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BT, TalkTalk in court seeking axe for Digital Economy Act

O2 Hell

You wouldn't steal a handbag...

I was typing a text the the other day and Mandelson came up as "Bandwidth" in predictive text which was weird

Also, O2 currently compromise customer's net connections if the customer doesn't use a 3rd party router so how does this apply to them?

I wrote about it here:



Broadband minister asks ISPs to better 'regulate' industry

O2 Hell

What a guy...

I really respect Sir Tim Berners-Lee

I wrote to him with a few questions on the traffic shaping being carried out by my ISP and he replied with a crucial point which answered my questions. This led to me focusing on the correct aspects of Net Neutrality as opposed to just being an angry consumer

Please note, he does not believe QoS to be against Net Neutrality as detailed in his video to the US Congress (It's on youtube)

I really hope he is on board



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