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Apple iPod Shuffle 2G

Mark Connell

so far so good

This is the first mp3 player i've bought. But with the old minidisc walkman on its last legs and more and more of my music ending up on the computer, i thought it was worth a look.

Like the review says, it comes in the new nano packaging, which is painfully annoying if you don't notice the peel off sticker on the top in order to open the case!

The writers comment of the convience of the dock, well personally, I am at my computer at least once a day, so it isn't terribly inconvient for me to simply dock the shuffle and tell it to autofill / let it charge. Bearing in mind also, that the player is about the size of a 50p coin, the dock isnt that much bigger, so not really that much hassle in that respect.

I noticed a previous comment mentioned the old shuffles didn't remember where you were in a shuffled playlist, that doesn't appear to be a problem with this bad boy.

One thing I absolutely love about this is the little integrated clip. For those who carry around a walkman with an inline remote that you can clip onto your clothing, you'll find this very convenient. The clip isn't as tight or tense as i would like it, but its firm enough to keep it attached to you while on the move.

Overall, a neat little gadget worth getting providing your not worried about loosing it due to its size!



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