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Illinois scrubs death penalty


Still having trouble conforming?

Anyone who still thinks it's better to off someone rather than add them to the growing prison population should take a gander at the film 'Execution.' Effectively (for those who are unaware of the film's existence of course) you watch all the wonderful ways us humans have dispatched of one another over the years of our tumultuous history.

You soon get the capital punishment opinion knocked the fuck out of you.

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis


Religious by own right?

I think it's important to differentiate spiritual from religious as a few have already pointed out. Until there is a definitive understanding of atheism and the term's literal definition (that everyone can agree on) I'm reluctant to label myself anything whether it be atheist, gnostic atheist, agnostic or otherwise. My beliefs are my own, are of no concern to anyone else because I don't make it their concern.

Atheism isn't (I believe) a religion or belief. But some sure do treat as one.


A phrase used by atheists and chrisians alike.

Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'


Don't be silly.

You see what you're doing there is applying logic. Hahahahahaha what were you thinking??

Alien, because that's exactly what the concept of logic is to these numpties, alien.

Intel: 'All your clouds are us inside'

Dead Vulture

All yours clouds?


Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness


Life worth living?

I'd rather peruse in Google's proverbial New York city rather than Jobs' solitary confinement complete with straight jacket.

It's Friday, I want a beer.

Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool


Alrighty then.

Sarcasm or not dude, considering what our friends in Christchurch have been dealing with of late, that was probably a tad unnecessary.

IT job seekers can't smell spell

Paris Hilton

Want to improve your people skills?

Simply work in retail for a year or so. What you have to put up with as a frontline salesman defies belief sometimes and believe me when I say that your patience is sorely tested on a regular basis and if you can't explain something in a way that Joe Blow is going to understand, Joe will lose his shit at you. Oh and you can kiss you extended warranty and extra commission goodbye.

Paris, for every customer that asked me "So I'm looking for that thing to connect to my computer" *head explodes*

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5


an EA parallel?

So effectively the iPad 2 is the equivalent of FIFA 11.......same game but a little more shiny.

Qld police warn against Windows service scam


IQ Test indeed

My mother is the most computer illiterate person on the planet and feels sorry for bloody telemarketers. So if she of all people has the nouse to hang up on these twats straight away, I really fear for the people who have fallen for this.

Jobs stand-in ranks iPhone over sex



Is this a subtle "*&^% you, I didn't want you anyway, I was like the first to have an iPhone" to all the girls that shut him down growing up?

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