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500 dead in Hungarian motorway lapine bloodbath

David Rowe

re Oldest Joke...

This is my fave...

A light aircraft crashed into a cemetary this morning. The police have recovered 500 bodies and fear there may be many more.

Now, that IS funny...


US military tests ground-penetrating monster bomb

David Rowe

Kidnap Deterrent

Nuclear weapons won't ever deter small scale shenanigans like kidnapping stray / not stray service personnel because for some reason using them is seen as being morally wrong. So, they can only be used in a Mutually Assured Destruction retaliation context.

Killing 1000's with anything other than nuclear / chemical / biological devices, however, is seen as OK. Therefore they can be used in preemptive strikes.

BTW, I would imaging blowing up a nuclear fuel processing / bomb making plant would make a bit of a radioactive mess however it was done.

Best tactic for avoiding kidnap is to maybe not be within a couple of Km of folk that might want some kidnappees in the first place. Or, maybe take this advice http://www.bumperart.com/ProductDetails.aspx?SKU=2004011539&productID=859


Where do you store master data?

David Rowe

Don't Overlook Oracle's Data Hub Product...

I disagree with the statement that Oracle's hub-based approach is assuming master data will be stored in a datawarehouse.

Oracle's Customer Data Hub product is an active repository NOT a datawarehouse. It is specifically designed to provide a master view of data for use by transactional operational systems not just analytics.

It's not just IBM that have a flexible understanding of master data management.





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