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Prez Trump orders Uncle Sam to step up AI efforts – we all know the White House knows a lot about artificial intelligence

John Bailey

Re: AI

"@Oengus Swap "American" for "African" in your post. Still think it's not racist?"

AC.. Learn the definition of race. Still don't understand why we are laughing?

You don't want to be made fun of?


A billion-dollar question: What was really behind Qualcomm's surprise ten-digit gift to Apple?

John Bailey

Re: I do wonder...

I think your opinion may just be sightly coloured by the involvement of Apple in this story, not by any actual knowledge.

Huawei elbows aside Apple to claim number-two phone maker spot

John Bailey

Re: One idea

"'Murica is a bigger market."

Yes. But only by the pound.

'Moore's Revenge' is upon us and will make the world weird

John Bailey

Re: A chip in everything...

"Like he says , as long as it can carry on without the online bullshit."

So.. like every EXISTING appliance. Smart TVs, despite the assertions of being required to connect all the time "any day now", can still be used for all non internetty stuff with no connection.

"Does this fridge really exist? Its become like the standard iot joke. Its like on of those urban myths that are repeated so often most people swear its true. like ... um ... well these:


Yes and no.

It exists in the sense you can get a fridge connected to the internet.

But only in the sense that it is fitted with a pretty basic tablet built into the door. Still keeps stuff cold even when disconnected.

My favorite is the internet of imaginary things oven, that for some reason is unique among similar fitted kitchen appliances, in that it can get hotter than can be contained in it's heat proof enclosure, but is also for some inexplicable reason, fitted with the innards of a pottery kiln, that some hacker is going to be able to initiate.

John Bailey

Re: Article misses a critical point

"b) Suggest a better alternative default than 'do one thing and do it well'."

Given where we are.. Moan, quote memes, copy paste the same crap from the last similarly titled story... And do bugger all to change anything. While warning of dire unforeseen consequences should anything ever be done.

Prez Donald Trump to save manufacturing jobs … in China, at ZTE

John Bailey

Well.. they already have the hats in production.

Apple: iPhone sales are down (but they've never been more lucrative)

John Bailey

Only if Alan Alda is Lilly Savage in disguise.

Fancy coughing up for a £2,000 'nanodegree' in flying car design?

John Bailey

Re: Nano

Yes they have. Years ago. It was even built, and a few still fly.

Problem was.. you needed both a driving license and a flying license.

And an airfield to land and take off from. And the wings and tail were bolted on, instead of being mechanically deployed.

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary

John Bailey

Re: First they came...

"Erm, the whole point of the original quote is that each time they "came for", it was for a group of innocent people. And yet we did nothing because it wasn't us."


Actually.. No it wasn't.

Each time "they" came for a nice easy to identify "not me" group of officially identified trouble makers.

The Jews, the Gipsies, the physically and mentally disabled, the gays.. All groups that were declared to be "undesirables" Not innocent victims. You know.. Like immigrants, or asylum seekers, or single mothers in council houses...

"I'm fine with them "coming for" paedophiles, extremists and cybercriminals."

And you can prove you are not any of these naturally..

"So using them as example groups ruins the poem's message."

No sweetie. Just highlights your heroic lack of understanding.

The whole bloody point of the poem.. Is how people can be segregated into Us and Them. And anything that happens to "them" is no more than "they" had coming.

Until we become "them" to someone else. Because we are the good guys.. Right?

Enjoy the camps comrade.

Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?

John Bailey

Re: I wonder

"Sorry, this is Apple we're talking about not Google. They actually respect user's privacy."

And then sell it for more.. cos you are so special.

Apple gives world ... umm ... not much new actually

John Bailey

Re: Sign of a mature market?

"Welcome to the beautiful world of "Apologist fanboys", "religious zealots", "astroturfers", and "consumer fashion victims". You will notice that apple is not all that more expensive than the competition, when you take over engineering and general bad design into account, plus, they come with macOS."


Raspberry Pi gives us all new 'Pi Zero W' for its fifth birthday

John Bailey


Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians

John Bailey

Re: Tip o' the iceberg

"It's a fair question, but the difference between a self-driving car and a manual car at a traffic light, is"

Really bugger all.

"- a manual car can be driven away if the vehicle or passengers are attacked, overriding safety procedures like the red light or pedestrians blocking the way"

Yet people still get car jacked.. How does this happen? Why do they not drive away, overriding safety procedures so they can be smashed into by oncoming traffic in the lane with the right of way? Or run over the miscreants as soon as they obligingly position themselves where they can be easily run over?

"- a traffic light by definition is at a junction or area of high traffic, where overt robbery is likely to have witnesses, who may even intervene."

And nobody is going to bother if it's a self driving car?

No difference as far as helpful passers by are concerned. Point invalidated. Becasue traffic lights are one of the primary car jacking scenarios.

"Immobilising a self-driving car can be done at any point on any road, and naturally quiet country roads or urban side streets at night would be the prime location."

Immobilising a car of any kind can be done at any point on any road, and naturally quiet country roads or urban side streets at night would be no better or worse than anywhere else. .

Or does your car have tank tracks?

A few handfuls of bent nails welded together.

A board with a few nails hammered through.

And if we are talking quiet country roads.. A tree pulled down across the road provides a very effective means of halting a vehicle of any size.

Stopping a vehicle is easy.

And when someone jumps out in front of your car, do you just accelerate hoping they get out of the way, instead of jamming the brakes on, and coming to a stop as quickly as you can?

How many have you run over so far?

Or do you imagine that in the split second you have to decide, you can assess the situation, and correctly distinguish between a car jacker and a careless pedestrian?

Nice try, but still bull.

John Bailey

Re: Tip o' the iceberg

"Hey lookie, a self-driving car...


Hey lookie, a traffic light.

See above.

Explain the difference please.

LASER RAT FENCE wins €1.7m European Commission funds

John Bailey

Re: Those of us old enough to remember . . .

And those of us smart enough to spot the subtle difference in approach between deterrent and elimination will understand why learning a lesson from an entirely different situation is not actually helpful.

The lasers scare the pests away. They do not kill them.

Y'know that ridiculously expensive Oculus Rift? Yeah, it just got worse

John Bailey

Re: Fools tax

"I love my Vive and the experience and entertainment value it provides is worth every penny and then some to me. Its truly and literally a gamechanger. From my perspective, the actual fool is the one who self-righteously preaches about something that he hasn't even had the experience of owning."

Said every person who bought <insert abandoned hardware>. Until the maker abandoned it.

Early adoption is risky at best. You may buy into Blu Ray, or you may find yourself using a zip disk.

EU turns screws on Android – report

John Bailey

Re: EU Coffer filling

"As per usual, not a single Eurocent of this fine will go to the alleged 'duped' customer."

Of course not. And not a Eurocent of Europe wide speeding fines go to the drivers who stay within the speed limit.

Where do you get the idea that this is how fines work?

If you want to make an insignificant amount of money from a legal proceeding against a company, be American, and get involved in a class action suit.

And no. It is not the purpose of the fine to ruin the company being fined, so they will not be fined twice their annual income a week either.

"And also per usual, the real problem with android devices, namely that producers stop supporting and upgrading them the minute they're put in the box (yes, Sony and Samsung, I'm looking at you) is deftly ignored."

And which law is being broken?

Which business regulation is being ignored?

"If I had a rocket launcher..."

You would blow your own foot off.

Apple's Breaxit scandal: Frenchman smashes up €50,000 of iThings with his big metal balls

John Bailey

Re: You broke it. You bought it. EOM

Don't know if French law is different, but in the UK, if you break it, you are liable only for the wholesale price. Not full marked retail price.

Shops are not allowed to profit from breakages. Only to recover costs.

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver

John Bailey

Re: I have one reservation

""Get used to life being different" sounds like the magistrate was pissed off."

Well.. Given we only get to see the little snippet, we have no idea how obnoxious the little toad was during his trial.

"Yes, many will be pissed off hearing how the jerk acted... but: A magistrate should remain impartial (the blind justice and all)... emotive statements like that worry me."

And you assume that being less than detached when responding to the reaction to his sentence, somehow indicated a lack of impartiality?

People can compartmentalise. Get used to people being capable of complex behaviour.

Samsung wants your exploding Galaxy Note 7. Have a new one instead

John Bailey

Re: They deserve it.

"I think that ironically the non-replaceable batteries are to keep Joe Cheapskate from replacing the OEM battery with some half-price dodgy thing from ebay, then blaming the phone manufacturer when the crap battery goes up in smoke."

So.. Not to encourage replacement of a perfectly good phone that just has a dead battery, when the battery wears out then?

Do you also salivate when someone rings a bell?

Fanbois iVaporate: Smallest Apple iPhone queues ever

John Bailey

Re: Trading up?

"Last year, I got a 6S delivered to my home, on launch day, for £100 on a £30 24mo contract, I then traded in my 5S for £150. If you discount the contract price, which I would still have to pay even if the phone was a box of crap, I was £50 up on the deal."

Are you by any chance, one of Apple's accountants?

John Bailey

Re: Hardly Scientific

"iPhone doesn't have a target market. This is as stupid as saying Coca Cola has a target market."

So not in fact, stupid at all.

'What this video game needs is actual footage of real gruesome deaths'

John Bailey

Re: Why is anyone still listening to these terrorists anyway!?

Because outraged clickbait.

Microsoft leads group pelting 'heavy duty' robot maker with $10.5m

John Bailey

Re: MS exosuit!

I can see it now.

Next Iron man movie plot.. After an ill advised update to Windows 10, Jarvis is deleted, and Tony Stark has to deal with Cortana just as the alien invasion starts.

World eats its 10 millionth Raspberry Pi

John Bailey

Re: Oh no, they've gone all Apple

Nah..That mouse looks quite usable. And the wall wart is not a choking hazard for small children.

Net neutrality activists claim victory in Europe

John Bailey

"If they really were scalping, someone would've come along and undercut them by now."

Ahh yes, the "free market will provide" prayer of the deluded.

Nice theory. Still bullshit.

Idiot flies drone alongside Flybe jet landing at Newquay Airport

John Bailey

Re: Prop vs Jet

"While some of the structural components would likely be reduced to harmless chaff, the LiPo batteries would also be blended, resulting in finely divided particles of reactive metal being flung about, which could be a problem."

In what way?

Before you answer, go and read up on what actually happens when a lithium battery goes pop.

Hint.. It doesn't really explode.

Then when you actually understand the mechanism.. explain to me where the pressure will build up in finely divided lithium battery confetti.

Ad blockers responsible for rise in upfront TV ad sales, claims report

John Bailey

Re: @John Bailey

Well.. yes.

But only on bring your goldfish to work day.

John Bailey

Re: What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.

Pretty much. Ignorance is bliss. And all advertising efficacy is at best, a guess. including the interweb stuff.

Just seeing an ad does not guarantee any heightened desire for the product. On TV, in print, or on the web.

Bill Gates cooks up poultry recipe for Africans' paltry existence

John Bailey

Re: What they really need is ...

d) My wig told me to be.

Bin Apple's $500m patent judgment, US DoJ tells Supreme Court

John Bailey

Re: Wow

"Last time I looked, Apple was the biggest taxpayer in California."

Funny how every time someone quotes an iFact, it is always accompanied by some kind of qualifier.

Bloke flogs $40 B&W printer on Craigslist, gets $12,000 legal bill

John Bailey

"Yeah, we're all just a big bunch of jerks on this side of the pond."

Yep. Nic of yo to admit it though.

"So maybe we ought to call in all our loans to UK going back to WW II."

Well.. yes, you could do that, if we hadn't paid them off already a few years ago.

UCLA shooter: I killed my prof over code theft

John Bailey

Re: Interesting omission

"It's strange that no one has mentioned the killer was Muslim."

It's disappointing that you imagine it matters.

iThink iCloud is iScrewed

John Bailey

Re: But its the cloud

And it's an Apple cloud, so the "i" stands for "iT just works"..

Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY

John Bailey

Re: If proof is needed...

"I'm a firm believer in vendors writing drivers properly, and do not contain applications."

And Santa

And fairies.

And unicorns.

And honest politicians.

Reality is... Even with new hardware. The chances of updating Windows and still having full functionality is NOT GUARANTEED. Never has been. Never will be.


So tell me.

Who do you think causes the need for new drivers to exist?

EU wants open science publication by 2020

John Bailey

Re: Elsevier and open access

"1) Elsevier does support authors "self-archiving", and had done for years - https://www.elsevier.com/about/company-information/policies/sharing"

1) Elsevier is unable to forbid authors "self-archiving", and has not been able to stop it for years - https://www.elsevier.com/about/company-information/policies/sharing


"2) Elsevier just bought SSRN, which is such a site."

So they can get a second dip. Or am I misjudging them, and they are offering this as a free for all to access service?

Samsung reveals Batphone!

John Bailey

Well.. It's flat shaped.. Close enough?

Thai bloke battles jumbo python in toilet todger thriller

John Bailey

Re: Is it just me, or...


Oh come on.. It's a Python story. How could that not be an IT angle.

John Bailey

Re: I'm writing the script now

"I'm still casting for the heroic surgeon who knits it back on. Any suggestions ?"

Noel Edmonds?

I hear he has a fair bit of familiarity with knitting.

Coders crack Oculus DRM in 24 hours, open door to mass piracy

John Bailey

Re: This whole thing pisses me off.

"@goldcd: Your beef is with the content providers who doubtless threatened to boycott Oculus."

Because the content providers wanted FEWER sales?

I'm afraid your standard "DRM must be present cos content owners" excuse is not applicable this time.

This time, it's Oculus and faceache. Not the eeeville content providers.

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know

John Bailey

Re: That's quite a pro-vaping article.

"Its not hard, you just stop. If you really want to quit smoking then you will and all you have to do is stop."

Course it is sweetie. Just throw away the chemical dependence, and the decades of positive reinforcement. Piece of cake..

Have you ever beat an addiction, and been honest enough to admit how hard it was?

"The fact is most people who say they want to give up don't really want to and so they find it difficult or look for reasons why they failed."

No.. The fact is.. most people who want to give up, but don't. Are still addicts.And if you are going to dismiss addiction so lightly, then you are not intellectually equipped to hold this conversation,

"as far as I can see, vaping is simply swapping one addiction delivery method for another"

Yep. So look a little deeper.

You are correct.. e-cigs are a nicotine delivery system. Like patches, or gum, or inhalers. Crucially dropping pretty much all the nasty stuff from smoking at the same time.

"but it is at least a healthier way of getting a fix."

Yes. But not only the chemical fix, which is all the other options address.

The addiction has a second less recognised part. The ritual.

The behavioural modification that every smoker goes through. Which is why smoking and other forms of tobacco use has always had such a wealth of ornate or intricate paraphernalia.

The (in my case) 30 year habit of putting a thing in my mouth and inhaling an irritant to get a chemical fix.

This is an excellent example of positive reinforcement.

Do something unpleasant for a happy drug.

Same effect as potty training, exercise, sex, enjoying alcohol, and many other pleasurable things.

But one not addressed by other cessation strategies.

Drinking alcohol is actually quite unpleasant. Beer tastes horrible. But the alcohol reward makes our brains modify our ability to enjoy something. And outside alcopops and possibly liqueurs, spirits taste vile.

Coffee, tea.. Both vile tasting fluids one must acquire a taste for. Because guess what.. Caffene is addictive.

The capcasin in chillies.. Same. Which is why some people like myself, get really into hot foods once we are hooked. To the point where people who have got past the heat, enjoy the different flavours and nuances of the different varieties.

Luckily this is actually a positive addiction. As chilli has a whole range of positive health benefits.

For any smoker.. the chemical dependence is actually a trivial thing to break. Realistically.. the nicotine in your body leaves after a couple of hours. And the chemical dependency is gone in a few weeks.

So why is it not a doddle to quit? Hold out a few weeks, and done.. Right?

Because the nicotine is just the reward.

The hard part is getting away from the feeling that something is missing. Smokers often complain about having nothing to do with their hands, or of feeling incomplete, or being unable to enjoy activities without a cigarette to accompany the act, or after it.

That is the physical ritual part. And it's a bugger to break.

So.. the reason e-cigs are more successful when used as cessation aids..

They address BOTH parts of the addiction.

The lesser chemical dependence, and the much harder behavioural one.

I spent the best part of 6 months on zero nicotine juice before I finally got rid of the behavioural habit.

Now I'm a non smoker.

No cravings, no desire to smoke, no feeling of pleasure from smelling smoke, and crucially.. No psychotic resentment towards smokers.

I don't smoke. If someone else wants to, I'm not going to get all precious about it. Because I'm not fighting an addiction that could reassert it's self at any time.

"Mind you teh down side is that most people sucking on a vape' don't seem to realize just how silly they look :D"

As opposed to the quiet dignity of the smoker, standing in the rain with a tube of burning leaves in their gob you mean.

Or the witty and articulate drunks, peeing themselves to wash away the vomit on their shoes?

Or perhaps the frequently admired crack addicts..

Actually.. when you really look at addictions.. Vaping is kind of mild, is it not?

John Bailey

Re: That's quite a pro-vaping article.

"I'm struggling to see any significant difference between nicotine gum and nicotine vapour, other than vaping _looks_ like smoking."

Which is the whole problem. It wrecks the whole de normalisation program that has been going on for years with the quit or die mob.

World goes SIM-free, leaving Sony and HTC trailing behind

John Bailey

"Would cars make a good comparison for how the market is changing for phones?"


The Windows 10 future: Imagine a boot stamping on an upgrade treadmill forever

John Bailey

Re: You seem to have forgotten

"About Long Term Service Branch (LTSB). Thankfully all our Windows 10 Enterprise Agreement licences are LTSB which means we can move to Windows 10 but run the legacy method of patching rather than going down the evergreen route and then worrying about the inability of our application vendors to keep up."

And if Microsoft decide to forget about it?


You pay a protection fee to Microsoft to stop them updating your computers. And you see this as a good thing?

How is this different to ransomware? Pay more, or we update your system. Over and over and over...

Americans cutting back on online activity over security and privacy fears

John Bailey

Re: The very large pink elephant in the room

"Yep, and malware on the POS terminal takes physical notes and coins out of your wallet how?"

By exploiting the digital gap between your pocket and your bank account..

And probably drones with AI.

Big Pharma wrote EU anti-vaping diktat, claims Tory ex-MEP

John Bailey

Re: Have to ask...

"Ok, so big pharma is involved in this, but where does big tobacco come in in all this?"

They want e-cigs gone too. Bad for business.

John Bailey

Re: Hurrah!

"What is depressing is that when it comes to Parliamentary reform, I sometimes feel that we'd be better off abolishing the Commons rather than the Lords."

What is even more depressing is that you see this as a reasonable statement.

Remove EITHER, and the effect is lost.

House of lords only, a bunch of nobs and rich bastards rule.

Commons only, a bunch of nobs and rich bastards rule.

But crucially DIFFERNT nobs and rich bastards.

The best weapon in the democratic arsenal, is a bunch of awkward old gits being difficult on principle.,

Google kneecaps payday loan ads

John Bailey


"36 percent really isn't that high a rate"

Yes it is.

"and would preclude lending to many who haven't got a great credit rating."

Good. Because the whole point of a credit rating is an assessment of one's ability to pay the borrowed money back.

Not a license to over charge.

If you can only get a loan at an extortionate rate, take it as a message that you really really should not be trying to borrow money.

Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

John Bailey

"And you won't get the content that a fraction of that $27bn would have financed. Win!...?"


Apple needs silver bullet to slay App Store's escaped undead – study

John Bailey

Re: Should be a cardinal rule...

"And what of the myriad who outnumber you and don't know better? Would you condemn them to join you in your handbasket?"

What of them indeed.

A revolutionary concept I know.. But how about..

They do the right thing, or.. They face the consequences.

Actions have consequences.

So do inactions.

And denying people the ability to make decisions makes them even more helpless.


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