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Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM's wasted R&D billions



I think you're exactly right. Its classically viewed as a mistake to start investing lots of resources outside of your core area, but this is exactly what startups do because they don't yet have a core area. I often wonder how effective a big company could be if it stopped being so damn integrated and started to embrace a "lots of startups" culture (with central support). It would be a really interesting model of which I'm not aware of any examples.

HP uncloaks wristwatch 'aggregation point'


A phone is not the pinnacle of device tech.

No, because sometimes a phone is too big. The point is that you "need a presence" even when you can't necessarily carry a phone. Everything is an interface trade-off. What HP have noticed, and something I've been advocating for years, is that by separating the interface from the functionality, which is then made as small and ubiquitous as possible, interesting things become possible.

HP have been making some really interesting noises recently and I applaud their innovative push.

Techies floored by 'virus' after Playboy mansion party



Perhaps you'd be so good as to point to the evidence that autism and vaccinations are correlated. I mean, beyond the trivial correlation that they both happen around the same time.


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