloddy actor or worse Mr Stephen (Gary Kildall who ?) Fry

Google is developing flight 'price comparison thing' with us, claims Ryanair boss O'Leary

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Its his usual PR style

R y a n a i r : Keep puffing on the PR !

any excuse to get that companies name in the media as per usual

What is the difference between a drone, a model and a light plane?

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Missing Pilot found ....

In one of the captions you said the Pilot couldn't be seen ....

No such problem here ( @ about 1min 57 ) - thats extreme detail !!


Gift-giving gotchas: How to avoid Xmas morning EMBARRASSMENT

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Well timed advice !

You know us real blokes do our Christmas shopping on the 24th

Had you mentioned it earlier it would have long been forgotten by the 24th

Brit inventors' GRAVITY POWERED LIGHT ships out after just 1 year

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Thumb Up

What a brilliant idea ....

Truly a 'lightbulb' moment !

On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns

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"A quadcopter is on the same rough speed and size scale as a wildfowl, and rather less vulnerable if anything: most can keep flying having lost a rotor disc"

You sure ?

The quadcopters i fly get distinctly 'out of shape' if the props aren't balanced let alone lose a whole rotor !

A hexcopter might just cope might cope without one rotor ?

Company selling you out? You've been TUPE-ed

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Consider it an extended notice period !

You're about to be shafted, but it won;t happen on our watch, we've passed that thorny issue on to some other poor sods to deal with later !

Departing Ballmer shakes up Microsoft's top engineering boffins

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If he hasn't got it right so far ...

smacks of fiddling with the deckchairs on the Titanic whilst the violinist was playing ....

Fiery bits of Euro satellite to rain down on Earth this weekend

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Tin foil hats all round then !

as above

FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver

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Re: hah hah hah

I thought the term 'Glasshole' had already be coined for users of these

The Raspberry Pi: Is it REALLY the saviour of British computing?

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5" screens ?

Will no one think of the kids eyesight ?

Another reason for them to go blind in their bedrooms

How were your hols, cluster kids? Oh, partied, studied... did we mention WE BUILT DRONES

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Why stop there..

"They aren’t defending just the United States, but both of the Americas,"

They could call it the "World Series" and be done it

Put down the (cod)piece and step away: Artist cuffed after sculpture cockup

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Re: View the video

On the face of it thats excessive force to take down a 73 year old - surely

Odd that -

" but when he opened his case to show staff the offending article, he was seized by bodyguards."

But vid shows him being taken down in the street

Billionaire Google founder splits with wife, allegedly beds Google Glass staffer

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So Miss Rosberg what was it that first attracted you to the multi billionare,Segey ?

US mobile app dominance threatened by ANGRY BIRDS revolution

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What are the Finns doing with all that data ....

I think hear/read somewhere that Angry Birds was mainly a data collection app but with quite an addictive game as a front end - or was that just 'tin foil hat' wearers chat ?

Marissa Mayer in Vogue fashion shoot

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down in the weeds ?

Is that where the CEO shoudl be ?

"an effort to bring a more coherent look and identity to Yahoo’s pages. For an intense 80 minutes, Mayer does most of the talking, getting deep into the weeds about the size of navigation buttons, background colors, and spacing between columns. Working through a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and a cup of pretzels from the cafeteria"

from the vogue article

Middle America pulls up sagging pants menace, belts repeat offenders

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Stupid Fashon victims

Going back a years or two when my sons where involved in kids football (uk), there were one or two teams from the rougher side of town who had a a couple of players who insisted they wear their shorts like this during the game - why the Ref didn't have a word I don't know - but since it only really affectted the other teams mobility we didn't really have problem with it ! - Did look damm silly though - Stupid Fashon victims !

BBC-featured call centre slapped with hefty fine for unwanted calls

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"A while ago, I went for an interview at a comapny where the IT director quite proudly showed me their auto dialler."

And use of an auto dialer also removes the legal requirment to check the 'random' number against the TPS database

Bonkers un-joined up thinking we get from the the politicians

Speech-to-text drives motorists to distraction

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Re: They missed an obvious distracting task to measure...

"f I hold a cigarette while driving, then I know it's there, it's of no consequence to the traffic and I can ignore it."

Not when the lit end comes off the ciggie and falls in your lap, you wont !

Not sure if that stil happens with the modern fag, but did when I still smoked some 30 years ago

But apart for that, fully agree with your comments regarding excessive and pointless signage generating 'brain noise'

BBC suspends CTO after £100m is wasted on doomed IT system

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on the side lines ...

Lets hope he is sidelined too!

But can't see being any job which counts as being 'sidelined' paying 1/4 of a million a year

On the other hand this is the BBC we are talking about

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa

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Paris Hilton

none really ...

Nor any comment either,

but just couldn't resist the chance to post the old line - too good a chance to miss really

Paris - Because shes also known to receive swollen goods

I'll get my coat .....

Britain's passport and ID service seeks facial recog tech suppliers

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Often no discouragement from staff is required

"leading to staff discouraging travelers from using e-Gates."

Often no discouragement from staff is required

Its often the case that users i.e. Me choose not to to use the E-Gates, due to the delays caused by the system

A quick look a the 2 queues will indicate the quicker option even when the manned queue is many times the length of the e-gate queues

In addition to the long recognition time - the inter user gap seems to be inordinately long for a computer based system

Rise Of The Machines: What will become of box-watchers, delivery drivers?

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Horizon of 35+ years ago

Wasn't this the very same question posed by the BBC tv program "Horizon" ( when it used to a science based program) some 35 + years ago on the rise of the microprocessor , that was going to see us all sitting in deck chairs twiddling our thumbs too while the micros took over all the admin functions etc, but it didn't happen. in fact more clerical jobs were created (only later to be destroyed by the bankers, rather than the micro)

Aren't pilots 'drivers' too - the only reason they are still sitting up front is to install confidence in the passengers if it all goes tits up - so in a similar manner they are machine minders

I imagine the same will happen with lorries and trucks - the driver will 'mind' the truck rather than drive it and only be called into play when the **** is about to hit the fan

Fujitsu to get oldsters out the house and thoroughly caned

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The only fly in the ointment is ....

"The user can configure their route on a PC before downloading it to the stick via Bluetooth."

tf the use is compos mentis enough to achieve that, then they probably don't need the stick !

Mobile TV is BACK: Ericsson launches broadcast video for 4G

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" But Verizon and Ericsson reckon mobile users will forgo the convenience of being able to control playback for the increased network efficiency made possible by Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service."

Surely the major benefit of using 'multicast' accrue to the operator rather that the end user

Ask Google this impossible question, get web filth as a reward

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"And the answer(s) to -4^(1/4) is +/-sqrt(2)i"

So you get links to SQuiRTing movies - whos suprised ?

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