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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 quad-core CPU


What about Virtualisation?

Hey there -

Something that seems to have been overlooked is how cool these CPUs should be for virtulisation workloads.

Of course, I'm assuming that these CPU's support the Intel Virtualisation technology...

Consider a Xen environment with 3 or 4 DomU's.

mmm... Fast virtualised boxes...

Maybe you should start including some virtulisation benchmarks in your reviews? :)

Xen with hardware virtualisation support is getting closer and closer and once it is available for Solaris as a Dom0, I'll certainly be getting something with 4 cores. :)

At least they have the potential to be very cool. (Tech cool - Not physically).

I'll certainly consider something like this at home when the price cools off a little... (though I'd more likely wait for the 4 core with single shared cache jobbie...)



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