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Brits don't want in-flight calling

Patrick Ernst
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Done before?

Was this with femtocells and satellite? Didn't the US already have mobile phone comms in airliners in Sept 2001? Otherwise just how did they make those phone calls?

Conroy pledges to stop spams infecting Aussies' portals

Patrick Ernst

Oooohhh. So embarressed.

This is why CEOs, Ministers and others who have floated to the top like so much flotsam, should not be given a computer - or at least they should be last on the refresh list.

Conroy embarresses the technical minded here although I am sure he plays well at the local bingo hall. To all and sundry, I apologise on behalf of the people of Australia, to the rest of thte world. Sorry. I mean it. We'll try to get Steve to shut the fsck up!

PS3 owners: This cinema is buff!

Patrick Ernst

Other OS

Can you run this on a PS3 which has *not* had the update killing the "other OS" function? Can ya, can ya?

15 new suspects named in Hamas Dubai assassination

Patrick Ernst

Good on them?

"Good on them although it's strange for a brit to witness a government protecting its people and actively seeking to wipe out those that mean them harm."

There must be limits to the activity. Perhaps you think that Israel assasinating (murder) a Palestinian is good. Or the US assasinating an Afghani or Pakistani? How about if a Palestinian/Afghani/Pakistani assasinated a US or Israeli or Brit person they considered antagonistic to their protection of their people? Fair's fair.

Political assasination is a hated and illegal tool and self-defeating. Please don't give me the "they started it first" argument. Doesn't work in school and doesn't work in life.

'Fat birds get laid sooner, have more one-night stands'

Patrick Ernst

@Experimental evidence

Beard first decade or last? Which decade was most successful? Have you adjusted for age and, presumably, experience having overcome the fumblings of youth? Do you have any 'candid photography'?

Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged

Patrick Ernst

@ What a tw*t

It's not a "bomb hoax". It would be if he called the airport to report a bomb, which didn't exist of course. It might be if he twitted "tell the authorities I'm gonna ......". But this is just a disgruntled client venting, letting off steam. Use this test: would the man in the street be threatened by this. We all know the answer - "not even close".

Airport scanners go live today, kids included

Patrick Ernst

How randon is random?

I used to work at Johnson Matthey many years ago. The Sydney refinery and manufacturing plant had a simple solution to random seaches. As you entered the exit area you took a stick from a jar. The ones with the red ends got the lube. It was a metal detector and pat down to make sure you didn't have gold dust (or bullion bar) on you. Very simple.

A couple of my swarthier mates seemed to get "randomly" selected on a regular basis in aussie airports for the explosives swab test.

Do you think a few (blunt) sticks in a jar would be too difficult for airport security to manage? I think it would be too low tech for them and not half demeaning enough.

Gov slams critical database report as opaque, flawed, inaccurate

Patrick Ernst
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I'm with the Govt

For once I'm with the government - if the report lacks openly stated methodology and testable assertions. Actually, it sounds rather like an IPCC or CRU climate report that the govt relies on so much :-)

Help. I'm being manipulated!

Hacked climate Prof stands aside

Patrick Ernst

Or maybe - utter claptrap

So there's a 'denial industry' is there? I take it anyone who entertains a skeptical thought becomes part of the industry? Your analysis/comment is ridiculous extremism. Science and scepticism go hand in hand. A scientist must prove an assertion. Others are sceptics until they can be convinced and/or replicate the science. You seem to want every contrarian view to be one of 'denial despite the facts'.

The IPCC affiliated climate scientists have been shown to manipulate the system. Can their analysis of the facts be trusted? Can their publication of facts itself be trusted since various evidence suggests they have fudged the figures.

Apparently a very large number of scientists are sceptical - are they all having their pockets lined?

See http://folk.uio.no/tomvs/esef/ungensecr07.pdf for a copy of an open letter to the UN Sec General, signed by a very long list of PhDs in fields including climatology.

See http://www.petitionproject.org/index.php for a very long list of scientists (31k plus) who have signed a petition to the US government. All in the pay of the 'denial industry'.

PS: I'm a greenie. I'd like for myself and my kids a green, clean and pollution free environment. Its just not going to happen with bad science like the CRU provided.

Patrick Ernst

Okay, I'll bite

Dr Nils-Axel Morner is a formost expert in this area. Here's an interview he gave. Basically he says sea levels are not rising in any alarming manner. Normal fluctuations only.


Patrick Ernst

and a moan ...

Nice history lesson but it hardly was a rebuttal for the physics paper previously mentioned. The physics in that would have to be shown to be wrong trhough a review process! Hopefully by people outside the nasty pysics cabal :-)

Musos demand Guantanamo Bay playlist

Patrick Ernst
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Artists and Military at war

Imagine artists say "hand over details of music played" - military says "can't - Patriot Act" - artists say "gotta DMCA" - loop. I'm trying to think of the consquences. Somebody help me!

PS: the google ads above have an interesting one. "Guantanamo Flights. Get the latest deals when you book your flight to Guantanamo. www.FlightCentre.com.au" Now you can book your rendition flight in advance, which makes it much more convenient for everyone concerned.

Brother creates direct retinal imaging specs

Patrick Ernst

@Stevie Bah!

"Great! Another way for people to be not paying attention to the road when they drive."

You're trying to find problems. While you are driving, with these imaging specs on, you can project images of the road into your eye so you can see ahead. Problem fixed!

MP urges Royal Mail rethink on postcode site takedown

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who owns the data

Is the issue that this company is using the Royal Mail database without paying or just using the information? If company X manually created a private database which matched postcodes to localities is that not a valid use of publicly available information? Its like the RM is saying that they own the rights to GKUGYG-98479 is they decided to use this as a postcode for Norwich. It's just letters and numbers. Put it in a collated form, which has involved effort and labour - access to that I can understand being licensed. It seems company X did exactly that but licensing their API. Did their API do nothing but search the RM database or was it a database independant of the RM one?

I guess this is a bit like a traffic authority saying you can't use the names of streets in a commercial or free product, because its their IP and they therefore own the names.

Kind of answered my own question, from the Ernest Maples web site

" Where's the data coming from?

We're not saying. But, just to be clear: we don't hold a copy of the postcode database ourselves, neither in complete form nor as part of a cache."

Microsoft-tested browser prosecution snares tech giants

Patrick Ernst

Death by degrees

How the hell do you patent incremental innovation? USPTO must be the only obvious answer.

Embedding stuff in a web page up to and including any web apps is simply increments and additions to what has worked before. The first web pages were text only. Then GIFs and BMP files were added for a bit of colour. Animated GIFs got annoying pretty quickly but they ran - sort of. A small step to real animation when links to media files were added and then the leap to playing said media files in the web page itself. Web forms evolved to becoming inline apps. Remember forms that loaded the next form page in a frame when clicking on submit or next? Looked quite app like.

An innovative leap might have been from text web pages to an AJAX or ActiveX app with nothing in between - but it never happened that qway. Eolas must die!

Alleged Romanian phishers (finally) hauled into US courts

Patrick Ernst


Their remote locations, often in countries without strong treaties with the United States, means it can take months or years just to take custody of a defendant. And before that can happen, authorities first must build strong cases against the suspects.

Yet when the Afghani government AKA Taliban asked the US to provide reasonable evidence against Osama bin Laden they were basically told to go shove it, hand him over or get bombed. And I don't accept the argument that the situations were different. A crime is a crime and due process should be used otherwise the result is anarchy. If the US had spent years building a reasonable and strong case against bin Laden then there would be no war in Afghanistan now.

NB: these guys are still innocent unless proven guilty.

Linux webserver botnet pushes malware

Patrick Ernst


"How do you suggest the bad guys *installed* a bloody new webserver on the boxen without root privilege, Smarty McSmartypants?"

He's suggesting it runs with user priveleges only. The compromised servers are running nginx on port 8080, so satisfy the port condition. The installation would presumably be in the user home directory only, which would normally be where the user's web page directory structure would be.

Patrick Ernst


Is this the correct terminology to describe this situation? Infection tends to imply a virus, rather than a cracked server. The bots may have been compromised using a virus but this does not seem reasonable for the servers, from the story context, no matter what OS. If it *was* a virus infecting Linux servers to achieve this, this story would be very newsworthy indeed.

Brit inventor wants prison for patent crims

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Prior art

I can't see why he got a patent for a wind up radio. Hand cranked radios date back to the very early days of radio, whether they were used to charge a battery or supply current directly, I take it as per his wind up clockwork radio. Do trivial extensions of old ideas qualify for patent protection?

Multitaskers: suckers for irrelevancy, easily distracted

Patrick Ernst


4 complaints via IM at one time is the same task with 4 different I/O paths. You are basically handling the same general task. Now add in facebook and twitter tasks into the mix and see how you do. BTW, perhaps the clients at the other end may not see you as so effective as you see yourself.

Doing one thing very well is probably better than doing multi things okay or not at all. Perhaps we train ourselves to become easily distracted while fooling ourselves about our abilities to do all things at once. Just ask my wife!

Tasered Oz man bursts into flames

Patrick Ernst

And if there was no Taser?

Petrol sniffing, alcoholism and associated violence has been a real problem for at least 40 years for Aborigines in isolated communities (whether in the city or rural). Its one of the side benefits of colonialism.

What would these same police officers have done prior to Tasers being available to them? I'd bet it would not include shooting the offender. Perhaps it would of included involving Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Services (they have roaming vans in many places) or Aboriginal Police. So basically, would the outcome have been different or better sans Taser and have Tasers made for cop-out cop work (lets take the easy option - we can't shoot em so lets fry em)?

MS names ship date for free security suite

Patrick Ernst

@Tool Bag

<QUOTE> Flame

It is pretty simple really... Windows is attacked more because it is the most widely used OS in the world. Why would hackers/pirates/etc. bother creating exploits for an OS that a very small majority of people use?

Sorry if this makes too much sense... </QUOTE>

This is simplistic. Apart from desktop, a huge number of Linux & BSD systems provide web and database services. The Internet is not run on windows. Then there are the large number of embedded linuxes on devices eg routers, DSL modems etc. If " hackers/pirates/etc" wanted to write exploits for this OS they have plenty of targets. Linux is targetted, especially through web service languages like PHP.

What is vastly different between Linux (&BSD) & windows is the security models. In Windows OSes it is easy to write self-replicating code which can infect whole networks. This is very difficult in any Linux or BSD environment - because of the security models, NOT because of popularity. PS: in the 'hacker' world, there would be a lot of kudos for writing effective self-replicating Linux code - ie a virus or worm. Hasn't happened yet (aside from a few poor attempts).

A Geeks Guide2 ...Windows 7 Training

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well that was a waste of time

To view this course, you need:

* A Pentium II, 256 MB RAM with a processor speed greater than or equal to 400 MHZ

* Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or higher

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

* Macromedia Flash 7.0 or higher (1MB disk space needed to install)

* Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher

* Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 or higher

* A Super VGA monitor with minimum screen resolution 1024x768, with 16-bit color.

* A sound card, and either speakers or headphones (for multi-media audio).

* Internet bandwidth of 56K or faster. Broadband internet access is recommended.

I already have higher specs than this. Opensuse 11.0, Firefox 3.x etc :-) But seriously, and in answer to AC@11:41GMT many IT professionals use an alternate OS but support MS windows environments for our client base. So no matter what OS we choose to use, accessing free info to maintain and support windows effectively is beneficial to Microsoft and it looks unprofessional on their part to provide this sort of information in a non-standards, partisan manner.

Cyber attack could bring US military response

Patrick Ernst
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@I believe that.....

"This was borne out by the finding recently of a large number of chip & pin machines in the UK..."

Got some valid references for that?

"This meant that whenever a card was used in the machine it dialed a number in Pakistan and gave all the information."

Dial? Like with a modem. A number (phone) will have an owner so there is no anonymising this. I think not. And "gave all the information". All of it? What information? So the Pakistanis then give the information to the Chinese?

Can you talk and drive?

Patrick Ernst



I asked a friend who teaches amateur radio license courses about this. Apparently studies have shown that half-duplex conversation does not impair driving but full-duplex does. I take it being unable to speak while the other party is transmitting means one actually looks at the road ahead rather than the mental image one has of the other speaker in full-duplex. For myself I know that I tend to focus inwards a bit if using the dog and bone. Over.

Google chief lectures newspapers

Patrick Ernst

The Reg?

I'm not going to read this article online. I'll wait til the paper based "The Register" gets delivered to my door. or somthing like that...

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity

Patrick Ernst
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The implied bigotry in MS's definition of "developed" is interesting. Maybe the execs don't get out much? In the "undeveloped" countries I've been in most people are running current kit. In fact, most of the young kids had more recent kit than I was running. Maybe they meant people outside those 'developed" countries are too unsophisticated to handle the real windows! Poor undeveloped bastards - one can only hope they get sophisticated real soon so MS can sell them the grown up stuff.

DARPA aim to make killer robots invulnerable to damage

Patrick Ernst


"Oh, wait, where was Obama born?"

Barack Obama was born at the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu, Hawaii

WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'

Patrick Ernst
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The guy *must* be angling for early release based on either being a complete nutter or an irritating boil by filing complaint after complaint. The court clerks must get ticked off. If only he would use his powers for good instead of evil. :)

Is the internet going down down under?

Patrick Ernst

aussie uprising

Bloody hell governments are stupid. Unfortunately most Ministers and upper level public servants rarely understand computer based technology - hence they make "all of govt" purchasee decisions despite the best efforts of technical staff.

Mostly we aussies are a bit lazy about protesting this kind of thing but it looks like this time we're getting of our bums to complain. There was a protest aust-wide of Saturday and people are now starting to write to MPs on both sides of the house. There is some info on the Linuxsa mail list that Mark Newton often posts to. http://www.netcraft.com.au/pipermail/linuxsa/

This we will defeat or work around it!

Google demanding Intel's hottest chips?

Patrick Ernst

@Why not turn the cooling fans down?

Sorry if I repeat others' comments;

The goal is not to increase the temperature of the CPUs but to reduce the level of air-conditioning (think power bills). To do this, Google allegedly wants Intel to warrant the CPUs for another 5deg higher max running temperature. The higher temp will be a result of increasing the air-con temp (reducing the cooling effect).

Malaysian blogger 'detained' for two years

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@Master Baker @Fluffykins @The Fuzzy Wotnot - Perhaps you lot ought to reread the article again. It's quite clear in it that "insulting Islam and inciting racial tensions" is being used as an excuse to jail the man. The act is purely political. Anonymous from Malaysia gives a good breakdown of the situation in @It's not about Islam. Is the US/UK et al any better with their detention without trial policies?

An article like this always gives reactionaries their own opportunity to "insult Islam". Islam is perfectly robust enough to weather a great deal of insulting, some of which has been delivered using depleted uranium express post.


Net Suicide Bill would breathe life into government censorship

Patrick Ernst


If someone is determined enough then he'll find a method to do himself in, whether or not a web site is blocked. Perhaps the government should be looking more to the social causes of suicide.

As a society now, is there much mention that our choices and actions have consequences on others, such as family, friends and aquaintances? It seems in this selfish age that even suicide is seen as a personal act that doesn't require too much consideration of others. It would be good to be wrong though.

US to give some rendition info at Gitmo trial

Patrick Ernst

@Matt Bryant

You are any angry little man. All your wailings are accusations and allegations. If we work with the idea of "Innocent unless proven guilty" then even bin Laden is innocent as is Binyam; unless proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Not some rigged military (political) court.

Debian delivers FreeRunner open-phone package

Patrick Ernst

Linux expecations

"apparently having taken the baton from the desktop, which has failed to live up to years of expectations and promises."

Linux has not failed to live up to expectations and promises. It works perfectly fine in desktop capacity, whether that be for personal or business use. Its use in a business desktop setting requires an IT Dept with sufficient knowledge and commitment to facilitate a migration. It requires management that will commit to financing a migration and it requires training of end-users. Obviously in any company this becomes a major project which requires thought, testing and cost-justification, especially if core applications have to be modified, migrated or replaced.

This has nothing to do with the ability of Linux to perform. At a personal desktop level, I only recommend Linux now to people who want a new PC. I can't be stuffed supporting them when windows fails to perform adequately due to some action on behalf of those users. Windows does not adequately protect inexpert users from their own actions. When will it live up to expectations and promises? :)

Firefox sweeps away carpet bombing bug

Patrick Ernst

@Here we go again

Would you prefer firefox doesn't get updated? Look at the foot-dragging MS did for years with IE5 then 6. They still patch 6, as they should. Logic flaws will always be found in software. Some of this stuff is very sophisticated and may not be found during normal test cycles.

So since I'm sick and bloody tired of AC whinges, please please go back to internet exploder. You deserve it.

Phoenix spies probable Martian water ice

Patrick Ernst


That's totally cool....

Is it safe to download al Qaeda manuals yet?

Patrick Ernst


I get all my good ideas on blowin' stuff up from Brainiac. Would recordings of this show get you in trouble? I don't caravans as much as they do ..... :)

Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

Patrick Ernst

@in other news Martin Owens

Martin, check out the link in the article for GUIMark. You willl find the source code for each test there. Now you can run your own tests. No need to be upset at all really.

Schoolboy's asteroid-strike sums are wrong

Patrick Ernst


So if NASA et al now saying that the asteroid will not hit because it obviously can't hit any satellites in orbit, some 20 years into the future then this means, in all likelihood, that they lied and they want us to feel warm and cosy while they get those nukes all organised.

It should theoretically be easy. 20 years to put some firing platforms into space, heavily armed with nukes. The only problem is it'll have to go to tender. The tender specifications will need to be set, clarified, reviewed, challenged, re-reviewed, awarded then the the primary supplier will go bust so they have to start again. Might be time to rent The Rocketeer from the video store to find out how a home made job works. Open source hardware project anyone?

Smith plans 300-strong force to tackle UK radicalisation

Patrick Ernst

Pollies don't know how to relate

"management in such institutions would be assisted in maintaining a moderate Western-style atmosphere."

As a Muslim, I find this the most asinine statement I've read in a while. Why would a moderate western-style atmosphere be of any interest to a Muslim in a mosque or similar society? Islam is not immoderate nor is contrary to western style views on proper and respectful behaviour. This statement possesses the hallmarks of a bigot's view that her set of "standards" are measurably superior to those of another culture. What if she didn't like the insular nature of Chinese, Indian and Sikh cultures? She needs to engage with "radical" imams etc and find out what is really ticking them off.

A part of Islamic thought is very clear on the expected behaviour of Muslims when Muslim countries are invaded. That behavior involves fighting continuously until the invader is driven out. The participants are drawn from a pool of those closest to the event and in increasing circles as more participants are required. There will be those who think it quite proper to attack that invader in their home country in order to force them to retreat.

So the real easy part to stop "terrorism" is to pack up bags and leave Iraq and Afghanistan. Clear and simple. Part of sharia involves identifying retreat as a point at which hostilities can and should stop. Simple and civilized. Please leave.

NickL, @Missing the point, part 427983 has another good point. Muslims in western countries are feeling under relentless pressure. It's all the little things, like continuous articles in the press discussing Muslims values and behaviour, especially with the implication that these are somehow inferior to the west. They are not fundamentally that different and involve care for others, care for the community and care for oneself.

Wacky Jacqui .... love it!

MOAB and the pain ray - Iraq's war-missing wonder weapons

Patrick Ernst


"Terrorism is used to oppress people and whilst shock and awe can be used for the same purpose it can also be used for good - that is, destroying an evil regime's oppressive military."

Funnily enough that argument can be used very nicely against the United States and the UK. From my perspective, I perceive your governments as the evil oppressive regime, in that with self-righteous justification, they have sanctioned, bombed and invaded other countries, oppressing and killing civilians and military. Neither the Geneva Convention nor International Law allows one country to attack another simply because the incumbent leaders of that country are seen as "bad" or "oppressive". If this was the case, why have the US and UK not rescued Zimbabwe from evil oppressor Mugabe?

Patrick Ernst

@Dave S

"I personally think its developers HAVE made a tactical error, especially in the war against radical Islam: when you have thousands (or millions) of people anxious and happy to die fighting you and destroying the world's [Western] culture, a non-lethal weapon is just plain stupid."

Dave, I'm a Muslim. Muslim's, radical or otherwise are not particularly interested in destroying "the world's [Western] culture". Rather they (I) are interested in protecting Muslims and Islamic culture from destruction by the West. The west is welcome to its own problems.

Currently a million or so Muslims have died; been killed either through direct military attack by the west since Desert Storm (great name) or through sanctions targetting medical and humanitarian supplies. That is just in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other millions have been made refugees, internal and external. can you justify the web of lies which surrounded these actions by the west? You should just be thankful that the "thousands (or millions)" don't get so effing angry at the injustice of this that they haven't come after you to rip out your bigotted heart. If Muslims were the way you suggest then westerners would be dying by the bucketload. But they are not are they? Not even a few on a regular basis, outside of any area the west has invaded.

Caution - FBI fit-ups of Muslim patsies in progress

Patrick Ernst


@My perspective - as a Muslim

I thought I should add a little bit. The "You" in my response is leveled at the governments of the enlightened free world eg USA, UK, Aust etc, NOT at any readers of this e-rag nor of citizens of said countries, in general.

I was feeling peeved and forgot to add this bit.

Patrick Ernst

My perspective - as a Muslim

This sucks. I really believed that honesty and justice would prevail in this case. Again I'm disappointed. This reminds me of the injustices of the McCarthy period in the 50s, "are you or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?". This is again the Inquisition and the witch-hunts in a "modern" context.

So Abu-Jihaad buys some videos from a man who has never been convicted of a crime in his country (Babar in UK). He leaves some change - 5 quid as a donation. And he never commits any act of violence against anyone in his country. And you think Muslims do not notice the difference in their treatment to others? Are these videos any different from US/UK videos of their wonderful "smart-bombs" hitting some target. "Whoops, sorry about the collateral damage. Just a few women and children - you've got plenty more of those!"

If we assume and you better believe we should, that our decisions and actions are 90% based on how we *feel* then you should start to feel pretty uncomfortable yourselves. In the Qu'ran it says that "oppression is worse than murder". With murder you are dead. That's it. With oppression, a person, a community or a nation are ground down, suppressed and insulted. Before the physical explosion comes the explosion of the heart. Does that not make sense to you?

We Muslims are not invading your countries or breaking down your doors in the night. Haven't you figured it out yet - you are the Terrorist.

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL

Patrick Ernst
Paris Hilton

@David Wiernicki

/quote ...the only western (?) country more terrified of sex than the USA.

I take it this was tongue-in-cheek? 29,000 units in use - somehow I don't think we're too afraid of sex. :)

It was a(nother) Howard govt disaster. Thankfully they're gone. We've moved on, said "Sorry" to our indigenous fellow citizens and hopefully grown up a bit now the nannies have moved into the retirement village.

For myself, at $0 cost, I set my home DNS to use OpenDNS.org with adult filtering. If I need a dose of porn there's always a torrent somewhere and my kids are way less likely to browse onto some site which is outside their emotional & cognitive development level.

Paris - cos we've talked and agreed she's just not a good role model for the kids. :-)

Oz drafts 'batter an orphaned roo' guidelines

Patrick Ernst
Dead Vulture

Road Kill

I drove back from Melbourne 9Vic) to Adelaide (SA) a week ago. A 1000k's - at night and I can assure you I was looking out for Roo's the whole time. They'll came out of scrub across the road when they get startled by lights. The general rule is, don't swerve. Brake hard if you can and hit them if you must. an adult roo does enormous damage to the front of a car. I don't have a roo-bar so I'd expect to be stranded out on the highway with a crushed radiator.

On this road, there is a possibility of saving a joey. You might be able to get ti to the next town and maybe there'll be a vet or local police station. They might have to bump the little bugger off if there's no kindly rescue person locally.

Out in the bush though, forget about saving the joey. It could take days to get to a decent town and the joey would get completely stressed and dehydrated. Now most people I now don't go travelling with shotguns or 22's so the crack on the head might be the most humane option. I'd opt for the slaughtering knife myself.

Sheet music site forced offline

Patrick Ernst

@J et al

The International Music Score Library Project was taken offline by its founder Feldmahler. In a posting on the site he explained that he was unable to fulfill the demands of the letter and so had to take the whole site down."

Feldmahler is the good guy in this story. He was running the site and was forced to take it down by the bad guys.

Just to clarify for those who failed to read the story as opposed to scanning words :-)

eBay: Botnets are Linux-happy

Patrick Ernst

Botnets - Linux?

This is slightly confusing. Is Cullinane saying the botnets were running from root-kitted Linux webservers? Are the botnets MS windows PCs and the rootkit topic and botnet topic are related but separate?

It seems to read, to me, Linux servers were involved in info collecting or malware installation as they had been compromised. Linux servers could be manually compromised and root-kitted and they compromise the vast majority of Internet accessible web servers. MS boxes are much fewer in number. How do the percentages stack up? I take it the botnet army is MS PCs in homes/offices rather than in web server data centres.


ISPs turn blind eye to million-machine malware monster

Patrick Ernst

@Morely Dotes

Quote (1) - I specifically exempt Lindows/Linspire from the Linux camp - it was designed to be a free competitor to Windows, and as such, it's done an admirable job reproducing the vulnerabilities inherent in the Windows design. /Quote

I've been using Linspire since 2002. This is a rhubarb which is reiterated by people who haven't bothered to do their homework. Specifically the issue was Lindows ran as root user from installation without prompting to create a non-root user. That was v3 and prior. WINE was installed by default to run windows apps. This was discontinued. v4x prompted for a user create. v5x and later defaulted to non-root user. v6 is based on Ubuntu 7.04 code base.

I think you have to disclose what vulnerabilities you are refering to. Default to an Admin (root) account. Yesterday's news (and well debated on the Linspire forums). The ability like windows to simply run an executable by clicking on it. It never happened in Lindows nor in Linspire. Standard POSIX permissions still applied. Nothing was executable by default. Lindows and later came with the firewall on by default. In one notable experiment, Linspire was used with otehr OSes in a honeypot experiment.


Bad manners do not pay.



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