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Virgin Media switches to Gmail


I despair sometimes...

Some people are just out for any excuse to be negative. So far all VM has done is announce the project but have put no flesh on the bones, however some of you are already seeing the devil in the detail.

If the story was that VM were keeping the existing platform and adding another tier of storage, the comments would be that they already have problems coping and should look at the example of wonderful free GMail.

TBH with some of you, if the story was that everything is going to stay exactly the same, but everyone was going to get a free laptop/ipod/xbox/<insert gadget here>, there would then be 3 camps - 1) it's not the right technology for me, 2) it'll be used to spy on me and my tinfoil hatted mates, 3) off topic vitriole because of an existing bias, so VM (and pretty much every major tech co, as the same comments apply) are damned whatever they do.

Personally I like VM, and I like GMail, but which is the best, there's only one way to find out...

(Harry Hill icon? Would be ideal for fanboy, mine is better than yours flamewars)

Chinese lorry-crash bee swarm kills six


New sat nav option....

...avoid bee roads.

Mine's the big white one with the gauze like hood.

Times hack has an attack of the Web 0.2s

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This is why I love the internet....

a) I'm sure the one for Wollacombe is my family

b) the one for Amstetten, Austria made coffee come out of my nose

NASA invites you to travel to the Moon


I for one welcome our 419 overlords

Dear frend

My name is Manin Themoon and I am writing to you by the Power of the Universal POWER Lord See Leet Bang, to ask for your Assistance in a Matter that you will treat with the upmost secresy. IN my roll as LUNar Overlord I was entrusted With the care of 900 billion tons of LUNar green cheese but now due to the Erthmans invasion led by the Evil Waaall Ace and Gror Meet, I must URGENTLY get my Worlds Treasures to safety. I was given YOUR name as a sentient and compassionate being Who will be Able to quikly assist mee to Protect my Worlds Heritage. By the grace of THE ALL Powerful HAR PEEK and your promt Acton we can see This blessd mission to completion and we Will bothe benefit from the Bountiful Harvester. Please send me your banking account Details and copies of your identifications so that I may Deposit the funds to Arrange the tranzportation. Thank You my friend and Bless you and by the Will and Graces we will see the GLORIUS day when my cheese is Safe from the Erth invaders and their ally Meester SPune.

You’re frend in Waiting

Manin Themoon

Microsoft snags Google-thrashing data pioneer



The universe is back in balance, amanfrommars had started making sense but now he is back to his cryptic/mystic/psychotic best. New algorithm?

Apple MacBook Air Early 2008


Mmmmm, there appears to be something missing here...

No hate-filled bile. No unreasonable blinkered ranting. No personal attacks on Steve Jobs.

It must be Websters day off.


7000 Leap Year Babies attack Steve Ballmer

Paris Hilton

Leap back in time!!

This might explain why the toysrus.co.uk site does appears to actually be about 4 years out, prompted by the article I went for a wander on there and found the sign up for the 'Gamers Club' - once you fill in the normal guff, you get to select what system(s) you have from : PlayStation 2; PSone; Xbox; Nintendo GameCube; PC; Nintendo Game Boy Color; Nintendo Game Boy Advance/SP; Nokia N-Gage, not exactly embracing the latest gaming technology. It's this attention to detail that makes me think the leap 'error' is going to take a while to be fixed.

Paris? She'd know what to do if her date had a digit that didn't seem to fit.


Ah but........

' And Microsoft said 'But that bug has been in our software for 20 years, it has to be in the standard.'" '

As this is a leap year related bug, it's only been in there 5 years!

That one there with the pocket protectors and the leather patches on the elbows.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

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NOT Sci-Fi - but the line says it all!

'This is the universe - big, isn't it?' - A Matter Of Life And Death

Satin PS3 to launch in Japan

Paris Hilton

Re: Wow!

C'mon, the PS controller is a design that should not be messed with. It is an ergonomic joy. Compare with the MonStrosity that comes with the X-Box and the TV remote (Lite) that you have on the Wiiiiiiiiiii, I know which one sits comfiest when you're settling in for a prolonged FIFA-fest.

Paris? Another model with retro looks but new vibration functions.

Families bond over video games: report


New research into old proverbs

Right so someone has basically proved that 'the family that plays together, stays together'

I've been priveleged to view some future research and there are some mixed results. According to ROSPA you should indeed 'look before you leap', Kew Gardens have reported that 'the fruit does not fall far from the tree' and the Premier League have concluded that 'football is a game of two halfs'. However the Met Office has denied that 'lightning cannot strike in one place twice' and the Office Of fair Trading has found no evidence that 'talk is cheap'

Finally due to intervention by the RSPCA we will never know if 'curiosity killed the cat' or if it is possible to 'kill two birds with one stone'

I am however wondering if 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' but that is something to be pondered at leisure

Washington backing for Brit arms biz coming unstuck


"Do you really think this birdie will really fly ?"

It will fly, but if BAE are making the bird it will be at least 5 years overdue and billions over budget.

YouTube - uTube showdown stays alive in federal court


Re : This is asinine

Rick if you're going to use a quote to support an argument, make sure you check the sentence before the one youre quoting:

"The company has operated uTube.com as a means to sell used pipe and tube mills and rollform machinery since 1996. After YouTube's launch in 2005, the sleepy little Ohio website went from around 1,500 visitors a month to roughly 70,000 per day"

I know that there is a lot of theoretical work in quantum physics that points to circular time streams but on my calendar 1996 still comes before 2005.

As for the Intellectual Property / Property argument I was under the impression that separate laws govern IP and the judge will be aware of this and hence why he has sent them away to resubmit their unsuccessful suits under the correct legislation.

Saying that, I would hazard a guess that the whole thing is doomed. There is no real case to answer other than the fact that the names sound similar, different areas of trade - no question of passing off.

uTube may have stood a chance if they hadn't then set up an internet flea market to cash in on those poor illiterates who can't spell "you". They might have been better off approaching youtube and seeing what they would offer for the domain, or better still arrange for a redirection link to be on the page (at a price).

Friction.tv: a virtual soapbox for the online masses


Friction videos?

I would have thought there were enough sites already where people go for mass debating??

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