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IBM's $3bn bet on next-gen computers: Carbon nanotubes, neuro chips


O tempora, o mores...

"Basically, silicon technology as we see it is coming to a point where a lot of new innovation is needed," IBM Research's director of Physical Sciences Supratik Guha told The Register. (I quote). "New innovation"??? When was innovation ever not new?! Still, IBM is the organisation that invented that dreadful solecism on the labels of magnetic tape used for its software: "This media contains copyright material", which of course should have read 'this medium'. But that's another lost cause, along with 'outside of'', 'very unique' and other horrors that even the BBC is now perpetrating.

Spaniards bemoan 'joke' speed limit cut


A totally pointless gesture

Speed limits in Spain are a total joke. I live here and nobody, not even the police, seems to take any notice of them, especially on the autopistas. So the government just spend a load of money changing road signs for nothing. Or possibly to keep a few people off the dole queue.


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