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Facebook pulls naked smutty filth from NY Academy of Art page



I feel lonely thinking this whole FailBook thing is pure insanity.

In a small experiment I found out:

The e-mail used was rendered useless by FB spamming.

I was banned in 48 hours without any explanation (and without doing anything improper, except using a fake name. It was an "in doubt, delete." thing)

The "private" data was merrily sold to really shady ops.

500 000 000 people are actually putting their life and "friends" details in a single american corporation whose business model is selling that information??

I've seen a FB picture (just a pict, not even the pict filename) published elsewhere and 2:30 secs later the profile data was hacked and published.

But well, 500 000 000 can't be wrong, can they?

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