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BAE Systems tosses its contractors a blanket... ban on off-payroll working under upcoming IR35 tax reforms


PSC no longer a loophole

We've all known for years that if you want to earn a bucket load of cash then set up as a PSC and charge a day rate and pay yourself minimum wage and take dividends which reduces your tax and NI liabilities and chuckle at Mr paye sat next to you who is paying an additional 20-40% pa of tax.

All this ir35 is doing is closing that hole. That gravy train has ended and contractor Bob now has to pay the same rates and paye Bill sat next to them doing the same job.

Remember this cash is there to run the country, you know... fill those pot holes and keep those lights switched on in the hospitals etc.

See you in Hull: First UK city to be hooked up to full-fibre broadband


Re: meh

I'm sat within the Kcom boundary on a 400Mb fttp circuit and it doesn't miss a beat

I could if I wanted upgrade to a 900Mb minimum but it doesn't warrant the additional cost.

Apple 'greed' tax spreads beyond music, movies, magazines

Jobs Horns

Only one word required!!!

Cydia !!!!


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