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If thine brown eye offend thee, blast it with a laser



so lemme get this straight...

you want me to pay, so an ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER with a LASER can shoot me in the EYE?





Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP


Gaseous giant

What are they going to use to inflate this mile-wide platform thing?

Helium is not exactly is abundant supply:


Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz


No more insane than rounded corners and square icons? ;)


Developer fury as Google makes Android apps vanish



I noticed one of my apps drop to near zero in sales...

After figuring out you can't find the app anymore by searching for it by name or any of the key words in the app description, I logged a fault with Google.

They replied saying that they are always working on their searching algorithms, and that they've sent the issue off to be investigated...

Some of my other apps, are fine and you can still find them by name...

WOW! I thought I was the only one with this problem... Thanks el reg for blowing this story wide open for me!

Crypto shocker: 'Perfect cipher' dates back to telegraphs


@Bog witch

...not to be PEDANTIC or anything, but I believe your tagset it not well-formed!

<mode type="pedantic">



There, FTFY!

Nuance Flext9



Thanks for the article - I like the idea of an "Android App of the Week" series :)

"...the intelligent Search/Go/Done button"?? That is not a feature! - it is a requirement! When you develop an Android application that makes use of input boxes, you can specify an input action (done, go, search, send...)


It was the developers of the original applications who had the 'intelligence' to add that option, not the intelligence of the keyboard.

Apps2SD: for a keyboard? are you kidding me? what happens when you's SD card is mounted over USB? what will you do to type? (maybe Android is clever enough to swap to another IME?)

As far as I know - most voice-recog input for keyboards are routed through Google's services, but this is from the dragon-speaking people, so maybe it's their own service...

"Couldn't get this to install on an HTC Hero" - if you look at the supported devices for this keyboard, it seems it requires a phone with a higher resolution screen. This is the same problem Swype has on the Wildfire... this eliminates a number of gen1 and cheaper Android phones.

@Neill Mitchell- yeah, Swype's tap-tap input is terrible!

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