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Unknown group sues DOJ over gambling laws

Stuart Smith

Its all about money!

I'm sure that the payments received from land based casinos by the Bill Frist (almost $50,000!) who attached the bill to the ports act had nothing to do with this action to put a stop to competition to Bricks and Mortar casinos! Of course horse racing had been suffering as well in the US so I'm sure that the $10,000 that Bob Goodlatte received from the National Thoroughbred Association had nothing to do with a carve out for horse racing! Senator Frist says that the bill is to help stop gambling addiction but he received contributions from tobacco and alcohol companies of over $50,000 and Senator Goodlatte received nearly $70,000 from the similar companies in the same industires - are these substances not addictive!

I'm paraphrasing here so why not check this link out for a short video from APCW: http://www.apcw.org/goodlatte-and-frist



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