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EMC blows benchmark away - again

Lam Kuet Loong
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another with SSD?

VNX .. still a Celerra DART code at the backend. Yes. it scales from 1 to 8 data movers with independent back-end controller aka CLARiiON (dual-controller). But .. NONE of the DATA MOVER Share the SAME FILESYSTEM. 16TB limit ? It is still a Failover datamover concept with Control Station initiate the failover? 3 active and 1 standby? standby that sits there idle and waiting for 1 of the datamover to fail ???

I wonder if 1 use ZFS with similar number of SSD. I wonder if it deliver the same or better benchmark.

Seriously marketing hypes. But then again... it has been a long time since EMC deliver such hypes.

Yes it does show the scalability of the system. But then again, just pure NFS/CIFS without other real-world activities does not show the real system performance.

Whoever really use so many SSD ... you put a highly tuned Unix/Linux should deliver similar.


EMC kills SPEC benchmark with all-flash VNX

Lam Kuet Loong

unrealistic benchmark result

1st... too expensive to buy this performance.

2nd Not excellent utilization - RAW Capacity is 93.5TB. Exported is 60.243TB. 64% Utilization.

3rd .. Comparing to 15K Spindle drive ... mmm .. yes. Apple to Orange comparison. A Ferrari compare to Toyota Camry.

do admit it does give a glimpse of the storage controller max headroom. BUT WAIT! When we start to add those nice feature .. FAST V2, Thin Provisioning, Snapview and etc ... How much overhead and IMPACT to the system since all these are software running on top of the VNX system. If running thin provisioning can deliver same or equal performance this will be a joy for all Customer.


EMC joins Storage Performance Council

Lam Kuet Loong


Yes... Government agencies around the world and many customer has been asking this ... it such irony that EMC realize this opportunity lost and pain, agony cause to the ground folks arguing with customer why EMC do not participate in Benchmark.

Personally, SPC is a good gauge for basic comparison and most of the time, customer may not achieve such figure publish in SPC due to the intensive tweaking.

End of the day, the winning team is a complete solution that customer appreciate, the relationship, project implementation experience and post-sales experience that count the most.

Anyway .. I am looking forward to what EMC will be publishing.



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