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Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!


Re: El Reg follows common sense!

Personally I'm in favour of giving this scum a cell made out of container to live in on White Island..... as close to the biggest active vent as possible.

Azure Kinect: All-seeing 3D camera shenanigans for everyone ... except consumers


Re: It already did

The new Cat S61 phone, in addition to the FLIR camera that was introduced with the S60, had a laser for measuring distance. And an indoor air quality monitor.

They're targeting the tradie market.


Apple might be 'collateral damage' in US and China trade dust-up


Re: Pour encourager les autres ?

Rule of Acquisition #34.

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question


Re: Lightening strike ?

When I lived in South Africa I went through 3 cordless phones in a month before giving up and buying the cheapest corded phone I could from the local Shoprite (which lasted for a loooong time).

If you drop a tablet in a forest of smartphones, will anyone hear it fall?


I see tablets generally falling into to main niche markets: School kids and the Elderly.

(Disclaimer, I have a Galaxy Tab A 10'1 2016. I'm not a school kid, nor am I elderly, I do have primary school aged kids)

The kids will generally either be using Chromebooks (not a tablet) or their school will insist on an iPad, so that market is split.

For the elderly, take my neighbour. She is not very tech aware. She has facebook etc on her phone (a cheap android) installed and setup by her grandkids. She battles with the screen size. She doesn't want a computer or a laptop, she does like my Galaxy Tab with the bluetooth keyboard. The screen is bigger, and it does everything she could want it to do.

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart


Re: My wishlist

The only one the S9 is missing is the user replaceable battery. But personally I consider that a fair tradeoff for the water-proofing.

(My S9's battery generally lasts all day)

Ongoing game of Galileo chicken goes up a notch as the UK talks refunds


Re: Seems to me

New Zealand also now has a fledgling space program.

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


Re: Anyone dumb enough

Never had Siri (don't like iPhones) and prior to my S9 Google was set to only listen when I pushed a button telling it that it was allowed to listen.

On my S9 Bixby is also set to only listen when I push the Bixby button, but it's so freaking useless I never do.

CEO insisted his email was on server that had been offline for years


Re: Deleting emails

I hoard emails. It's saved us several times when we have been able to bring an email proving to a client that a certain action was taken on their instruction (sometimes years latter)

La, la, la, I can't hear you! Apple to challenge Bose's noise-proof cans


Re: MacGuyver solution in the wild

My Jaybird X3's came with some of them (Comply Tips). They work really well, and are comfortable, but I've found they don't last for very long (so gonna have to buy some replacements).

I've used them whilst mowing the lawn (petrol mower) and I would say the comply tips are as good as the class 5 earmuffs I normally use


Re: Going for the customers who previously purchased gold-plated ethernet cables?

Perhaps they're chasing after the customers of the Sennheiser HE160.

They cost AU$75,000


BlackBerry unveils bold new strategy: Suing the c**p out of Facebook


Re: Seems to me

Have you ever read David Brin's book Earth?

In it he is this prediction of what the internet would become like (written in 1990)

<blockquote>Holospere: The problem usually wasn't getting access to information, it was to stave off being drowned in it. People bought personalised filter programs to skim a few droplets from that sea and keep the rest out. For some, subjective reality became the selected entertainments and special interest zines passed through by those tailored shells...

...Here, a man watches nothing but detective films... Next door, a woman reads and hears only opinions that match her own, because other points of view are culled by her loyal guardian software.</blockquote>

It is remarkably close to what those algorithms are now doing.

Julian Assange to UK court: Put an end to my unwarranted Ecuadorean couch-surf


Re: Oh do fuck off.

he broke the Law by skipping out on his bail. Regardless of whether or not he is innocent of the crime he was originally being charged with, skipping on bail is illegal.

Hot chips crashed servers, but were still delicious


coils and spiking

"It turned out that this forklift had some sort of fault that caused its ignition coil to radiate excessive RF noise. The problem was corrected on the forklift and the crashes stopped."

My old Mini had a slight short or something in it's distributor cap (can't remember the exact fault, over 20 years ago). And my girlfriend's family would know exactly when I was coming to visit as it would cause some static on their TV from about half a km out.

Uber says 2.7 MEEELLION(ish) UK users affected by hack


Re: Investment opporunity?

Dewey, Cheetum and Howe?

How is 55 Cancri e like a Sisters of Mercy gig? Astroboffins: It has atmosphere


Re: "It has a mass of about eight Earths and radius of about two so it's no golf ball."

I'm sure the newspapers are already printing stories of it being our new ideal home among the stars.

Boeing slams $2m on the desk, bellows: Now where's my jetpack?


Re: Martin JetPack already exists...

Except Martin Jetpacks is in desperate need of funding and is possibly closing down.


The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like


Re: Everything old is new again

"Now, with the iPod Nano going defunct, all we need is some 2000-era stand alone MP3 player for joggers who aren't interested in taking a 6" phone slab with them when they exercise..."

I think smart watches are trying to full that niche. (Garmin, Samsung Gear S3 and the new FitBit Ionic all have space for you to upload mp3's)

Google ARCore brings augmented reality to relatively small audience


I can see huge benefits for it in engineering applications.

Lets say you're a council engineer needing to check where the various underground pipelines are running, pull up the AR app on your phone and it can overlay where all of them are (1).

Or architects working with clients trying to visualize their new house. Pull out the phone and fire up the app and you can see that building and walk around it seeing how it will look onsite.

footnote 1: requires accurate data.

Toshiba must allow Western Digital access to joint-venture assets


Re: I've never got my head around Economics...

the memory business may be profitable enough to attract a buyer, but it's not profitable enough for Toshiba to generate the cash it needs in time to avoid delisting on the Tokyo stock exchange.

And getting the loan would be trading one set of debt for another which is the problem they have at the moment.

Labour says it will vote against DUP's proposed TV Licence reforms


Speaking from NZ

I would be happy to pay a monthly fee to stream iPlayer content over here in New Zealand. If the paved it in the price range of Netflix and other local streaming products (so NZ$15-NZ$20 pm) it would bring in near the cozy of the annual license.

We have a fair number of British expats over here that would probably be happy to sign up. (I'm a Saffer expat not a Brit)

Much-hyped Ara Blackphone LeEco Essential handset introduced


My wife's favorite phone remains her first Android one, the Sony Xperia X10 Mini.

Yeah, it had a tine screen and was a very early Androind version, but the slide out physical keyboard was a winner in her book.

She likes her current S7, but would probably ditch it for an updated Xperia X10 mini.



And I saw elsewhere it doesn't come with a headphone jack, that makes it a non-starter for me.

Having just lost my second set of bluetooth headphones (Plantronics Backbeat Fit), and the wallet is too empty to buy a replacement I am very grateful for being able to go back to wired headphones

DOOM'd! Quake god John Carmack lobs $22m sueball at ZeniMax


Pretty sure that was an old BOFH episode.

.... found it: https://bofh.subversivedata.com/story/1998/4

Huge if true: iPhone 8 will feature 3D selfies, rodent defibrillator


you guys aren't ever going to get off there "do not communicate" list. You know that right?

All up, Brilliant article, I know some muppets already standing in line for it.

Naughty sysadmins use dark magic to fix PCs for clueless users


This week's episode reminds my of the news story a couple of years back about the Nepalese (I think) Airways who sacrificed a goat to repair their avionics.

Peace-sign selfie fools menaced by fingerprint-harvesting tech


Re: For the 1,000th time

"It was Motorola who started the bloody stupid fad, about two years before Apple and the rest lemming'd merrily after them."

A number of Compaq/HP iPAQ PDA's and Smartphones had them dating back to atleast 2003


And if I recall correctly, they were actually built by HTC.

The Life and Times of Lester Haines


Time to raise another in Lester's memory

How Rogue One's Imperial stormtroopers SAVED Star Wars and restored order


Re: Critique

The droid made me think of Marvin from HGTTG....and I'm okay with that.

Apple sues Nokia's pet patent trolls


If my memory serves correct (and I think this was covered by Groklaw) Apple has the habit of interpreting FRAND as "give it to us for free, and you can't use any of ours" where most agreements seems to be reciprocal "you can use our patents for free, and we can use yours for free".

Did webcam 'performer' offer support chap payment in kind?


Back when I was an IT Student (at a certain campus on the Berea .... a few years before the Technikon had it's 2002 name change ... that should be vague enough to keep it anonymous), I was a student technician at the IT Computer labs (meaning we did all the grunt work of rebuilding pc's stuffed by first year students .... after some complete bastard changed the autoexec to ask them if they wanted to format the c drive.

Anyway I digress, we had an Oracle server there (running on a solaris machine). Each 2nd and 3rd year (and BTech) student had their own user with their own DB running on it for their project work. The problem was that it was running out of space. So we were tasked to look at it. Turned out the Senior Lab Technician (a FTE) was using that machine to keep his porn stash....3/4 of the hard drive was packed full of it (the hdd was a monster for the time, can't remember the exact size, but considering I was able to purchase a massive 20GB ide hdd at about the same time, I think it was between 40GB and 60GB).

This same Snr Lab Tech used to try save money, by not purchasing CPU fans and getting us to underclock the pcs. After the third melted motherboard, he finally let us order cpu fans for all the pcs

There was another incident with him where we were having to shut down whole sections of the lab and do complete wipe and rebuild of the machine's to sort out a virus that was spreading all over the place in the lab (got lots of overtime for that). while we're busy working on it he comes and asks us if we'd seen an email that had the suggestive subject "The Real Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves". We cautiously responded in the affirmative. He then asked us what was in the attachment as despite trying it on most of the computers in the lab he couldn't get it to run......when we informed him that it was the source of the virus we were dealing with he, an Indian, turned completely white. We thanked him for the overtime.

Jimbo Welshes on pledge to stop fundraising


Re: Perhaps...

I actually still have an Encarta '98 cd lying around somewhere.



Dunno if I would want to go near it.....I saw that episode of Dr Who.


UK NHS 850k Reply-all email fail: State health service blames Accenture


reminds me of the time

when working at a largish Engineering company (with offices in NZ, Aus, UK and Canada) and student in the head office read a (hoax) news item about a virus.

So he painstakingly went through and sent an email to all staff (all 1000+ of them, he didn't use the mailing lists) warning them of said virus. After the 3rd or 4th reply all to tell him it was a hoax the mail servers crapped themselves and our mail went bye bye for the rest of the day.

UK prison reform report wants hard-coded no-fly zones in drones to keep them out of jail


punt gun

Surely the simplest option is for the guards to blow the thing out the sky with a punt gun?

Google's hardware extravaganza: Ad giant takes on Sonos, Roku, Linksys, Amazon, Oculus... you name it


A second problem with the multi-account thing is...

Google won't let you create an account for an under 13 year old (which sucks as a parent trying to implement parental controls on the kids computer...it only take about 3 clicks to get to the weird part of Youtube. Microsoft does a better job in this space).

So if they did do multi-account in it, would it be able to respond to kids?

Is Tesla telling us the truth over autopilot spat?


Re: It is all in a name...

Exactly this.

Shortly after the crash that killed the chap, I was having a conversation with an older gentleman, and he quite logically said, "if it's an autopilot, why would I bother to have my hands on the steering wheel and pay attention to the road, an autopilot is meant to handle all that"

And that's the point, calling it Autopilot means that people expect it to behave as an autopilot (regardless of what the manual says).

Netflix scores new Trek tellie


Because if Netflix don't abide by the regional content streaming rights them the content owners will take the rights away which means no content.

It's annoying and I don't like it but it's not Netflix who should be blamed.

Lester Haines: RIP


I always enjoyed reading his articles and his wit.

He will be missed. *raises glass in remembrance*

My condolences to his friends and family

'We accidentally hit wrong button on Dell buyout – here's $194m for the cockup'


I recall a BOFH episode

about a marketing chap deleted all his work because the confirm and cancel buttons were so close together......

Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this



If I'm going to do interval training using a heart rate monitor, I'm not going to be relying on my fitbit (charge HR), I'm going to be wearing a proper heart rate monitor (I need to replace my polar one but I'm not doing mtb racing at the moment so can't justify the cost)

Earthquake-sensing smartphone app fires off early alerts of disaster


Re: Real utility

The AC/DC concert in Auckland last year was picked up on the seismographs.


Adblock Plus blocked from attending ad industry talkfest


Re: Keep on with the autoplaying auto-expanding video, sound, and light-show free-for-all

I encountered a tech site about a fortnight ago, it possibly had a solution for a problem I was trying to solve. It picked up I had adblock, and with no warning asking me to disable adblock banned our IP (so no one else at work could access the site without getting the same banned because you have adblock message)

This is the site: http://wsdlbrowser.com/

And their banned message http://wsdlbrowser.com/banned-by-adblock

Curiosity Rover eyes Mars' creeping dunes


Re: Wheel Damage

looking at a hi re copy, you are correct, it looks pretty munted

http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA20284.jpg (8.3 MB)

Dropbox tells Mailbox and Carousel users to get their affairs in order


Carousel had problems.

That's why I stopped using it. It would generate a thumbnail cache of all your dropbox photos That you could not clear or move to the SD card which in my case would result in a 1.5GB cache.

Microsoft capitulates, announces German data centres


Re: How is this different?

As the article says:

"The German operator's T-Systems subsidiary will handle the data trustee functions, managing all access to customer data in the Microsoft data centres. “Microsoft will not be able to access this data without the permission of customers or the data trustee, and if permission is granted by the data trustee, will only do so under its supervision”, the announcement states.

Since Microsoft won't be in charge of the data, even an unfavourable decision in its US court case (in which the Feds want access to e-mails stored in Ireland) won't expose German customer data to American courts or law enforcement."

Apple in eyebrow-raising threesome with TSMC, Samsung for iPhone 6S


Re: The title is no longer required.

Now personally I don't like Apple *hrrawk ptui* very much (I don't own any of their hardware and refuse to even consider buying some)

But given they had their biggest launch (13 million units in 3 days) I don't think we can call it a legacy device.

(even though I will possibly rejoice when the kids stop buying them)

BYOD? More like CYOD as companies still set the parameters


Re: Xora app user

"Rather than uninstalling the Xora app Myrna should have simply turned the iPhone off. Work phone = work hours."

From what I can see she was required to be on call 24/7, so turning it off wasn't an option.

(that's in the legal filing the Arstechnica article links to)

And on that bombshell: Top Gear's Clarkson to reappear on Amazon



Here I was hoping they would sign with NetFlix as NZ finally has NetFlix....now I'm going to have to jump through a number of different hoops to get an Amazon Prime account sorted

(yeah, I know not that difficult, but I'm lazy)

New Zealand Supreme Court says Kim Dotcom search warrants were legal


Re: worked with the authorities

I understand the feds have evidence of him and his team actively making sure that any content on Youtube was to be ripped off and made available on the mega networks.


the summary of their evidence is available here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/192754949/Mega-Evidence


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